Friday, October 1, 2010

Cute Pink Hanbok 한복 ~ Korean Traditional Dresss

Hullo sweeties, doing fine?
While I am not...still worrying my thumb TT_TT, I got an antibiotic allergy back then, and the rash is just everywhere, lips, cheeks, ear, and it was so itchy >.< I'm still recovering myself, drinking likely 4-5 kinds of drugs, and I hate the doctors, changed to new doc (which I think better), while it's not! the doc gave me Sodium Chloride to sterilized my infection but I was allergic too... gyaaah-hate hate, I got allergy to most of things-But well, nvm then. ^_^
I got bored to post some beauty review for now. So I think I'd better post something more 'traditional'. I bet you already knew about hanbok, korean tradional dress. It's so beautiful, the wide skirt waving beautifully as the wearer moves <3

Just bought a cute pinky hanbok 한복 yesterday. At first I was thinking of wearing it TODAY for my brother in law's paebaek day! I was supposed to attend his paebaek ceremony but I couldn't (cuz of my allergy) *sob. I took photographs of the hanbok too, but without me wearing it! (I feel ugly rite now TT^TT ) later, I'll be wearing it October.

This is my new hanbok, with a  beautiful flowery pattern printed on it (cherry blossom, I think), it's made from polyester, silk, and cotton fabric. Practically, there is a lot of way to decorate the fabric, It could be printed, embroidered, or decorated by attaching other fabric or flowery pattern lace.

Chima-lower outer dress

My Jeogori ^^

Hanbok for women is consist of two pieces of cloth, the upper pieces is called Jeogori (저고리), a bolero like jacket. And the skirt is called chima (치마), and there's a lot of other term reffering to hanbok accessories and details. Here's the pic:
Baerae: sleeve
Getdong: lower part of the sleeve which is usually embroidered
Dongjeong 동정: attached colar, it is usually embroidered with a flowery pattern
Otgoreum 옷고름: one loop bow on the front
Norigae 노리개: major accessories, hanged on the chima.

What I really like about hanbok is the otgoreum bow, it looks so cute and took only a minute to tie it ♥~
if you want me to make a vids or step by step photo to put on hanbok and tie an otgoreum, I'll prepare it =D
Otgoreum-one loop bow
I took my lil sis hanbok too~ I think it somehow cuter than mine =( maybe because the color is light pink and white, buuut~her hanbok is all embroidered, not printed...which is I think, the chima is too plain. And the bad thing is, I do not like hanbok without an otgoreum (one loop bow), minus the cuteness~ TT^TT  but hanbok for children usually made without an otgoreum. They put on china-button instead.

Yaay, and that's all for hanbok introduce. I hope you like it =D
I really can't wait for October to come~ I'll be wearing this in an event and share some pics (guess I've recovered by that time)

Well~, if you want, I can post step by step pics (or maybe a vids~) about how to put on a hanbok properly. Or maybe how to tie an otgoreum, if you want to just ask me ( *^___<)/♥~
PS: sorry for low image quality and not posting a selca TT^TT

Click here for:  Tutorial How To Wear Hanbok 
I've made it myself. Don't forget to watch the video tutorial~Thank you <3


  1. Kawaii!!! Love to go korea some day!!!

  2. omo so pretty ^_^! Please put up a vid showing how to tie the otogoreum...:( I can never get it right, I can tie it on other people but not myself :( Your hanbok is so cute!

  3. I haven't worn one of those in sooo long! I used to have a really pretty orange/yellow one my grandma sent from Korea ^____^ Yours are very cute!

  4. I love Korea yes.♥
    Thx for your comments.<3

    Very cute dress!

  5. sooo cute! i love yours and your sister's hanbok^^

  6. i can't wait to see you wear it! its sooo cute and PINK :D

  7. umm, okay then~ It looks like I shd really make a vid to tie an otgoreum for others and ourself ^^

  8. wow its very beautiful! a interesting of you sharing Korean culture with us!

  9. too bad your not feeling well =(
    thats very pretty! i love the floral design

  10. maah super cute hanbok! I want to go to Seoul someday weraing a very lovely hanbok. and get well soon love :<

  11. Pretty!!! Hope You Enjoy Yourself! And Get Well Soon~!

  12. Really cute hanbok!! is so cute *__*

  13. Its beautiful! You should wear it, take a picture and post it up in your blog! :D

  14. Hanbok looks sooooo unique!! I never seen korean traditional costume before~~~

    We japanese have traditional dress too but we call it "yukata" or "kimono"!!! (^o^)

  15. I just made a tutorial vids how to wear it, will soon post it to blog. hopefully tonight! ^^

    rabbito> oh yaa. I got furisode and komon kimono from my aunty too, she lives in japan, last summer she came over to my house and gave me a cute yellow yukata too^^

  16. Cute hanbok hye rin! Instead of video,can you take a pic on the step of how to tie otgoreum properly?Video takes longer time to download it :(..slow connection :(..

  17. of course^^ I'll make a tutorial pic then^^

  18. It's soo pretty! I want to try one on just to see what it would look and feel like.

  19. Where is the best place to buy hanbok in Seoul? I really want a hanbok because I am part Korean but I don't speak any Korean. T.T Do you know how much I should pay for hanbok?