Monday, December 20, 2010

Ulzzang Photoshop Tutorial~How to get flawless skin

Another simple ulzzang photoshop tutorial edited by me.

A lot of people asked me to post more tutorial, well...then I made this one, and my intention is still the same with my last post about 'skin problems'.
It's for you-who are not familiar with Adobe Photoshop- and still wondering why there are a lot of cute girl's pic swarming on internet.

Became graphic designer and get familiar with photoshop is a good thing, I know it really well which pic is fake and which is not. Though, sometimes...very skilled photoshop editor won't leave any marks. But somehow edited pic is easy to be detected. E.g blurry pics, too much saturated pics with glow effect that are quite popular these days.

My bestie told me that she got envious when looking to celeb pic, ulzzang girl, and a cover girl.
Nah... I don't want you to feel the same way like my bestie did~
Back then a graphic designer from vogue magz told me that most of cover girls pic on magazine are a fake.
He even showed me his collection of 'non-edited' version of it.

I was shocked!

He did a lot of editing. Liquified and pucked a lot of fat from the model to make her looks slimmer, resizing boobs, erased all flaws, and so many2

This tutorial is a very simple one~ and take only 5minutes to finish it^^
It's not a scary big eyed ulzzang version. I tried to make it as natural as possible.

 You don't need latest series Adobe Photoshop for this~CS2 is just ok.

What I did:
Erased all flaw, brighten up the skin~make it more radiant and glow, Slim down cheeks area.
This version of skin brigtening process is different from my first post. This timeI didn't adjust the color level and curves.
Some tips, don't adjust color level of picture too much, it just make it looks fake and 'too much' edited.

3 simple and easy steps  to get flawless skin ^^~
First, for those who are not familiar with adobe PS, or first time user, I complete my post with images.
Here's a pic to show you tools that I used:

First. Use 'clone stamp tool' to erase skin's flaw. For nice and easy process, reduce clone stamp's brush to 20-30%. You can start clone-stamping damaged skin area by holding 'alt' button and then click on better part of the skin. Then conceal the flaw by clicking the damaged part of skin again. Re-do untill everything is concealed.

The same way goes for 'dodge tool' Choose 'Midtones' range and adjust the exposure to 10-15% only. Dodge tool is used for brighten desired areas, e.g skin. I used it for cheeks, chin, and nose area.
Tips: Don't use too much dodge tool if you prefer to brighten overall pic and skin using 'curves' or 'color level'
See image below for example:

Second, choose Filter> Liquify> Pucker
Pucker tool is used to slim down or make desired area become smaller, or thinner.
Now, she her chubby face? I want to make her cheeks looks slimmer by 'pucked' her outline cheeks.
puck precisely over the cheek's outline.
I did the cheeks part 'naturally' So don't use pucker too much.

Tips: Bloat tool (on liquif) can be used to make your eyes look bigger

Finishing touch up, Feel not satisfied enough? and want the skin to be even more radiant?
You can do this additional step. Add a new layer above and fill it with all white paint bucket. Set the opacity to 20-25% and set mode to 'overlay' or 'soft light' whatever you want.
Adjusting the opacity mode is depend on your own taste, the smaller the opacity is, the more natural it would look.

Or else, you can add a same layer by press Ctrl+J. Then choose filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur.
Set the mode to overlay or soft light and adjust the opacity as you wish.
This gaussian blur-overlay mode is a secret step that creates 'glowy' effect to skin. it's been used widely by a photographers too.
Yosh, that's all.
and here is your finished pic ^^

Feel free to comment if there is any question~
Thank you.

Picture credit: girl's generation


  1. This is an awesome tutorial ^-^"!
    And I think it'd be really useful for heaps of girls <3 ! I know that I always touch up my photos so that they don't show an ugly pimple ;A; /cries

  2. Wow, the pic looks really pretty. My eyes were watering towards the bottom, as there was too much information for my brain to process! I know that photoshopping allowed for glowing, flawless skin and making people look thinner in areas, but I thought only professionals knew how to do that! And you did it in 5 mins!!

