Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hanbok Collection~Update

Hello (・ω・)/
This would be a pic-spamming post, so bear with it~ hehe, I've reduced the file size for each photos, so no worries~
And well, here's my (march 2011) most favorite hanbok, princess hanbok /royal court hanbok in PINK~ with cute and glittery flowerish pattern printed on the sleeves, front, and back ♥ do you like it?

and here's  my hanbok collection that I got (february 2011)
Well, this one is a traditional green-pink hanbok for married woman,. With beautiful flowery handmade painting on the sleeve part. Made with polyester fabric

Next, a lovely pink hanbok, embroidered with beautiful pattern on jeogori. Cutest part of this hanbok is the embroidery on the chima (skirt) part, small white flowers spreads everywhere!

cute chima, isn' it?
Here's another hanbok with handmade painting on it. Creamy white jeogori with blue chima. I like this hanbok so much, but it has been sold for USD $ 85. The buyer is a doctor, and this hanbok does looks like a hanbok for doctor back then during Jeoseon dinasty (Blue chima with white jeogori (top) in royal court style).

And this one~ another classic green-pink hanbok.
It's printed and embroidered beautifully. Made with polyester fabric, I attached a white daenggi as a dress accessory (・∀・)

Jade-green jeogori (top) with red chima. Sorry, but green-red or green-pink hanbok is so classic, I like it so much~ hehe.. this hanbok got a very very regal printed pattern on the sleeve. Just like hanbok that is worn by queen during Joseon dinasty. But, this is the simple style.

lower part of otgoreum (ribbon)

Simple hanbok, white jeogori with blue bird pattern embroidered on it. I think this one is too plain, so I sent it back.

And heee ya~~~ special cute hanbok, black top, pink chima! The chima is petal type. super cute and elegant. Black and pink is a cute mix of color ( ´∀`) Do you agree?

super cute hanbok-chima
Please bear a little bit more(゜◇゜)~ this would be my last hanbok pic!
I won't sell this one, it's one of my hanbok collection. Look how cute the chima (skirt) is~ embroidered with tiny flower buds . +point is the soft gradation from peachy pink to white. Totally awesome! I love this hanbok ♡

Actually I still have tons of pic to be shown, but I'm afraid you'll get bored. So I end it here~ hehe... more hanbok pic coming soon |ヽ(*゜▽゜*)ノミ|Ю

And tell me, which hanbok do you like most?


  1. i like the lovely pink hanbok.. aaaa.. i wish i could also wear something like that :((

  2. i love the black and pink hanbok! i've been wanting to get one myself because they're so gorgeous. where do you get yours?

  3. I love the first and the pink/black hanbok! So cute! I want one! ;o; I didn't know you have a shop. o.O

  4. i like the most the two last hankok!
    i love pink+black, yes, cute coordination!
    i also love graduation the last chima have.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I absolutely love the "creamy white jeogori with blue chima" one & the last hanbok the most but all your collections are amazing! :)

  6. Omg I want.... omg I can't choose!
    They are all supersuper cute!
    I love traditional clothing xxx

  7. ahah I could never pull off such a cute pink hanbok. I like the green empress style one personally ^_^

  8. wah they're all so cute >< i like the peachy one =]

  9. OH MY!! so cute! :DDD Ngawww :] I like the black and pink one!!


  10. Seriously, That hanbok really suits you!! ,,>w<,, The pink one!!

  11. wah i love the pink one. so cute....
    anyway is that all ur collection or u sell it? *just curious*

  12. i love the last hanbok best, my mother had a dream that I was getting married and was wearing a hanbok xDD I wonder, how did you get in to the business of selling hanbok? you are the first one I know who is in that field :>

  13. i love the green and pink hanbok! its so colorful and very pretty :)

    you have a sweet blog. i am your new follower :)

  14. SO CUTE!! XD I can't decide which one is the best! I love them all!

  15. I would have to choose the too pink ones. You look lovely and cute in your hanbook. But there's so many options, and they all look great!

  16. They are all so pretty! I love the jade green and red one the most. You look so cute in the hanbok!!

  17. aww you're so cute wearing those hanboks <3 :3

  18. @all: thanks for your comments =)

    @kaizokumousy: most of them has been sold already. he2..

  19. Its hard to choose a favorite theyre all soo pretty.
    Ow I wanna have a hanbok but I dont know if itll look good on me hehe

  20. wow! they are really great~
    although I'm not Korean, I really want to at least wear one... even just once in my life!
    I like the grey/balck with the red chima! ^^
    and the last hanbok as well... the gradient was really refreshing to look at... :)

  21. i love your collection! i wish i can wear that :D


    PS. visit my site, hope you like it :)

  22. I like your collection this time. Many cute small flowers there.
    O.. I like the first one, but I like pink color of the 2nd. but the flower painting I like more in 3rd and 4th (white blue). but I want the bottom look like in the 5th (another green pink). kekeke ^^

  23. I want the pink dolly korean traditional dress! Look so kawaii <3 ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  24. first things, i really jealous. second things, I really love the black and red... so strong because queen.. i don't know, but, every i saw the hanbok, the hanbok had a something that made me love it... maybe the gold made a own impression for me.. the hanbok so unique! ^^ and also, i love the black and pink, so cute! my fav colors... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the simple white cream and blue, so cool. give a casual personality. and, i loooveee the lovely pink. the flowers! the point of view of the lovely pink. oh.. i speechless with the green pink. so traditionaly... i love traditional things... and, overall, i love all! ^^ Saranghaeyo!