Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Identifying FAKE MAC fluidline eyeliner gel

Because I -accidentally- bought a fake product for Etude House (eyeliner gel) I'm going to buy MAC fluidline and this time I'll make sure that what I'm going to buy is genuine! I was browsing and find that there's still some blogger reviewing about MAC fluidline eyeliner without knowing that her eyeliner is FAKE, omg.

Please2 be careful if you're willing to buy it online, I don't recommend you to buy it from Ebay, I've seen many people selling counterfeit MAC/EH/SK/TSF/BB and any other brands on facebook and Ebay.

And alert for MAC shoppers. though that the article about fake mac product has been spread everywhere on web, I can still find make up seller in Ebay and other site that selling some of fake MAC products.
I'll gather all article about fake fake MAC Fluidline Eyeliner gel and how to identify it.

You can check genuine MAC fluidline gel eyeliner HERE
above is the GENUINE Mac Fluidline Eyeliner Gel
If you checked ALL of point below, your MAC fluidline is definitely genuine:
  • Always comes WITHOUT a BRUSH!
  • The glass jar is round in shape& slightly frosted.
  • Shade colour should be on the sticker on the box ie:Blacktrack,Dipdown,Blitz&Glitz and on underneath on the jar as shown on the photo below!
  • Most important it should have ETCHED batch code on the box and on the sticker..both should match ie B78 etc!
  • Font color for MAC logo is BLACK and always be BLACK.
  • No spelling mistakes!
  • Bar Code in form of a sticker ( fake mac has it stamped on)
  • The box has the name of the color in a sticker 
  • Genuine MAC eyeliner ALWAYS have proper names such as "BLACK TRACK" the name of the shade is clearly displayed on the bottom part of the jar.

About the FAKE MAC fluidline eyeliner:
There are MORE THAN ONE group or company that producing fake Mac cosmetics. So please be careful, It doesn't mean that "oh the jar is round and the logo is black" then you think that it's authentic. Apparently, I found some -pretty good- fake MAC fluidline eyeliner that will makes you think "it's original" at the first glance. 

Identifying FAKE MAC Fluidline Eyeline Gel:
  • Fake MAC LIQUID eyeliners  will have name such as Black 01/BK1/ orBlack. If you come across these they are definitely fake.
  • Check for spelling mistakes. If there's any mistake then it's definitely a fake. 
  • Proper shades name is not displayed on the bottom part of the jar. Some fake product just attach a sticker with number code like 1, 2, or 3. And the other fake products has a spelling mistake.
  • You buy it and get it along with mini BRUSH.
  • The jar has a square shape instead of rounded ( round jar doesn't mean it's 100% authentic anyway)
  • The eyeliner itself has low quality, It will take ages to dry! it will keep smudging.

Here's  the -counterfeit Mac- seller: Mac4cosmetics
Selling it for Retail Price: $69.60USD ===> $3.90USD
and here's another:
www.ioffer.com  seller id:cosmetic1681

Pic of fake MAC fluidline:
poor logo and it's white! 100% fake

and here's another one that will makes you easilly be fooled! thanks to Ninjagirl21 for sharing this!
I tought this pic below is a genuine MAC fluidline at first, but if you look for it carefully, you'll notice there's a little spell mistakes on the bottom jar sticker. She's also said that: "It's supposed to be blitz & glitz but I can't see any gold sparkles in it." so make sure you check on the swatch too.
This COUNTERFEIT Mac fluidline eyeliner is indeed pretty good! the jar is round and frosted, with black MAC logo on the jar and nice lining. Everything looks 'authentic', right?
(pic below credit to Ninjagirl21)

Let's see this pic below, and this is the biggest clue and prove of NON-GENUINE Mac product!
The sticker on the bottom looks good except Toronto is spelled Tornto 
And one thing, if it has no spelling mistakes on the bottom, will you noticed that this is a FAKE? I can't even tell because the box looks real enough for me =(
The last thing I can do is check for the swatch and eyeliner quality.

So make sure that your MAC is genuine and please be careful if you planning to buy it online from wholesale seller or ebay.


  1. Thank you a lot for this post! I'll stick to the official online stores from now on. Almost 4 dollars is too good to be true anyway.