    Thanks for commenting on my post! The lenses I used were neo dali black/brown circle lens.

  3. this is great! you've made sunny look flawless with milky white skin :D
    thanks for this tutorial, i might consider doing something like this on one of my pics :P

  4. Thanks for sharing : D Definitely interesting!

  5. lol used to photoshop my pics a lot but I don't do it anymore x.x too tedious for so many photos. It's really useful to correct photos and save pics that are way too dark though

  6. Wow! You're good at photoshopping! o(^O^)o I also love to edit my picture so that my skin looks fairer than in RL but I use Photoscape though~ Nothing much about it because make-up + contact lenses make wonders! (^_~)

    PS. I personally think blurry pictures are cute!♥♥ And I'm currently DOING that lol!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I use photoshop sometimes to hide blemishes and dark circles when my makeup doesn't completely cover them, but I wouldn't go so far as to slim my face or anything like that. Photoshop is so complicated for me, that's really impressive that you did all that in only 5 mins :D

  8. Oh wow~~. O: I've always wondered how photoshopping yourself actually works. Haha. I'm tempted to try it now.

    It's honestly too much work because I have soo many pics for the reviews, I do, though. For now, I'll use the 'blemish' tool on photobucket for the couple of them on my forehead, like I have bee, Haha.

    Still, thank you SO much for these past 2 posts focusing on celebs' skin and how unrealistically it's represented. <3 Confidence-booster for a lot of us.

  9. WOW =) thx for th post. it ws reli helpful x

  10. I do photoshopping my selcas too but for tone correcting and lighting exposure adjusting only. I'm not tempted to do any liquify on my face, like bloating my eyes or pucking my nose to make it would be too much ^^

  11. wowow such a great tutorial :D Will definately look back at it and edit for fun hehe.

    You can't access my Twitter? :\ I can... hm...!/Silkybow
    Or you can always go on my sidebar, it has a link to it too!! :D hehe

  12. Nice tutorial ^^ !! I don't use photoshop, but might do it in the future haha, i'm too lazy to figure everything out =P!!!.. everybody can look pretty with photoshoppp !! XD

  13. Wow~ this is sooo helpful!
    I always find photo shop so hard to use but, this tut really helps! Thnks XD

  14. good job! the effec looks natural. I envy you, im not so familiar with photoshop..

  15. Thank-you for making this tutorial!! ^^

  16. Great tutorial- you did a great job :) happy holidays!

  17. OM! Thank you for making this tutorial. Waha.
    I just tried it and woah, i figured i look cute when i'm white. hahaha.

  18. wow im rather surprised with how easy it is to PS a picture like that lol. Oh btw I use a Canon KISS DSLR for my pictures usually :)

  19. wow
    can't wait to try this to one of my pics =p
    so informative thank you !!!

  20. I think she looks fake.

  21. its SUNNY!!! (...rite?) ^^

  22. Hi.. im 14 and i just started getting intrested in photo editing ...What other WEBSITES/ PHOTO EDITING PROGRAMS that are FREE do u recommend for editing pictures..? ^-^

  23. I need the link of the cyworld photo editor website :(

  24. i want to ask...what's the name of the brush you used on using dodge tool? and,what's the size ofthe brush????

  25. @anon, you can use any soft edged round brush. As for the size, you can adjust it yourself.

  26. there's one more easy trick. go to filter option, choose blur and then choose surface blur. set the first option to 5 and the threshold into 10.. you could instantly see smooth skin effects.

    you can also duplicate the layer first and then adjust the transparency if you want to lessen the effect..

  27. thanks for the tutorial..I'm gonna download photoshop now..hehe..btw i'm new here..

  28. so easy to be pretty.. let the photoshop do it for us! hehe^^

  29. Is there an app for it? If so, what is it called?

  30. Is there an app for it? If so, what is it called?

  31. that is look nice. but you can edit via xiu xiu that so simple instan ^^