Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love Package from Nic Nic

Hi! it arrived at my post today! a super super SUPER kawaii package from one of my favorite beauty blogger, Nic Nic , visit her blog and I'm sure you're going to love it! And I just have to say:

"Thank you so much for the package!(*^^)^*) ☆Chu!"

Both the packaging and the gift are adorable, they're all cute and so pink! a lovely pink theme is going here to match the sakura season back then in april :) mwaaaa... I'm so in love with everything! mwahaha ♡
I'm going to show you what kind of cuteness that hit me today (´ω`人) !PIC SPAM alert!
cute sticker on bubble wrap
 it is my money box on top of the package =p and what inside the bubble wrap is a cute Rilakkuma pouch, two plastic bags full of goodies + 1 lovely envelope with a cute rabbit printed on it ♥
lovely lovely rabbit letter set!
 And look how cute the packaging is! mwaaaaaaaa..... I'm so in love I'm gonna scan the plastic bag and use the lacey pattern as stock photos! hahahaha..that's what graphic designer always do. Look-scan-reuse it!

Okay, enough for the packaging things~ here here here, take a look:
in this photo:
♡ Champ de Herb makeup bag / heart mirror
♡5 x Mixed Berry My Beauty Diary Masks
♡Happy Rose Day Rose Enrich Hand Cream + mini lip balm
♡Dariya Hair Velcro
♡ Rilakkuma Strawberry Milk Lip balm phone strap
♡Sakura Sleeping Sheep Aroma Phone Strap
♡A mini box (of 2 pieces ) My Beauty Diary Mask Bird's Nest flavour
At first I have no idea about the hair velcro, mwahahaha...pardon me for being so fool >.<  I googled over and oh! this is just nice! "hold you fringe up with out leaving kink or affecting your hair style" I'll be reviewing the hair velcro and all the masks (*°∀°)=3
 Let's start with the cute Rilakkuma pouch!

Everyday feels happy Like a rainbow
And this is a bling bling Champ de herbe make up bag + heart shaped mirror

More cuteness a beauty product!
I got two KOSE cosmenience product (happy bath day series) and I'm going to review it.
Well, Nic Nic succeeded in making me like the product, and now I got all addicted to KOSE ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

So, for the last pic, a lovely SAKURA aromatic keychain. So fricking cute♡!
I love the fragrance too. There's a lil something I would want to know bout this product so I'm going to post it up again with more detailed pic. cute cute CUTE!

more upcoming review, and to remind myself  (・∀・)
* My Beauty Diary Mask Bird's Nest flavour
* Mixed Berry My Beauty Diary Masks
* KOSE Happy Bath Day-Precious Rose Hand Cream
* KOSE Happy Bath Day-Precious Rose Lip Cream + Rilakkuma mini phone strap lipbalm

btw, added a sparkle effect on my head image. anyone noticed it?

'till next time  (・∀・)


  1. Ahh! Everything is so sweet and cute! ♥

  2. oh gosh.. they all very cute....

  3. aww I'm so glad you liked everything :D I love how you PS your pictures - looks SO much cuter hehehe... enjoy and congrats :D

  4. thanks for your comment!

    And gosh, how cute! <3

  5. congrats! omg the prize is soooo cute :D so many rilakkuma!!!

  6. WOW! so cute~ want those prizes too.. :3

  7. aww the pictures are so pretty!
    congrats on winning! :)

  8. your pictures are so pretty!~ congrats on winning! ^^ The things inside the package look soo cute~ (:

  9. i really like your pouch. And congratulations on winning!

  10. oh wow!! that package was made for you! it's the cutest package ever! and I love the sparkles on the photo <3 it makes it look more charming :>>

  11. howaaa... that's so pretty stuff. ♥ it

  12. That's so sweet of her! I love everything. =D Enjoy!


  13. ...so much cute stuff D: !
    looking forward to the reviews ♥♥♥

  14. So nice gift ^___^
    The wrapper is really cute!


  15. Nic nic's just full of surprises!!! but the stuff is super sweet!!

  16. ^_^ ehehe everything is so cute and pink - very like you! Nicnic is one of my favorite bloggers too :D!

  17. Cuteness... 100%
    I want it too.. hwhwhwhw ~3~

  18. cute pictures !!! <3 cute stuuuuff!! <3

  19. oh!Very cute !! :)
    I like it!
    Greetings from Poland:)!

  20. awwee cuteness intensified!!! xoxo

  21. OMG what a cute love package!!! awwwww I love the cell chains and compact....*blush*

    Come check out my giveaway:


  22. the Rilakkuma pouch is so adorable! Lucky you! Everything looks so cute and adorable.

  23. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah cool pictures !
    greeets : http://motivaland.blogspot.com/
    can you visit it again ? new post hehe :D

  24. Whoa... cuteness overload! <3

  25. Super cute and pink! Love the packaging, congrats!

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