Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask

I was browsing to girls forum week ago, and everyone was talking about Acnes tea tree oil mask as: "Another cheap but great product!"  I was not too sure about it at first cuz I got an issues with acnes clearing gel and powder lotion (`ε´) (like 3 years ago, my skin is terrible TT^TT, thanks to beautycode skincare range, it's all way much much much better now..yaaay~)

ღ Product description:
Triple Action: Deep Cleansing + Oil Control + Anti-bacterial
Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask contains tea tree oil to balance oil secretion and moisture. It also helps to restore natural softness and give a healthy complexion.
- Contains tea tree oil that prevents acne. Reduce excess sebum, and keep skin moisturized.
- Deeply cleanses away dirt and excess sebum.
- Natural mineral treat skin texture.
- AC NET helps reduce excess oil secretion.
- Aloe extract keeps healthy and moisturized skin.

- Price: US $3.00
- Net: 50 gr

Tea tree oil has many wonderful properties, such as “purifying antibacterial properties and is known to help soothe blemished skin.” This product also has kaolin clay in it, which “helps control shine”, and ”deeply cleanses, drawing out impurities from the skin. Is a mineral that helps to restore the skin's natural balance”.

ღ What I say:
My first impression was good =) I've been using natural homemade-mask up till now. Acnes clay mask has a thick and smooth texture, make it easy to be applied. It feels comfortable and soothing, I enjoyed my time wearing it (just once in a week, or maybe once in two weeks...haha, depends on my skin condition). Once it gets into water, it will easily removed. I used micro fiber cloth to wipe off any excess mask. I can feel my skin is slick even when I washed it all off with water, but once you pat dry, the greasy feelings is not there anymore, all left is your soft and moisturized skin (σ・∀・)σ

Things that I like is:
-It smells nice (similar to The Body Shop tea tree mask)
-Contains natural extract (aloe and tea tree oil)
-the texture! love the thickness,'s super cheap! US 3.00 for 50gr of tea tree clay mask~

∑(。。)  What I don't like:
-contains artificial color. Blue 1 (CI 42090), and Yellow 5 (CI 19140).
I'm super strict at choosing skincare product for daily usage. If this is not a mask, I mean like daily lotion cleanser or toner. I won't ever buy it! (I've been using non parfumed, non alcohol, non preservatives, and non artificial coloring skin care product for 3 years up till now, and it did a really really great job to keep my skin in great condition)
and this is the reason why I wear it only twice/month, hehe...
Post my ugly pic wearing acnes tea tree oil clay mask....hahahahaha...feel lazy to wear any hairband. I applied it thinly, and it goes on bright green.
Overall rating: 3 out of 5!
it it has no artificial color it would be 5 out of 5.

okay, and that would be all ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ will be back with my eyeliner gel review~


  1. Thanks for this review~! Seems like it worked well for you for the most part. :] Yay~

    BTW, you layout and cursor are soo cute!

  2. Right after this review, I went to get this product from ebay. I've been looking for something to stop my acne for ages, I hope this works~

  3. @tiffyama: thank you~
    @little girl: I think the result might be differ depend on skin condition, I personally think it's a so so mask, but because of it's cheap, I bought it ^^

  4. im using this mask too ^^
    it's quite good for my redness.

    please comment back if you free, thanks!
    im reviewing beauty credit product :)

  5. Thanks for the review !!
    If I ever get the chance, I'll def try this out one day :)

  6. Interesting. I'm looking for anti-acne products myself because I have a get a lot of zits :))

  7. I really love tea tree oil products. Thinking of buying this. > W <

  8. Thanks for the review!
    It sounds really good ^^
    but I don't like thick mask tho...
    but since it has good features I might go try it :) + it's cheap haha


  9. WOW only $3?? if i can get my hands on it, sounds like it's worth trying!!!
    where did you get it??

    reply: sasa does carry the MBD japanese cherry blossom mask =] it's one of my faves =]

  10. Hey! first time to see your blog. Very kawaii((:

    I want to try this product, but I doubt because many of my friends don't use it, so I don't know whether this recommend product or not. But read your review, I want to try this. hehehe..

    Dreamy Princess

  11. Yeah, I also prefer non-parfumed skincare products. Thanks for the review~!

    And thanks for your sweet comments :D <3

  12. How about the effects for acne?
    I have any breakouts right now, -_-"
    maybe I'll use this product too if its can work well :)

  13. Ohh sounds good! and its so cheap!! *o*
    i hope they sell it here..i wanna try~

  14. Really great blog ! Thanks for visiting mine !

  15. I like that it has no artificial smell and the fact it's a clay mask. Thank you for your review! :)

  16. i'm always scared of using masks! i feel like it might dry out my already extremely dry skin :S but thanks for the review :)

    my makeup blog:

  17. Whoa! Thanks for the review! I saw this product in a drug store couple days ago ;3333

  18. Nice mask thanks for the review!^_^ I need something like this <3

  19. I want to buy this now :3
    BTW, I'm a new follower! Hi! :)

  20. Sounds good. I never tried this before, guess I want to try it too, it's really cheap :)
    thanx for ur review.
    Acnes products that I ever tried and repurchased only the facial wash and the oil control film.
    I ever tried their sealing gel too but it did not work on me.
    Btw I'm ur new follower :)
    U can find me at:
    if u want to follow me back^^
    thank u