Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: Skin Food Choco Eyeline Jam #1 Choco Dip Black

Another cheap but great product from Skin Food. Available in FIVE colors~ I bought shade 1 choco dip black and shade 2 choco dip mocca, But for now, I'll be reviewing shade 1. Actually, I've never seen the other two shades (4 and 5) when I went to SF's counter. I don't know wether it was out of stock or discontinued, but well, Shade 4/4 Green and purple? is the type of e/l  color that I definitely won't use.

choco satin khaki
choco satin violet
Fans of colored circle lenses outhere might like it, I think~ But I personally think that even black e/l sometimes look 'too much' haha... what you will get is just a cutey little glass pot without even a box, and sadly u won't get it along with the brushes. I wanted to buy Etude House eyeliner brush but it was out of stockTT^TT  I'm desperately looking for a nice e/l brush now.

skin food choco dip black compared with Mac fluidline blactrack

 Skinfood choco eyeline jam in choco dip black swatches:

WATERPROOFNESS OK! After I tried to wash it off with water.

it comes off - etude house make up remover

My verdict:
I like this eyeliner gel! looking at package makes me think that it has a smell of 'chocolate' too, but of course no. You may want to buy this in place of other high-end brand e/l gel like Mac or Bobbi Brown. It has 'almost' the same quality. Though, that's what I think.

Texture: creamy, and non-gelly like compared to mac.
Swatches: Matte
Packaging: glass pot, with painted and printed metal cap (not plastic)
Pigmentation: pretty good, deep black (even deeper than mac!)
Waterproof & Smudgeproof: YES! No need for eyemake check up and make-up redo~
Staying power: I'll give it 100% score. 

Mac has a little brownish undertone, while skinfood choco dip black has more intense black undertone. And its texture is a lil bit drier than Mac.

What I don't like:
Brush not includedヽ(`Д´)ノ
Packaging. I have to take extra care for storing cuz it would dry up easily.

What I like:
Cheapie~ yay for $ 6.80 for each jar.
Good pigmentation. Intense black with a little blue-brown undertone.
Nice texture, creamy and easy to be applied.
It has a good staying power, even better than MAC!  
Smudgeproofness is just ok, for those who has an oily lids, this e/l gel would be your best choice.

Staying power:Photobucket
Waterproofness & smudgeproofness:  Photobucket


  1. I love how it looks more intense than the MAC Blacktrack fluidline! Definitely worth looking into! : D Thanks for the review!

  2. i love the packacking
    so cute!

  3. aku punya choco jam liner yg item n coklat.. aku kok ga suka ya,, soalnya dia kan creamliner, bukan gelliner.. teksturnya kurang smooth dan smudge di aku.. dan sekarang dua2nya uda kering, ga bisa dipake (setelah 1,5 tahunan) i prefer mad gelliner kemana2 deh.. :)

  4. Staying power is surprising and I love the yummy sounding name ^_^

  5. I'll add that to my list <3
    thank you for the review

  6. thanks for the review :3
    I'll buy it,
    I think its worth for beginner like me, hehe
    and its cheap :D

  7. this seem like a great idea! thanks for the review. ^^. Visit my blog sometime too ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  8. you know what, i just submit my order for this for my next pre order korean items, then i saw your review, great!! i made the right choice, i guess

  9. Oh wow-- the Skin Food liner really IS a true black. o.o Very cool. All the SkinFood reviews I've seen have been awesome, so I may have to buy some cosmetics from them soon. C:<

    Thanks for the review~!

  10. Sounds great, I need to check this gel liner out!

    RYC, I'm using a brow pencil from Skin Food! It works very well and as you well know, it's uber cheap haha

  11. It is so much more intense than the MAC Blacktrack! Thanks for the review,I might just drop by SF one day to check this out.

  12. i already sent the package couple days ago, may be it took 1-2 weeks :)

  13. cute blog layout, new isn't it? ^^
    and great review.. i think i'm gonna order this one...

  14. I love Skinfood :D Thanks for teh review! I will have to try this now!

  15. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  16. You're welcome. Actually we're having the same problem 'cuz my GFC gadget on my sidebar isn't working too~ T-T However, you can follow me by following this link. I followed you already. ^_^

  17. Nice review! Thanks for entering my giveaway by the way :) yes if you include my giveaway in your 'giveaway' page, it can count as another entry

  18. o0o0o0o Great review! I always think that these gel liners are so hard to put on so I never tried them before and always just stick to the regular liquid liners hahaha but it works for me and I rarely wear liner so it's all good! =D

    Oh yeah Kapibarasan is super hard to find in my city too! I basically have to order him offline or fly back to Tokyo to buy him again hahaha

  19. sounds good sis, coz i already regret bought MAD gel liner that makes me hate e/l gel, but this is worth to try. ^^v
    though, i love liquid e/l better, hihii =w=

  20. I love gel eyeliner! I bought one from gino mcCray and it's the BEST freaggin eyeliner EVER. I never fail, it always comes on perfect ^w^

  21. Wow, for only 6.80 for the eyeliner, that is such an inexpensive price range.
    And it actually looks like its more waterproof than Mac's one.
    Thanks for this review!

  22. i think you will good in wearing high waist, mini dress cause you have a long legs that will make you so tall like a model. :D

  23. nice packaging~ I am in need of new gel eyeliner =P

    I always use MAC but maybe it’s time for change ^^

    thx for the review <3

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  24. So cute, love it! :)

    Your blog is so sweet, I'm deffo following you.



  25. thanks for the review! it acutally looks like it is more pigmented than mac!!

  26. AHHH!! I want the chocojam!! I love the packaging ); I wish they sold skinfood in SF... *sad* but Toki can be a little brat... he has 3 moms and 3 dads! Since everyone in the house owns him hahaa

  27. Thank you so much for your review! I love Skin Food stuff, I just feel like they're all edible and I want to eat them all!

  28. good price good price. I think it is almost as good as mac. i've had the mac before but the price of this is def. worth the try!

  29. The Name Skin Food is create Different Thought in mind. The Product you mention Skin food is good to use and necessary for skin.

  30. Looks awesome! I have always love Skin Food! ^^ I still haven't purchased an eyeliner gel, and would want one now~~ Gotta check out the SK counter some time to check their 'eyeline jam' :)

    Enter my giveaway! http://hercymonroe.blogspot.com/2011/05/sigma-brush-giveaway_20.html

  31. It definitely looks comparable to the mac . The packaging does make me think of chocolate too - it'd be fun if it WAS scented. I'll probably be picking this up. Thanks!

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  33. If you use eyeshadow primer (for oily lid) it will stay until you want to take it off at the end of the day. I even work in the kitchen with my cream liner on, and it still there. I am really amaze at how it stayed on my eyes, as my eyes is the weirdest one in the world. My eyeball seems to sink in. I have hidden crease, which makes me harder to find a great staying power liner.

  34. ouuuu i really want to try this! skinfood is definitely one of the korean brands i want to try out very soon! :D i just started following your blog and its super cute! looking forward to future posts!


  35. thanks for your link! :3 i've been reading your review, especially the Skin Food product, nice review as always! looking forward to future review!


  36. Thanks for sharing!!!
    I hope i could order this in my country.. Looksamzing (:

    New follower here