Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: REVLON super lustrous Lipstick in ALMOST NUDE #117

안녕 sweeties, I'm back ~ sorry that I've been away from blogger lately, I was really busy doing my campuss stuff and checking up to aesthetic prior to 'lil' surgery to remove a small lump in my cheecks- Actually I'm really worried about it, but we have to be strong... rite? (The lump appear month ago, but it settled deep in my skin and the doctor said laser nor steroid injection won't help, so she decided to operate me soon. But thanks God it's only a small lump afterall!)
I'm just hoping that everything will be all right (´・ω・`)
Well, forget about doctor thingie (≧∇≦)/ , and let me show you my first lipstick ever. I've never interested to buy my own lipstick, because I've always compared it to a tint! which doesn't left any heavy sense on lips and have a long lasting color. But, after reading a lot lot lot of review, I start to love NUDE colored lipstick so much.

I was trawling around in a mall and decide to visit my favorite beauty counter, at first... I wanted to buy maybelline lippie in natural nude and iced peach tea, but after swatch all of them, I fell in love with revlon ALMOST NUDE.

Product description:
Super Lustrous Lipstick features exclusive LiquiSilk technology
to pamper lips with silk-drenched mega-moisturizers and vitamins.
For rich, smooth color, soft-shine and irresistible lips.
Netto: 4.5 g
Price: so cheap! (゜◇゜) I bought it for only $ 3.00 in USD

a nude brown-orange-ish color which somewhat close to my natural lips color. It looks nice on lips before it oxidizes! like a nude orange peachy color before it starts to get brownish as time goes by. Texture is a bit dry but still okay though, I can live with it.

I always use it over lip concealer ( I used Etude house concealer), and use it fully on my upper lip, but only on the edge for lower lip, and so for the lipstick. Inner side of lower lip lined with Etude Fresh Cherry Tint in peach.

Apply Etude House Color Me Nude lip concealer
Final Swatch for Revlon-Almost Nude
Love rating is 3 out of 5 ♥    Next time I'll buy more nude colored lippies that is closed to skin nude =D

Moisture properties:Photobucket
Oxydize: YES (after several hours)

That's all for the review, tell me your favorite Nude colored lippie too, I'll check it out for sure~
'Till next time sweeties ヾ( ´ー`), bubbye~


  1. Looks gorgeous! I will have to check this color out!

  2. oh i hope that lump goes away real soon too, meeh bad lump no likey! and as for the lippie! it looks super duper gorgeous on you<3 I hope we have that shade here once I visit the mall :> take good care friend!

  3. the color is great! i've been wanting to buy a revlon lippie but i always forget haha~

    will pray for your safety on your surgery.take care and be strong! ^^

  4. such a nice colour! i really want to buy some lipsticks too :)

  5. Whoo i love natural peachy colour :)

  6. @locke, SavingCapulet: thanks for your support, I'm trying not to worry too much about my surgery too =D strong girl rockS!

    @all> Thanks for commenting ^^
    This shade got a soft peachy nude which I've been wanting =D

  7. It looks great. I'll try this one :)

  8. Lipstick~~! (o.o;;) I never tried to use lipstick on my lips before this cuz I prefer to use lipgloss~~ I guess I should try it one day!! (^O^)

  9. That's a really pretty colour :)

  10. Hope your'lil surgery will be ok :)..
    I'm not a fan of nude color,but I love liptint,just like you.. :)

  11. Hi there! tks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment (: this lippie looks cute on you :D
    Hope your surgery goes well >_<


  12. That's a pretty colour.
    Revlon is so expensive in Australia TT_TT

  13. Great review! It's so nice to find a cheap lipstick that has quality and a lovely shade! Will def check this out!:-)