Thursday, April 28, 2011

Etude House 66 Big Eye LINE CHARM

Time to review my old cosme ღ Etude House66 Big Eye Line Charm!
I bought it to replace my pink Koji Eyetalk, since this Etude House eye glue is so much cheaper than Koji. I used it to fix my right eyelid. Crap that I'm having a noticeable different size of eyelid (right and left eye). So that I have to FIX it with this thing again and again.

Oh, and I have a natural double eyelid, on both of my eyes, but it's just like over-hooded and puffy on my right eye, so eye glue is a lifesaver for me. (I don't like eyelid tape) * ̄o ̄*)> I never use it for
 my left eyelid though =p

Comes with a bright pink fork. I think I don't have to post up about how to use it since there are a lot of them on google (^▽^)  Here's the fork, smaller than Koji eyetalk's fork.
I keep on using my Koji fork because it's more flexible and never hurts my eye. 

the glue itself is transparent and easy to be removed. And it's not waterproof =)
ღ Pros:
Cheap! super cheap! haha... like $ 4.00 you'll get three tube of this in a same price for one tube of Koji eyetalk~
ღ Cons:
I don't like the fork, it's too stiff and not comfortable to be used. The glue comes off a bit too easily, and this one isn't as sticky as pink koji eyetalk. sometimes I have to reapply it to make the lid stays.

Repurchase? Maybe, I'm torn between  Etude House 66 Big Eye LINE CHARM and Koji Eyetalk. But this one is just a super cheap version of green koji with slightly lower quality. awww (。・x・)ゞ
Rating: 3 out of 5


  1. GASP! I WANT BIG EYES! I would LOVE to try this!

    ADORABLE BLOG! <3 (=

  2. I've never tried eyelid glue (or tape) before. I'm wondering if it would be very uncomfortable >< I do like the idea of a glue more though since it is less visible than a piece of tape :) Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for the review. Its a bummer that the fork is uncomfortable to use and the glue comes off easily.. T-T But I guess is super cheap!

  4. I think the price sometimes doesn't deceive us. The quality is better, I mean xpp

    I have monolids, but I gave up to make them double.hohoo..

    Dreamy Princess

  5. yg dinantikan..hehehe
    gmna fei? mndg beli koji or etude?
    koji susah bersihin gak yaa...

  6. tahan lama ga ini sis??
    thanks for review, :D

  7. I want this :O I only use eyelid tape >_<

  8. maybe there's another brand out there that's in between~

    stays like koji pink and cheap like etude =]

  9. actually i've tried this and a generic brand in daiso..the quality is really not that good. I dunno, everytime I tried using this the glue would dried up ending looking really weird. Have you tried the Mezaik fibre stretch yet? I'm thinking of getting one but not sure if its worth a try...=)

  10. I used this and when the glue dried it's look really weird, but it makes a 'natural-look- eyelid.

  11. I have exactly the same eyelid condition as yours. I have natural double lids but the right one is puffier than the left one, they look very unbalanced. Boo~ :(
    Thanks for the review! :)
    I think I'll buy this instead of eyetalk LOL

  12. aww etude house in my place does not have this one yet. so sad.

  13. i've bought it a year ago and it didn't really work for me :(
    sure it make double eyelid like it claimed, but the 'glue' is not gluing my eyes after i put some powder and if i put it before i put some powder, it'll looks like my eyelids wrinkled and glossy?

    btw nice review tho :3