Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: L'Oréal White Perfect Eye~Double Eye Zone Brightener

Back with another beauty review, I just bought  L'Oréal White Perfect Eye~Double Eye Zone Brightener, almost one month ago, it's time to do a review~

Netto: 15ml (don't be fooled by its packaging, it's only 15ml (1/4 of the tube)
Price: usd $ 9-10

- Immediately, skin is smoothed and perfectly reflects light. Dark circles are enlightened, your eye contour is evenly fair and bright!
- Day after day, dark circles are visibly reduced and fairer.
- After 4 weeks, dark circles visibly fade away, Your eye zone recovers new brightness as if the light had been turned on!

whitening cream

noticed the shimmer?
the whitening cream contains a super fine shimmers, it do relight your dark circle -fakely- I think

My verdict:
I thought it was really a good product at first because I read a lot of nice reviews about it. But to my dismay, I'm totally disappointed! The only pro is it doesn't gives me any milia just like any other rich eye cream would. And I'm being fooled by its packaging, really, I didn't see it was 15ml only, I just feel~oh it's quite promising to buy L'Oréal products with $9 (usd) with such a 'big' tube.

and it didn't relight my darkcircle even a bit as it claimed to be. Fail~

As you could see, while the whitening cream is loaded up'that much'. The gel inside the blue tube has already emptied., like wth man... I used the white cream more than the gel but the gel run out first? I feel a bit suspicious, is it L'Oréal or the seller's fault? Cuz when I opened the packaging...... it was not properly capped. Which means would it be the seller took out a 'lil amount of the gel? Oh well...
Overall rating:Photobucket

Totally SUCK!
Irrrsh, this product is totally suck, not only the packaging was so deceiving (like 50-60ml in appearance), it did nothing! ugh, totally NOTHING, not even help me with my severe darkcircle problem! T___T so if you're planning to buy this, change your mind!
I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, and I have to say this is the WORST eye cream & gel that I've ever bought.


  1. Ah.. I don't buy these dark circle reducing stuff anymore.. None of them work on me =(

  2. Aw it sucks that it turned out to be quite a bad product :( ! Thanks for letting the rest of us know <3

  3. Oh my goodness... what happened?? did u find out? If L'oreal does it the it isn't good at all

  4. oh wow the shimmer really scares me.. any shimmery kin care product looks scary!!

  5. gosh... thats bad... i also cant find really good product tt can remove my dark circle... sad~

  6. aww wth.. you ran out gel...n you have so much cream...very peculiar..

  7. aww too bad for you it didn't work out. drugstore brands really are a hit and miss, right? hope you find an eye cream that works for you. :) subscribed to your blog too

  8. I found the shimmer in Olay eye-cream too, scary!
    Love your blog ,, :)

  9. I'm sorry this one didn't work out for u :(

    but in general, it drives me nuts that products sold overseas, even by American brands, are packaged SO much better than they are in the US *sigh*

  10. I've never tried any L'oreal products before. You're right though, the packaging almost fooled me. I thought there would be more product in that.Ha!

  11. I have really bad undereye circles (mostly due to genetics) and I've pretty much given up hope on all eye creams. Apart from moisturizing and maybe reducing lines, I find that all the creams I've tried do absolutely nothing to reduce the actual darkness :(

  12. thats crazy
    maybe u can write an email to loreal and tell them the mistake!

  13. is that mean there is no cream can help my in my DARK CIRCLES problem ? :(

  14. you are so cool! ^.^