Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Things I love

Melody tagged me quite awhile ago. awe..sorry I'm so late >.<
I really took my time to think about 10 things I love, there are A LOT. So here we go, 10 things I love

1 ♥ GAME
Because all during the finals, I held back , and now... I spent most of my time (6-8 hours/day) to play my favorite game! nyahaha...My favorite genre is FIGHTING, the only RPG I've ever played and like is Legend of Mana. And I was so into Dance Dance Revolution, an SSR catastrophic maniac girl you'll ever meet, perhaps? lulz. I played it from the very start of Konami released it on BEATMANIA, and I also love Konami's Guitar Freaks & Drum Mania (GitaDora), Though I only played the DRUM MANIA section. and my current most favorite is DotA Allstars, actually a 'mini' game from Warcraft III. Meet me in garena or idgs public server :3 my id is Fleurette.
Me at IPOX DotA tournament

My favorite:
Antique Long Necklace. It's called fashion necklace, sweater necklace, long pendant, or whatsoever. But it's been quite popular lately. I like bracelet too! (with pearls and rhinestone prefferably)
 ♔Dresses! Classic Lolita dresses (though I've never wear it =p) I also like bustier dress with lot of frills, lace, and ribbon. But in real life, it's VERY rare for me to be dressed up like this. I'd prefer casual street wear outfit though.

I can't live without my blog. My main blog is here on blogspot.  But I also have a blog on Naver, and tumblr. I like tweaking  the template a lot.Once I start tweaking my template, I couldn't stop! >.<

Especially Super Dollfie Dream of Doll and Pullip Doll! I've been collecting it :3 They're awesome, gorgeous, fabulous, and super pretty. Awwkez, I just wished I have this look:

5. ♥ FOOD
"to live is to eat DELICIOUS FOOD!" ~quote by Lina~ mwahahahaha!
Yes, I can eat whatever I want and never gain a weight, this is really a bless! Thanks God <3 And oh, I won a free coupon from "spicy ramen competition" held by local japanese store too back then. ...Hmm I have quite a lot of favorite food (mostly Japanese) like Sushi ( ♥Salmon), ramen, and miso. My other fave is a 'jigae' range, spicy one ^^, and recenly I got so addicted to TOM YUM! ♥♥♥ Thanks Thailand for having such a deilicious cuisine!

6. ♥ MUSIC
I won't skip a day without music! :3 My sense of music is quite weird for a girl, I like Heavy Metal, Underground, Rock music like Dir en Grey, Asaki, MUCC, etc (mostly Japanese band.hahaha..) But I do like calming music too like Gregorian, some classic ( fur elise, greensleeve), and other music composed by Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Shimomura (Legend of Mana). and OH! I love love love traditional Japanese Music too, prefferably shamisen instrument, which means YOSHIDA BROTHERS! hehehe...

Nah this is kind of music I'd like to listen everyday:
music from "Guilty Gear-Suck a Sage" played by my BF and his band

I like to draw, painting, and sketching...This is my passion and what I live for! If you've been following me for quite awhile you'll know that watercolor and oil are my favorite medium :3
I do like CG painting, but I prefer manual/traditional drawing though. It's more arty in my opinion. This is one of my favorite painting I made in 2009, this is a repro:
(C)2009-suzuran-Lina Kim

Yeah I'm an ailurophile. I love Cat, cat, and cat! They're so cute with big eyes and soft fur. My other fave are BUNNIES, pandas, bears, puppies, and bengal tiger! Anyway... this is my cat Edga, she's a mix of ragdoll cat. but unfortunately I have to hand her to my friend's friend. I super Miss her atm =(

I just can't pacified my love to Japanese culture somehow... and now my kimono collection is pile up and I don't have more space in my room to store them in >.< I have -likely- almost two hundreds wafuku outift in my room, including yukatas, kimonos: houmongi, tsumugi, furisode, iromuji, tomesode, iro-tomesode, omeshi, komon, and other kimono apparel like haori, obi, ro, men's kimono, hakama, etc. Huhahaha.... Go Go Wafuku Go!

