Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: Etude House SKIN DRINK AQUA~Lotion I


안녕 dear lovelies
I couldn't take a sleep again, after went through a sleepless night like this, I think posting some review will help distract my thougts from all my problems. Ouch, I've had a lot in my mind right now that I couldn't sleep. My 3 years relationship with my current BF doesn't go well・°・(*ノД`*)・°・  sob
Well, but as I be a girl means only one thing~ is to be strong, don't we? I'll cope myself for sure~ 
So, I'll be reviewing one of Etude House best moisturizer while I'm having a cup of sweet tea in the morning (´∀`)

This is my first ever Etude House products I bought on my own! bought it because an advice from my close friend, though... that time I wasn't really sure about switching my old moisturizer. But the packaging, and all the explanation was way too cute to be rejected. Lol, I often buy something just because it's cute~(。・ω・)ゞ 
I choose the lotion in number I for oily skin because back then my acne issues is quite annoyed me..grr (`ε´)

  • For oily and combination skin, this is a mild oil-free, PH-balanced skin moisturizer developed for young skin to promote clear complexion
  • Formulated with deep sea mineral water for moisturizing
  • 180ml/6oz
  • Price: $11.00 -13.00 (USD)
What I like:
-It really makes my skin plumper, soother, and moist.
-Waterbased, not oily and does have a great oil control.
-super watery consistency, love it. Feel just like I'm watering my face for each apply^^

-It claimed to take control of acne, but I was still having my occasional breakouts.
-Fragranced, although the scent is mild, but I prefer to non-fragranced products for facial skincare. My skin is super sensitive.
-Colored. The fluid's color is plain baby blue.

I was loving the moisturizer, but after 1 months of usage I was having my monthly facial detox therapy due to my acne issues and my aesthician recommend me to use her products instead, and my poor Etude House moisturizer is being neglected for likely 6 months untill I gave it to my maid. haha...what a waste.


  1. it is cute!!! but then again it doesn't do much if it doesn't help in acne breakouts :(

    *hugs* I hope your r/s will go well soon....

  2. didn't have a chance to use etude house's skin care products but it sounds so intersting! thanx for share!

  3. @ricchan, thanks for your support ^^ and yes, Actually I'm kind of afraid using a blue colored fluid on my skin. he2

  4. Hey there thanks for your comment...sorry sometimes my stupid blogger doesnt update with some peoples blogs ¬¬
    Etude house products! ooo hopefully Im going to be sent some in a few weeks time :D The stuff looks so good
    Thanks for the review!

  5. yeah ! i also love the package of Etude house. But i cloudn't use their skincare, there are too much fragranced. T_T

    thanks for sharing ! :))

  6. where do you buy these?! I WANTTT

  7. It seems like you really like Etude products eh?? (^O^) No wonder your skin looks so bright & clean (^_~)

    Anyway, why do you afraid to wear the usamimi? I mean for me, it's better than wearing nerd glasses w/out its lenses to the mall XDXD

  8. @M.W: I bought it at Etude counter ^^
    @Rabbito-chan: Oh I laughed reading your comment dear =D your glasses aren't nerd, those kind of glasses is really popular among ulzzang. really =D

  9. Hye rin..I always want this etude product!!!:)))
    Will definitely put it on my list.This skin drink aqua,it was also"etude"product(not this etudehouse-sisterline).They produce it again I guess..
    Btw,what I meant on my previous question was:do you use ulzzang to edit your pic(gave cute frame)?

  10. oh it looks very cute too!! <3

    they say that the toughest time in relationships would be the first 3-5 years together, I'm pretty scared of that as well :( , hang in there and be strong <3 and stay lovely :3

  11. @LovelyCosme> u mean the ulzzang PhotoOn editor? umm. sometimes only, cuz I'm so lazy to edited my selcas so I just let it be...he2

    @SavingCapulet> thanks for your lovely comments hun~~~ >.< it really helps me TT^TT *Hug

  12. Aww hope you and bf Will be alright.

    Ive not used etude house skin care! The packaging looks cute though!

  13. would you buy again? is it less your oily skin? my skin is very-very oily and acne prone skin