Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: The Skin Food~Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream

Dear sweeties~♥
I want to share some beauty goods again, and this time is one of my best beautfy find ever~for a concealer. Well, I got quite an evident dark circle because I was neglecting my eyes too much. I knew that I should care for it. But oh, it wass too late. (plus tons of campuss stuff are waiting to be done) that really makes my undereye skin condition worser. Actually years ago, I don't really have a darkcircle under my eye, so when I notice that I'm already had it... I was so shocked. ∑(。。)

After researching and read tons of articles about dark circle, I've finally found that this darkcircle is caused because my eyes are getting tired ( cuz I do spend a lot of time in front of my computer), and mine is not genetics, my mom and dad doesn't have any dark circle at all!

besides applying eye serum dan oxy cream. Now my undereye skin safer is this salmon dark circle concealer cream! (in shades #1 light beige) Thanks for its perfect concealing power! yaay~(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

This is my before and after photo, unretouched, so you can have more appropriate verdict.
P.S: sorry for fine wrinkles >.<
As you can see, it looks so natural that no one would realize that you're using a concealer. I bought it in shade #1 Light Beige, it has orange undertone.

What I like:
It blends so easily, thanks for the creamy texture.
Moisturize your undereye skin, not drying it up.
Doesn't set in fine lines! and won't crack or become cakey after whole day.
Doesn't need powder to set it up ( because its staying power is quite good, sometimes I set it up again with powder just to absorb the oil)
Very creamy, so it would be just okay if I put it on with my finger only. No need brushes or sponge.
It conceal darkcircle perfectly.

A bit cons:
It's a little bit greasy, but can be corrected with puffing a light loose powder. And because it comes in glass jarred pot, be sure that you clean your finger first ^^

Product description from SkinFood:
Salmon Dark Circle Concealer contains triglyceride which is similar to skin constituent, so it can be applied on the weak skin around the eyes moistly and smoothly without stimulating the skin.
After applying foundation, apply an appropriate amount of the cream around the eyes carefully and evenly, and then tap the area with your fingers.

Netto: 10 g
Available in two shades:
Shades #1 light beige (for white-pink-yellow skintone)
Shades #2 natural beige (for darker skin)

Overall rating: Photobucket
For those who owned a darkcircle, I'll really recommend this products! say good bye to your darkcircle and get more beauty perfect~  (・∀・)
But of course, don't forget to care your undereye skin. Applying eye serum and oxy cream is really helpful for me =D now my darkcircle is not as evident as it used to be, I'm glad =D


Okay, catch you later~('◇')ゞ


  1. do i still need a concealer? does bb creams can do it all? currently i am testing maybelline's BB cream hope i won't get any breakouts.

  2. WOW! That sure looks as if it can work wondeeeers! *_*

    And huns, I will ALWAYS visit your blog :'D Cause you're amazing and your layout is the cutest<3

    Much Love

  3. I've read a lot of raves about this concealer, it looks so natural! yay for finding the perfect concealer for your under eye circles! :)

  4. I got these panda eyes and they annoy me!! (-3-) I think I need that concealer to cover the dark spots!!!!! (> <;;)

  5. wooohhh seems really good!!! would love to try and get my hands on the product ^^

  6. Thanks for the great review! The concealer sounds great. Will check it out next time i'm in KL!

  7. that thing is great! i definitly need some!

  8. duh kalo conceal buat bekas jerewi yang oke apa yaa..

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  10. wow it does look super natural! can't even tell you're wearing concealer no kidding! I'm surprised this salmon color works so well for you... I got a salmon colored concealer from Bobbi Brown and it just looks very obvious when I applied it... definitely will look out for this product. Thanks for the review :)

    PS: tks for the super nice comment on my recent post <3 <3

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  12. How much is it selling in Korea? I'm quite intrested to try it out. Thx cutie ^!^

    P.s (i deleted my previous comment due to the typo error. lol)

  13. wow, thanks for the info!
    i'm starting to have dark circles just these past few months boohoo. :(

    see you around :)

  14. I really enjoy reading your blog and yes the concealer looks so good!

  15. I want to try that concealer!

  16. Thanx for the review hye rin:)
    So this is a good product?good to know that then..

  17. grr I want this so badly~~ >< Thanks for doing this review!

  18. this concealer looks really good on you! it brightens your eyes very nicely! if i run out of bobbi brown i will look out for this.. :D

  19. hehe, yeah natural makeup always the best. This look really goooood! I didn't have good exprience with skin food before since it cause me to break out but maybe I gave this a try ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte
    P.S. You look cute in the hanbok ^^

  20. This concealer looks very nice! Haven't seen this concealer before.

  21. there's a noticeable difference in the before & after =D
    wow !!! your eyes look so much more awake in the second one!!!

  22. you are right it hide your under eye dark circle,I have to try you now ISMAYA card?you can get 10% for skinfood.. i don't exactly which product, just see the banner in the mall

  23. Does anyone know where I can get an ingredients list for this? I have it but I can't read Korean >.<

  24. This is the only thing that seems to help with my massive dark circles. >.> I totally recommend it.

  25. Do you buy it at store or online shop? I want to know if you're buying this online, i want to try it after reading your positive review :3
    btw i follow you! <3