Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil #3

Okay, another 'super late' review(´∀`)
My review list is piling up, you can check it on 'upcoming review' section. I have a lot of time now,  so before I started a fulltime job I want to set myself fully into blogger =) yay!
So now (it's super late, 5.26 am and I was supposed to be sleep) I'm gonna reviewing my old skinfood black bean eyebrow pencil that I bought in 2010. This is my first eyebrow pencil I've ever bought.

My friend help me pick the color, cuz I really have no idea what color I should buy ((*。_。) I'm torn between black brown or gray brown, ended up buying it in shade 3 black brown. What I like most is this eyebrow pencil comes with a brush too! This is really convenient, I don't have to use separate eyebrow brushes, I use it to even-out and blend the color for more natural look.

the casing itself is so vintage, with non-refillable catridge that can be tuned in and out (the stick length is 2.4 cm). Now for the swatch:

the harsh color blends naturally after a few stroke with the brush. It's really helpfull and makes all the eyebrow shaping process becomes incredibly easier.

Color: Perfect shade for me and lucky me I don't have to roaming from brand to brand and shade to shade in order to find the color that matched  (^▽^) the color blends naturally on my eyebrows.
Texture: a hard crayon like texture
Waterproof: yes

Overall Rating: 4/5

What I don't like: Nothing! I'm not going to complain about anything here, I like the product

sorry for my wide ass face! and the swatches looks ugly on my sparse eyebrows, I haven't shaved my eyebrows for one week and this is how they look after I swiped them (softly) with the pencil. Well, I don't really know how to shape and shave my eyebrows properly, is there anyone here want to help me shaping my eyebrows? (≧∇≦)/

Speaking about my eyebrows....
I have a broad, sparse, super STRAIGHT, and FLAT eyebrows line. And what I want is a full but natural looking, I DON'T want to shape it to be more curvy with tapered arch at the end. But my problem is, as you can see here, I'm not that skilled in making such a FULL straight eyebrows. I've never been able to draw a perfectly shaped eyebrows in my life, and everytime I tried to apply more swipe... it would end up giving me very harsh and unnatural & FUNNY look, just like I'm having a caterpillar sticked above my eyes! totally stupid looking >.<

So what a newbie like me did is gently fill the empty sparsed space with gradual and soft sweep. Hm...maybe I should try to shave it and draw it to be more tapered and fine at the end? awee.... NG! !(;`Д´)≡⊃
I have to learn and watch eyebrows-shaping vids a lot!

Well, that would be all, thanks for reading and I'm really going to sleep now! acck.. 6.41 in the morning! Bubbye~



  1. GAh...eyebrow shaping...I suck at it, too. I've been shaving them for years and started to let them grow last I can't achieve a proper look and wtf idk...I should try such a pencil..or shave part of them...idk ==

  2. Glad that the skinfood brow pencil worked for you!

    I have a hard time grooming my brows too. =/ I think we have similar types of I totally understand you. -sighhh-

  3. omg half of my brows one one eye is gone and half ont eh other is half gone.. its soo weird soo i always have to draw them in every day even if i dont apply any other makeup which i should cuz i have major scaring that im waiting for them to heal!! but anyways thats for the comment i would lovee to get dslr but im starting to thing its way too big to carry out for casual date or date with girls.. and taking my silly pictures soo a digital cam is probably best for me... =P following =]

  4. we have the same brow problem too, and type
    nice review :D although i dont know where to get this here in philippines

    My Blog:

  5. Oooo ive been looking for a decent eyebrow pencil i'll have to give this one a try :)

  6. glad to hear that this is a good brow pencil! I'm currently using the Integrate one and love it. Gonna have to try this one when mine runs out!

  7. Hah! My original brow is all over the place. So far, easiest way for me to shape is by using a blade. Somehow I make a lot of mistakes if I pluck =_= Still trying to get the perfect shape.

  8. just visit and say "Hello.."
    I love your blog, I follow U

  9. I've been looking for a good eye brow pencil. I find it quite hard to search for the correct color. Most brands only have either black or brown and I'm in between. But your review was really helpful. Thanks! ^^

    I'd want a brow shape that's more flat and straight but mine are curvy by nature and it would look weird if I so against nature on force. Tried it in the past and it didn't suit me at all that's why I leave them curvy.

  10. I've recently bought my first eye brown pencil too. I'm rather satisfied. Nice review.

  11. hahaha! we the same eyebrow pencil! I'd say I like this product! I don't know if I've done a review about that too...I'm late on reviewing every product that I use...(^_^)

  12. Thank you for visiting! =)
    LOVE your blog, beautiful! ^^

  13. nice review! i've always liked skinfood more than etude house, especially their nail polish
    never try their eyebrow pencil though, but i might buy one soon!
    LOL i think your eyebrows are fine :)

    Castor Pollux

  14. i think your brows already have a really nice shape!! along with skinfood's eyebrow pencil, they look great ^^ great review, kinda makes me wanna buy it now!

  15. shy & sad to admit this but i'm realllllllllllllllllllly bad when it comes to my brows. so i just have my bangs down & never really take the time to make it look pretty T-T

    but i have to admit, eyebrows really make a difference!
    thank you for this post & i'll try to do something with my brows XP
    - Coco

  16. i love skinfood! they have amazing products!

  17. Ahhh! I really need some sort of proper eyebrow lightener ors omething n__n ! I'm so bad at doing my eyebrows eerkahsoifhas ! They look absolutely horrible but I have no idea how to fix them myself xD well eheh but yours look fineee ! And review is awesomee <3 !

  18. huuuu i have a big problem with my eyebrows, it's like.. scattered all over :(( I'm not even sure if products like this can remedy my eyebrow problem ._.

  19. Oh!! Thanks for comment!! >w< And thank you so much for follow my tumbrl!! *O*!
    Thanks you~ >//O//<!
    I don't use eyebrow pencil unless I'm cosplaying or dyeing my hair :3!

  20. Glad to hear you bought the right shade. The pencil reminds me of an Estee Lauder eyebrow pencil I owned.

    I dont think you have sparse eyebrows! Mine are sparser than yours and I want full eyebrows too :/

  21. the color looks so natural and nice, probably will check this out!

  22. ahhh I'm so bad at eyebrows!!~ haha & my mom shaved off like 1/4 of my left eyebrow and it grew back so sparsely >< I really want full & natural eyebrows too!!

  23. I really love skin food products, and this review was interesting! Thanks for the review! Now makes me want to get one but sadly there isn't one here in Australia :(
    I think your eye brows look fine and don't look like a caterpillar at all!! I think they are pretty and natural!

  24. I have the exact eyebrow pencil! Mine is in the shade #2.. it's a little too dark though, I'm going to purchase a lighter shade =D