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Taisho Kimono Asobi: Chu-Furisode Set

Guess what arrived at my post yesterday?'s package from Ichiro-san and Yuka-san, owner of Ichiroya~kimono flea market. Sooo happy (≧▽≦) I ordered a chu-furisode (mid sleeve length furisode) from around Taisho era (1912-1925) & I just have to say, I'm so in love in Japanese culture ~~~> Kimono and everything ♥
Actually, I love asian culture, xspecially Japan <3. I love chinese cheong sam, & I do love korean culture too, though now I'm sorta bored with hanbok cuz I have to deal with the customer and hanbok almost everyday(´Д`;)ヾ

My order list: furisode ( USD $180.00), a stretch tabi socks (USD $12.00), and a pink silk obijime (USD $12.00) 
Well yeah. This gonna be a pic-spam post, bear with it ^^. here's the picture of it, unless otherwise stated, all the photos are mine =)
photo by Ichiroya
Pic by: Ichiroya
pic by ichiroya

Kimono description:
This is a chu-furisode(middle sleeve length furisode) from around Taisho period(1912-1925). This piece has very unique design - bold stripe is dyed with shibori technique, and chayatsuji pattern is dyed with yuzen technique. In the leaf front and shoulder, fine embroidery is added.
Textile is rinzu, silk with damask effect, and has soft touch.
It has some stains and discoloration. Discoloration is brownish, and comparatively prominent, but it is not so disturbing because its color. As a whole it is in very good condition and beautiful piece! 

(taken from: ichiroya)
Let's go with another pic-spam (σ・∀・)σ
Opening time ^^

I bought the obi on 2010
If you are wondering why on earth did I buy a furisode from Taisho period, (which is so oldish and not as beautiful and stunning like new kimono), the answer is because I treasured it as an antique and artistic being.
It's not something that we'd say 'cute', But I think she is beautiful and pretty on her own way. And I do respect her 100 years adventure on earth =p
And this is a free fabric sample from Ichiroya, it's help me so much to classifying my kimono collection:

silk marugumi obijime
silk marugumi obijime
Above is a pink marugumi obijime, a round braided cord made from silk. It's big! I think this one is the biggest obijime cord I've ever seen. and below is my second pair of stretch tabi (Japanese socks). My size is 24.5 (Japan) and 250 (korean)
sutorecchi tabi - stretch tabi

Wohooo...other accessories I'd like to wear with this pretty furisode is a peach chirimen obiage mixed with burnt sienna nagoya obi. I'll tie it to longer version of bunko style on the back, which is so beautiful
Let's go for kimono details~ more pics to come.
furi part-shibori
Furi (sleeve) length is 83 cm, so that's why my furisode is classificated as a chu-furisode. Typical furi length for normal furisode would be around 95 or 115cm. On picture above, it's a fabric dyed with shibori technique. The only thing that bothered me that, she has a small hole on the furi part (above the opening of MIYATSUGUCHI). The hole is near to the seamline which makes me worried a lot. I want to wear her, but would I end up ruining the furi (sleeve) part?

What's so unique about her? 
she's made of rinzu silk, it resembling brocade in complexity of pattern, require great skill and expertise and are, in consequence, among the most expensive Japanese silks.
she's embroidered beautifully with soft silk thread as you can see on pics below.
she has a wonderful wonderful and WONDERFUL chayatsuji ( Tea and town) pattern done in YUZEN technique. believe me, it's not printed, it's really a manual painting over the fabric! and it last over 100 years >.< what a masterpiece.
zoom! Japanese RINZU silk

yuzen technique on rinzu silk

furisode embroidery: sakura flower

Here's the gorgeous and beautiful yuzen technique that I value a lot. It's like a piece of art from past that vindicate a culture heritage.

beautiful yuzen technique:sakura pattern
chayatsuji pattern

Furi-embroidered (partly) and yuzen painted

furi/sleeve details

mix of yuzen painting and handmade embroidery

chayatsuji pattern

Well, I'm in LOVE with this antiqeu furisode! I'll take a good care of her =) and oh, I'll be wearing her on May, 21. aweee...I can't wait~ wait up for upcoming pic of me wearing her =). As for now,  

tell me your first impression about this furisode kimono (=´∇`=)

I'd like to read your honest comment~


  1. Oh my god! It's so nice! *o*

  2. I think your furisode is gorgeous! I love the detailing and the delicate colors - I'm sure you will look stunning in it! :D

  3. It's beautiful =D I love all the details and handwork incorporated =]

  4. it's so beautifullll.. Can't wait to see you wearing it!

  5. wow this is a lovely lovely set! the details are very sweet,not too much :) can't wait to see a picture of you in it! :) <3

  6. It's so pretty :O I want to wear a kimono too! <3 And I like your new layout Lina! :3

  7. The embroidery is so pretty! I bought a furisode from natsum atsuri a few years back, but I don't know how to wear it so it just sits in the corner of my wardrobe :/

  8. so pretty! :) take a picture of you wearing it! :D :D

  9. i don't mind the pictures at all because it's so pretty! :3 i want to see it on you, so please don't forget to take a picture when you wear it. =)

  10. looks cute and ah-dorable :3
    i love the color, peach~
    post your picture when wear it <3 <3

  11. ohhhh so cute!!~ ^^ the color is so pretty (: I agree you should take a pic while wearing it ^^

  12. dressing up in kimono is like an artwork in progress! beautiful! thnx for stopping by my blog, i'm using an old nikon! ;)

  13. Beautiful beautiful patterns!! ╰( ≥ ∀ ≤ )╯~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  14. it is very beautiful but i can't believe there are holes there! You should complain Lina! i still have my socks from wearing our wedding Kimono in Nov 2009 - the feel so funny hehe.

    Btw I haven't receieved your email for some reason... please contact me via Thanks :)

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    I LOVE the new layout!!^^
    and im glad your okay from surgery!! :)
    fakes should not be allowed--but the "etude" brush looks very good!!^^
    show us of u wearing this! ^^

  18. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. The layout is not made by me. lol.

    About your new kimino: WOW!! It looks soooooo pretty!! The color, the pattern, everything!! Please post a picture when you're wearing this. (= ̄▽ ̄=)

  19. Hi Lina, i got your address thank you!

    Btw I think I know why you think I remind you of Judy from silky bow.. we both like to wear our blazers XD

  20. Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Especially since it gave me a chance to discover yours. Everything is so pink and girly, I love it! I added you to my bloglovin. I definitely have to stop by again :D

  21. so so so gorgeous! <3
    I can't wait to see you with it on! <3

  22. Soooo pretty~~~~~!!!
    I want one tooooo~~~
    But I won't have an event to wear it to :(
    I can't wait for upcoming pics sweetie! xo

  23. It is gorgeous <3 Would love to see you in it!!!

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  27. Aww the furisode kimono looks gorgeous! I Have never worn a kimono but I really want to in the future~ Yours looks so classy and the embroidery is perfect! It's really amazing on how you buy and treasure stuff like these. ^_^

    PS I adore your socks! So cute and look comfy~

  28. it's so pretty dear!! O(≧∇≦)O
    u know, i always crazy about fabric, pattern, embroidery and stuff. And those pattern and color are just soo beautiful.
    btw what did you do with the hole? you can sew it sis to close the hole, but u need to b careful

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  34. Thank you~! Looking forward to your future posts. ♥ Have a great day!

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