Friday, March 18, 2011

Mini Fashion Stuff

Heeya all, sorry for my hiatus!
I've been doing a looot of things and got no time to visit my baby blog.  Miss my blog so much♡
well...there's nothing that is 'sooo' special, but I'm enjoying my time a lot. First off, here's my selca since I haven't post any selca for 'quite' a long time \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

no lenses, no make-up!
My first FOTD with ragnarok 'cute ribbon' headgear (popularly reffered as usamimi headband). I took this pic 2 weeks ago when visiting my nephews's birthday party , cuz now I'm still having -like two or so- reddish smear on my face, HATE it so much (´;ω;`) . I was reckless, bought biore facial foam (in radiance) though my dermatologist said that I shouldn't try anykind of 'unreliable' product in the market. I just tought that Biore is okay, but my skin is too sensitive to perfumed, non-alcohol free, coloured, and preservatived products.

Talking about usamimi craze back then in 2010. My first tought is:
for you who've played this game must have been recognize it, rite? Here's the pic ( ・∀・)[===ビーム!!

usamimi look alike!......((((*。_。)_

And, I have a new favorite style CASUAL+SIMPLE+SWEET. I bought this cute shirt yesterday with my BF~♡ simple and sweet with frill sleeve.

And I bought two pair of shoes too, I was never ever spent my money to buy a shoes on my own...really, this is my very first time >.<
a trainne ballerina shoes look alike. Too cute~(≧∇≦)/  and it's peachy pink~ hehe
the other one, I bought it because my mom said that 'pink' won't match most of my shirt. She suggested me to pick one in brown, so I pick one with a cute ribbon on it.

Well. that's all~

Buuut. before that, let's pray together for Japan. I was so worried about it, just watching news made me want to cry (lll´Д`). My aunty is in Saitama-ken and unfortunately I haven't hear any news from her!
I hope that everything is gonna be okay (/ω\)


  1. Praying for Japan T_T"! <3

    And ahhhh, your skin sounds so sensitive :( Mine is too but not as bad :( ! But yeh, the shoes are heappps cute ^_^! <3

  2. your headgear is sooo cute!

  3. You look so pretty and adorable!

    My skin is really sensitive too. You've asked about my skincare routine on my message board: I've been using Hada Labo moisturizing range of products and they've been pretty good for my skin.

    Hope your aunt is ok, i'll be praying for her!

  4. miss u unnie >.< lama gak ngeblog.. ^^
    cantik deh selca nya..
    ayo-ayo post skincare routinnya ^^

  5. The shirt is too cute! And the shoooooes <33

  6. I love your headband! ☺☺ So cuuute <3

  7. I Can Only Say 1 Thing:

    K. A. W. A. I. I.

    <3 <3 <3

  8. Cute haul! I can't believe you played Ragnarok too! I played years ago on a private server called AnimaRO (AnimusRO now I believe) - that game got me hooked so badly >.< I hope your aunty is alright too, hopefully you hear from her soon!

  9. naww the headband is so cuteee!

  10. awh cute shoes and i lvoe ur usamimi ^^ and i hope japan is okay too!

  11. super super kawaii stuff!!! the pink shoes are adorable!

  12. So in love with these shoes!!

  13. Cute headband!!^^ You play ragnarok online? cool! :D
    Hope your aunt is okay..

  14. awww your shoes are adorable!! and you look so cute!!!

  15. aw! I love that pink shoes!


  16. Awwww you look super adorable ^^
    I know Ragnarok, but never played..
    I think I've only made an account on it?

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    My giveaway: win a pair of nerdi glasses necklace click here!

  17. i lovee that shoes, so cute!
    kawaii ^^

  18. Im sure you're aunty is fine. ^^

    and cute shoes!

  19. I'm vibing for Japan!♥ So much family of mine is there.

    I am the huge fan of this blog ('•3•')
    I followed you~
    I would be very happy if you all saw mine!
    Almost 57 followers. :3

    PS. My name is Wynter Chan.

  20. Cute flats!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Speaking of the shoes..... I just learnt how to wear high heels!! o(>w<)o

  21. Ahaha- the usamimi DOES look like the Cute Ribbon Headgear from Ragnarok. o:

    And you have amazing skin~~.

  22. I think the pink one is lovely! I don't care when it comes to matching shoes with clothing. It gives you a little edge to your look and sometimes shoes make you look fresh. Where did you get that pink one, it's so kawaii!! It's to die for. ^o^ I have a denim one just like that.

  23. wahhh...i love your pink shoes dear =)
    so cute <3

  24. U're pretty with and without makeup ... and I love your pinky shoes ... KAWAII..... specially that Rippon .... so nice on the shoes -^^'-