Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Webcam: Logitech QuickCam Connect

Hello sweeties~
I bought this webcam months ago but rarely using it now TT^TT though, my purpose is to communicate with my -long distance- friend. This is a good and cheap personal webcam to be used.

Product Details:
Web Camera Type: Personal Web Camera
Video Capture Resolution: 640 x 480
Image Quality: 1.3 MP
Interface Type: USB
Image Sensor Type: CMOS

Logitech becomes my fave brand for all desktop hardware (PRICE wise! super cheap!) though, my desktop PC's hardware is not all Logitech. So for a webcam I wasn't being torn to other brand. And lucky me, I bought this one during Logitech promo~ for around $14.00 in USD. Which is super cheap~ gyaaa~ <3

So here's some selcas of me~ I captured my funny dorky face selcas! hohoho... bare faced, no makeup worn.

Buuut, what I hate about the webcam is the NOISE, just look at pic below, it got noises even during daytime, and the noise just getting worser at night, whereas I got two big lamp in my bedroom already =(

look how annoying the noise is >.<
But, however...the noise is still acceptable. It comes with a quickcam program too, which gives a lot of templates and style to make your cam funnier, and even scarier! So since this is my first webcam, I can't really say if it to be compared with another brands. I'm liking this webcam so much! and totally recommended for those who want a cheap but nice webcam^^~


  1. Logitech is ok but I find Genius is better...
    you're cute... :)

  2. oh awesome shots <3 you look sooo cute :>>

  3. I have the same (or similar model) webcam ! :)
    I've had it for a few years now and the noise never goes away T^T! I hate it so muchhhh!

    I want a new webcam soon ><"

  4. @All: Thanks for your sweet comments ^^
    @Melody: Yes, I hate the noises too...I've download some program too reduce the noise but it still there >.< But during daytime the noise become less visible, so it's still okay ^^

  5. you are so cutee ^^

    thank you for visiting my blog =D

  6. how cute!! :3
    webcams are always fun!

  7. Cute photos! I think the webcams always need a lot of light to prevent the noise, but it is not always easy to have such a bright lamp available.

  8. that's it TT^TT so I can only enjoy video chat with my friend during day =(

  9. uhhh thats a cute blog ^-^

  10. can you give me driver for that camera pls?

  11. anon: u can download the driver from canon official website ^-^