Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fake Etude: Eyeliner Gel

Yeah, and now counterfeit product for Etude is available on stores (`Λ´) !
I was quite surprised to find out that there's even a fake for Etudeヽ(`Д´)ノ should be more careful!
My foolness, I bought it without even knowing the original packaging. So I thought it was an authentic one o(`ω´*)o

How did I find out that my eyeliner is a counterfeit?
My boyfriend said that there's a 'lil spelling mistake on the packaging. I checked it out and it's true!

MADEI N KOREA~~~> should be spelled MADE IN KOREA

that's my first clue, and soon I found out a lot of suspicious things on the packaging details. Here we go:
and what the heck with the "dist by/par" part, it just a copy from MAC! and d'hell with SOUTH KOREA MAC COSMETIC? Lol...
All Product from Etude is made in korea and authentic product from Etude should always has something like this stated on the packaging:

Etude Corp, Seoul 140-702 Korea
Made in Korea (3093) <~~~ code may vary


ETUDE corporation
MADE IN KOREA (3097) <~~~ code may vary

it comes with a brush too ~___~ oh wel... and here's for the most suspicious part, the ingredients! noticed something? It's exactly the same with MAC fluidline eyeliner gel's ingredients. WTF ( ̄△ ̄;) check it out yourself:
authentic Mac fluidline eyeliner gel

oh Craaaaaap! I spent USD $ 9.00 for this fake product! yuuuuck...  what a waste, and the shop didn't refund my money because they said that it's not a fake product! Crap! o(`ω´*)o o(`ω´*)o

oh least I can keep the brush and use it. But I'll definitely won't use the eyeliner, it's totally a garbage, It took forever to dry! What should I do with my fake etude eyeliner gel? >___< *sob

ok, fake etude product proved to be exist! and this product is a very obvious fake. Gosh I still can't believe I was being fooled by the seller!  (´Д`;)ヾ I bought it from a small make up distributor company.
People should either get their make-up or skincare product at the counter or 'trusted' seller (Not Ebay!)
I hope it would be the last 'fake' product I review (●´―`●)

but well, the good news is my eSpoir~peach touch all over spray just arrived today (=´∇`=) See ya~♥


  1. wow this is really shocking that it's from a store >_< you should have complained a lot and brought in your mac box for evidence!!

  2. cant you do an ebay case for it ? if they stated sayin its the real deal then im sure enough you can get your money back for it as they have lied, anyways i Vo hope you get your money get as it isnt fair xxx

  3. oh hang onn my fault it wasnt brought from ebay lol xx

  4. oh! What a pity (>_<)
    At least the brush is useful (´・ω・`)

  5. Wow!~ This is horrible!! I can't believe they have fake Etude Products! >< Sorry that they tricked you! ): Thank you for the informative post! ^^

  6. wow, tht sucks 9usd!! D=
    crazy ass person selling fake product, i never think tht etude house would have fakes..
    thx for sharing this

  7. omg! there's a fake Etude? considering that Etude's already has a budget-friendly price yet there are still fake exist..and the fake one is expensive lor! what the...but thanks for sharing..;)

  8. Aww that really sucks...I didn't think there would be fake Etude products - they're not that expensive so there wouldn't be too much profit from counterfeiting them. Glad that you noticed it was a fake though before using it - wouldn't want your eyes to suffer from some unknown side effects >.<

  9. Did you get this from official etude counter?????
    btw,i like your new blog header:)

  10. OMG! That really is so bad! That's why I am so afraid to buy from online other than the reknown websites.. I hope that you find good use in the brush at least babe. Thanks for sharing xo

  11. Thanks for informing us!! I love Etude House products but it's ridiculous that they have fakes for them now. I have to be more careful now from where I buy my products!

  12. Wth.. Should have forced that shop to refund you!

  13. OMG!!!! So Even Etude House Is A Victim Of Fakes!!!! I Can Tell That The Smell Of It Isnt Goood...TSZK3x...

  14. The packaging already looked super dodgy xD

  15. Omg! from the store??I cant believe now even stores sell fakes! I automatically thought online, sorry i didnt read the first sentence! Eeeks!
    And i cant believe they wont refund it for u..

  16. even the formula of the fake gel eyeliner is fake...anyway, you could use that gel eyeliner for drawing or painting...I use my old makeup, makeup that did not work for me and even old nailpolishes for painting. I incorporate it with my oil pastel paintings...I think I'm going to post a few of my amateur drawings in my blog soon..hehehehe!

  17. whoooaaa, u should be careful next time sis >_<"
    that is reaally suck, so what u gonna do to ur fake e/l then?? :(

  18. wow, never thought I'd see a fake Etude eyeliner.. at the very least, the brush is cute.. >.<

  19. wow? etude have fake products? ==a
    and ITS FROM THE STORE? ckckck (-_-")
    i hope its your last fake product :)
    be careful Sista

  20. D: Wow that's AWFUL! I'm sorry you lost your money and had a bad experience.

  21. sorry to read it sis.. T.T
    fyi, Etude in Phuket, Thailand lots of fake product.
    be careful with all dat stuff.

  22. You should take care of using this product, maybe the ingredients are dangerous if its fake!
    Please take care of your health!
    Fortunally you could notice its fake... maybe i'd be fooled and never notice xD
    Im very glad you wrote these things in your blog, so we can be aware of products we buy. Also, thank you very much for gentle comments at my blog! You're so sweet!
    Thanks for writing~

  23. What O_O I did not even think that Etude House has fakers nowadays! I think it's really that risky to buy online! ><

  24. It looks like one of the fake's from China!! I saw a lot of them over there, mostly it was MAC or benefit knock offs, but EVERYTHING said it was made in Canada by MAC.
    At least you got an interesting blog post out of it!
    *following* Come visit my blog :D

  25. Wow, this is totally insane! Can you notify ebay or paypal about the dishonesty with the seller you dealt with? In any case paypal always favors buyers and will do something about it. Open a case with them and see.

    I will toss the fake product away... or just scrap the product away, clean it, and use the container for something else like storing glitter or some sort...

    Cute blog btw!

  26. at first i couldn't scroll through your blog,i guess there was a problem with my browser. anyway i can't believe there are fake Etude House goods,they are really affordable already and counterfeit stuff are nonsense. glad you and your bf found out. your blog is so cute!i love the candy pointer! :)

  27. Hi Lina, nice blog:) Agreed with Cutie Fishball.

  28. Visiting you back sissy... i know etude really came from Korea. We also have etude stores here in the Philippines and the owner is a cute Korean. But i haven't check the label if its really from Korea. I'll check that out... nice post. so informative.... blof hop again sissy and follow my blog too. muah!

  29. Aww! That's a pity! I wouldn't imagine that they have fakes even for Etude!

  30. Aawww.. glad to read your post about fake Etude product. It will serves as a warning for all of us. Oh, tnx for visiting my blog & for dropping a comment. I'm a new follower and will be glad if you'll follow back :)

  31. Oh my, this is totally fake. I hate shops selling fake items. I didn't know that there are fake elude products. Thanks for posting!

  32. awwww! its looked fake and its my first time to see a fake product of EH. Did you manage to contact the seller?

  33. Wha! What kind of store sells fake stuff like this?
    Although the packaging itself was cute, Etude doesn't have anything like this!
    I'm sorry that this product didn't work out D:

  34. did u buy this in the usa?