  2. I bought a brush by MAC on eBay once, and a few months later I saw the EXACT same brush marketed by some random Chinese seller for 4 dollars. MAN, was I pissed >_>" One should NEVER buy higher end makeup on eBay..

  3. I absolutely HATE it when that happens >_<" Same goes if I buy something at a store for maybe $30.. and then two days later, it goes on sale for $20 or less. UGHHHHH I just hate it! -kicks around-

    My MAC foundation is a bit too dark, so I'll probably be wearing it more during the summer when I get a bit more tan : D

  4. Woahhh. Sucks so much when you find out you've bought fake stuff >__<! But thanks for sharing this <3 !

  5. darling, i got etude gel liner.. how can u tell if it's fake or not? oh oh.. *biting nail* hope mine is not fake.. hiks...

  6. Also avoid random non-registered stores if in Asia. I bought fake NARS once. Epic faill. :(

  7. Ewwwww D:
    thanks for showing the differents!! x

  8. hey!
    you have such a cute blog, i'm totally following!!!
    also: oh my gosh, some of those products look beyond fake! i can't believe people actually dare to sell that stuff :O

  9. LOLLL, funny if you compare it .. i really don't like fake stuff =.=

  10. thanks for you comment! I'm following:)

  11. thanks fo sharing about fake make up! i heard about it before but i didnt realise it was on such a wide scale!

  12. This is not new news, but thank you for the precise examples! :) I've always bought my gel liner from the MAC store online or at the mall <3

  13. wow! thanks for sharing this information. very helpful!

    this is the reason on why i dont buy any stuff in any online selling site.

  14. Thanks for sharing this. There are lots of fake MAC here..

    Btw, I tag you something:http://bit.ly/hmerDL

    Dreamy Princess

  15. Wow.. So many fakes out there! tsk tsk..

    Thanks so much for sharing. This helps us a lot!!


  16. Great post! MAC always has a lot of fakes, more so than any other brand for some reason.

  17. very useful post =D

    there are some VERY obvious fake MAC products... i don't know why ppl would buy it...

  18. Whoa thanks for informing! Ughh there are lots of fakes nowadays =__=

  19. i think people should either get their MAC at the shop or through their website, I am always dubious about MAC products sold elsewhere. A very helpful post!

  20. Hi sweets. Inviting you to a make-up giveaway, my summer beauty campaign :D Good luck! http://www.lovingsunshine.com/2011/04/make-up-giveaway-summer-campaign.html

  21. This is a great post. The fakes ones at the top are very obviously fake, but that last one, apart from the typo, is a really good counterfeit. This is why I never buy MAC products anywhere other than MAC - they seem to be one of the most counterfeited brands online.

  22. Thank you for sharing!! I couldnt barely tell the different at the last picture.. I never check the spelling:/

  23. Regarding fake MACs, to be really safe, I would suggest getting from an actual shop around your area, country, etc. :) MAC can be easily found in many countries these days. :) And I don't usually get makeup online. Just my opinion.

  24. Thanks For The Info Sis! We Need More Posts Like This Because Fake MAC's These Days Can Be Very DECEIVING!

  25. thank u for sharing this.. btw, do you know how to identify proof 10 eye primer from etude is fake or not? i bought it online, i wonder is it fake or not... thank u so much

  26. haizzzz seller mac kw kw an makin jago malsuin barang sekarang =.=

  27. hi dear.. can i repost this on your blog or could i link your page on my post? pretty please?

    i blab here:


  28. I can't believe they make fake mac products! i own one of these too! thank goodness it's the real one. thanks for the info :3

  29. Booh for fake products! Whoa, the second fake Fluidline looks very authentic packaging-wise!

  30. Hi I just realized I bought fake Fluidline eyeliner! Thank you very much for pointing out "spelling mistake"! I almost believed they were genuine. The ones I bought were just like you spotted. Toronto was spelled Tornt! Other than that got everythings.. Well made fake. Although I did not try it. It looked well made. Thank you heaps!

  31. I just purchased fluid line in waveline from a pro Mac store in Vancouver. The bar code on the box is not a sticker it is stamped on the box and the colour of the product is also imprinted not a sticker. I know MAC has recently changed its packaging. But I didn't check to see how old this post was. Just wanted to give you guys the heads up

  32. Thanks for your info. I almost got a fake one today.

  33. just found out my product is fake, figures.
    it works well though.