Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kawaii Panda Pankunchi

6 o'clock in the morning and I haven't sleep yet..yaaahay~
I got something to be shared, cute panda Pankunchi from Sanrio ღ and yeaaah he's one of my favorite panda mascot xD~

about pankunchi:
Pankun is a baby panda who was abandoned in a forest where pandas live. His favorite possession is an old mitten that was in the box with him when he was abandoned. Pankun loves bread, and his tummy rumbles whenever he sees the two pieces of bread, Shokupan and Koppepan.

please bear with all the cuteness ('◇')ゞ
Pankunchi merchandise, oh gooosh I want it sooo much. Pankunchi phone strap charm is just too cute~  

hweeeee..... I want it all! hohoho...♡

Pankunchi official link click here: Pankunchi
and don't forget to play pankunchi flash game (=´∇`=)


  1. omg, that's so cuteee xD !! panda loveee!

  2. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  3. Such a sad little story...but so cute!

  4. i love this panda bear too he's so cute!!! :)

    thanks so much for visiting me :) love your blog and you look so pretty in your hanbok!

    i'm following you now would love for you to follow me too!

  5. aww that's are really really cute panda *o*

  6. ahah this post is so random ;) but so cute ^^

  7. Omooo~ So adorbs! >< It's so pluffy ^^

  8. wwwaaaa.... so adorable!!! i want one!!!=D

  9. they are so adorable! and i'm liking the phone straps!

  10. @all: thanks for your comment~ I do appreciate it
    @Lisa: follow u back already =)

  11. Wah. So cute. Reminds me of Pandappl, which is my Saniro's character. c(X

  12. WOWOWOWOWO thank you so much for sharing little Pankuchi with us!1 now I have a new little panda to obsess over!! so so cute!! <3

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  14. thank you sooo much! i put you on my blog too ♥
    haha and pankunchi is super cute!!

  15. oh!
    i love it!!
    i like your blog so much!
    i follow u!

  16. Omg so cute! i haven't seen this one before

  17. sooooooo cute panchunki~~!! just like you :)
    thanks for the fake makeup post :) or else i wouldn't know there really were fakes!! ^^
    and i like bodyshop too ^^ i didn't know you could buy it all over the world ^^