Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cherry Pink Bioglo

Cherry pink bioglo - ingredients

Cherry Pink Lip Cream (10gr)
-Cointains natural cherry blossom extract to effectively brigthen and lighten dull, discoloured lips. Provides a natural, pinkish colour to lips with continuous use. May also be used on nipples-

I've been using this for  six months now, and I could say that this is one of my best of the best beauty find ever! I use this cream daily, twice or more per day. And good thing is, Cherry pink has an amazing staying power, I don't need to reapply it as often. My lips look super healthy after I applied this cream.

♥ Gives a natural flush of color. One layer gives a healthy looking nude rosy lips. Two or more layers would give off a nice candy-pink color.
♥ It doesn't feel greasy on your lips like just all lipbalm would. It just like you wear nothing!
♥ Repairs chapped lips and lighten discoloured lips with continuous use. Maybe you won't notice significant improvement, but it does help me to slightly lighten my lip color and make it more pinkish.
♥ Contains natural Cherry Blossom (sakura flower or prunus yedoensis) extract, and other natural extract like jojoba, shea butter, squalane, and beeswax.
♥ The color stays on your lips whole day.
♥ Help to diminish creases on your lips.

- a bit hard to squeeze out the cream when it half empty.

Does it brighten my lips and make it pinker permanently?
I didn't notice any huge difference. My pink has become slightly pinker than it used to be, yes permanently, with continuous use I assume.

This cream can also be used on nipples but It seems somekind awkward to put on something to nipples so I'll use it as a lipbalm-only-

Overall Rating: 4/5
it's a nice lip cream, a bit tint like~ and I'll repurchase after finished my first tube


  1. hello, i hope you can help me because i really really need youre help. what did you use to get youre face and body so white. i really need youre help youre my only hope than you

  2. @Anon: I'm not that pale though, I'm NW 15~20. been using Hadalabo for a month now. you might want to check that. thanks for commenting ^^

  3. Hi again.. Sorry to ask you many times T_T
    I did read this review, and where did you buy this? It seems I cant find it in regular store in my city. T_T
    And your skin looks so bright <3 T_T
    Sorry for commenting here because Im not sure you can see my reply if you reply on my blog. Anw thanks for commenting on my first post :)

  4. Oh I see. Does the lioele work the same?
    Beside that Lioele's price usually kinda expensive compared to some other Korean brands T_T
    Can I know the site where you buy cherry pink bioglo from? sorry for asking too detail ^_^::v
    Thankyou for replying :) big help!

  5. Boleh tau beli dmn ga?
    Pengen bgt cobain nih. thx :)

  6. @lady susan: online shop, but apparently they're no longer selling this one, so I switched to Lioele magic lip treatment