Monday, June 13, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial: Color Correction

Hello! First, I want to say "thank you" for your support on my previous post! I love you my lovelies~ And today I'm gonna share this: a SIMPLE (yeaah, super simple!) photoshop tutorial for correcting colors    
보정법. Actually, what I want to share is not about 'correcting' shade-lightness-darkness-level or any image adjusment, you can try it yourself based on your taste. This tuto is simply to ADD UNDERTONE (●^―^●)

However, it would be a VERY simple tutorial FOR FUN and the result may depend on individual taste

Software: Adobe Photoshop/PS ( you can use CS-CS5)

First step:
1. Open your pic in PS or simply drag it to Ps workspace
2. Click Image > Adjustment > Curves (Shortcut: Ctrl + M)

from here, you can choose whether you want to brighten up your image using curves, or just skip this step (step 3) if your pic has just the right amount of brightness.
3. Pull the line (curves) upward (make sure you work in RGB channel),  you can make either one or two anchor point depending on your will. Picture below shows us two anchor point on the line. the upper one is for highlight and the bottom one affect shadow.

Now it's time to add  a warmy undertone to make to pic look warmer (σ・∀・)σ

4. Change the CHANNEL and choose RED. Actually, you chan choose other channel as well too. But in this photo I'm workin' in RED channel =)

5. As shown on the pic below, make TWO anchor point on the line and drag the upper one upward and drag the bottom anchor downward. That's all! Here's the before after pic!
photo credit: 
[출처]보정법: 작성자 제이치즈 [근정]♡ ♡ ♡ luuuv u!~

L.K ♥ 


  1. Hehe awesome tutorial :3
    I love playing around with curves - it can make the photo look so different *-*

  2. why you so very cute? <3 thanks for the comment <3 yeah, but I just started last year. But I don't want to post any photo of me cosplaying. :)) :P

  3. thanks for the tutorial! :) you are so patient,i would have just died from printscreening it,or is there another way?;)

  4. hey thanks for this tutorial!! ^^ it's about time that I learn how to photoshop my photos because I never did that. lol

  5. What an adorable picture, I'm guessing it's you? =D

    And thanks for the tutorial, I'm sure Photoshop users will find it useful =D

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  7. i wish i had PS haha! thank you for this tutorial. :)

  8. I am such a PS noob! But great for the tutorial. =)


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  9. aww thank you for the tutorial! i really suck at adobe thats why i only use picnik and pixlr xD so thanks for the tutorials! <3

  10. i'm using PS too for editing my pictures~ :D
    ur tutorial is easy to follow for noob <3
    I can't make any ps tutorial coz it alwayss end like mess TT_TT, but urs is so nice and cute (as always) XD

  11. not very good at this..:)

  12. Lina~ <3 are you a cosplayer too?

  13. wah, so helpful! but i use psp and dont understand much of it lol XD

    so most of the time i go use pixlr :P
    btw y u no ulzzang yet XDD??

  14. thanks for the tutorial :)

    i used to use cs5 when i still had my old laptop. now im using my netbook, im stuck with gimp.

  15. thanks for this tutorial!!!! so useful. i'm photoshop illiterate >.<

  16. ahh looks complicated :P I don't use PS so I don't have this function, although it looks interesting to use!

  17. What a lovely tutorial! I'm so awful on photoshop though hahaha

  18. nice!!!
    thanks for the info!!!
    i am so bad with photoshop....

  19. such a cute blog :)
    that's a good tutorial anyway! <3
    keep it up! :D


  20. thanks for dropping by, i use tripod dear not a personal photographer :)

  21. You're welcome! Thanks for dropping by! ^^
    You have such a cute blog!

  22. Cool results, good to know, thanks for sharing ♥

  23. thanks for this tutorial kk now I really gotta go get photoshop to edit my ugly photos haha..

    anyway thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment ^^
    yep yep it was from the contest wayyyy back hehe she even send a letter and some candies with it :D

  24. This is so simple yet the results are so nice!
    I usually use picnik but this is really nice too!

  25. Thanks for sharing! That's fantastic! :)

  26. cute blog, lovely,

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  28. great tutorial !

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  29. I love the result!
    more ulzzang photoshop tutorial please =)

  30. is there any way to downoad adobe photoshop online? please and thank you! :)