I love him so much :33 and to be with him is all I want, heheheh... *sorry for being exaggerated* =p He accept me just the way I am. he doesn't really care of appearance (that's what he said), and I knew he's such a loyal person, though we quarrel sometimes. I can't stop loving him :3

That's all for 10 things I love ^^. Actually there are a lot of other things that I love too! like skincare, make-up, hang out, window shopping, trawling at mall, TEA! yeaah TEA. I forgot to tell you that I'm a big fan of tea XD. I always have a cup of tea each day, mostly while DotA-ing. hahaha.. Ok. I should tag ten people would be: Sasa, Amelia, Saving Capulet, Jin, Cominica, Cutielippi, Nene, Momickey, Kelly, Emy


  1. oh how cute! Thank you very much for the tag!
    I will do it on the next post too! <3

  2. Momickey: sure, I'm looking forward your post ^^

  3. ahhhh!~ I love playing games too!! (:
    I love left 4 dead hehehe~
    You & I are really alike XD

  4. i love playing games as well ^^ but don't have the time for it anymore =(

  5. Wow!! There's actually someone who remembers Legend of Mana!! So cool! I loved this game!! ^^

    Yeah, it's quite difficult to choose only 10 things. ^O^;;

  6. Thanks for the tag!I hope I can do it soon, it's really hard to pick out only 10 things :D Wow your painting skills are really amazing :O and I love gaming too, though I'm more of a ps3 kinda girl ^__^ also, you and your boyfriend are so cute together!!

  7. thank you so much for the tag <3
    i hope i´ll have some time soon to do this as well :D <3

  8. I love food and animals. hehe.
    You're so cute and sweet the way you talk about your boy. I'm glad you have found someone that accepts you for who you are :)

  9. Oh wow...this is surprising me a lot!!
    I didn't think a girl like you would be into gaming and the same music as I am!!!!

  10. Aww hahah. You and your boyfriend are so cute together.

    Omg the food picture... ahhhh drool... Looks so delish D:


  11. aww this a cute post! i love alternative indie rock... sadly i know very few J rock bands! you seem really talented with art!

  12. thanks for tagging me, I'll do this post later okay~ ^O^

  13. I like pullip dolls too^_^
    and I wishe it's available in my counrty(TT__TT)~

  14. I can relate with most of these things. :)

    And you and your boyfriend make such a cute couple! <3

  15. kawaiii


  16. oh i like this post much gurl :D

  17. What a lovely sweet post, with gorgeous photos! You and your boyfriend look lovely together, and your artwork is truly amazing. I wish I was that talented.

  18. i have pullip dolls myself!

  19. you like brother likes it too..

    and you like metal bands..i guess i can recommend DMC (anime and live action film) the story is basically about a death metal vocalist whose real dream is to be an acoustic singer XD

  20. woahh I didn't know you were an artist!! That painting is so amazing!!

    I love games too! Playing LoL atm xD

  21. a big fan of DMC (I dont really like metal bands except their songs hahaha)..yep I watched teh live action too..not just because it's matsuyama kenichi whose famous for being L who acted as negishi..but also its just simply awesome..:D

  22. how many chapters is the manga btw? i am planning to also follow it on manga..

  23. ok..thanks..ill just probably download it..:D im so excited XD

  24. Oh, wow, that's an amazing painting! You've great talent. I can't paint to save my life haha

    It was really interesting to read this. I love sushi and tomyum, too!

    You've such a cute blog. I'm glad you commented so now I've found you. Followed you so I can come back for more

  25. ahww your tag is really cute <3
    i love lolita dresses two but i never want to wear it XD i only love to watch people who wear it xD
    btw you collect these cute dolls? pls show me your collection Q_Q i really love this kind of dolls :D
    aaaaand the food in the pic looks very yummy! i want to eat it :D i really love asian food XD i'm tired of german food X'DD
    see yaa :D

  26. wow youre really good at painting :)
    I guess my no.1 would be obviously ~ food kkk
    I also like games and hardcore music :D

  27. cute blog. i used to play dota while i was in college. it's rare to find another girl who likes it though. your cat is so kawaii. i have a kitty too. he drives me crazy sometimes.

  28. Absolutely wonderful! Keep it coming! :)

  29. I loooove that dress but if I wear it out, people will think that I'm going to a function or something and everyone will be staring =.=

  30. nom >< i wana try tom yum ! and I love salmon sushi too !! you and your bf are cute hehe

  31. O I def hv love a lot of the things that u love also ^^

    n i love the cute necklaces u post ~ kawaii <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    * c my giveaway* ^^

  32. haha, I like how you included food in there!

    Food would probably be my #1 XD LOL


  33. sweet blog ! :D

  34. I love your top 10 list~ so cute! especially the kimono.. hehehe.. and the bf of course.. *sweet* :)

  35. wonderful photos!! that cat is so cute <3 and the food looks so delicious!!

  36. cute dress look like couture dress..

    btw, if u want rings like my collection, u can find it on facebook, my online shop. the name is plush shop

  37. Your food pictures are so yummy! Your list is adorable :3

  38. That's creepy! We like all the same things! Except umm kimonos which I'm neutral about haha. BJDs are awesomely pretty ~ <3

  39. that's a good Idea! I'll do a post like that too!