Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: KKcenterHK ES Natural False Eyelashes

Hi there lovelies, how've u been up to?
I'm doing fine, enjoying my holiday, and spent most time together with my beloved pc~ hoho... okay, now I'll be reviewing a natural false eyelashes sponsored by KKcenterHK. I received this pack of eyelashes awhile back on mid Jun. Super sorry for the late post >_<
Okay, KKcenterHK is online shopping site that offers girl make-up, wigs, fashion apparels, nail art items, and wide variety of eyelashes!  Most of Kkcenterhk product are made in Japan or Korea, but kkcenterhk itself is based in Hongkong, you can check their website HERE. Kkcenterhk contacted me late last June and they offer me to choose one of their eyelashes product.  So I just simply picked one that will look natural on me. The product I got is ESA63.

 big thanks to KKcenterHK for the sponsorship

Product information
Price: USD $ 8.00
Brand: ES
Shipped from Hongkong
Glue not included
10 pairs of eyelashes each pack

My verdict:
Well, the naturalness doesn't completely meet my expectations. I expect it to be a lil bit 'messier', just like natural 'after-mascara' lashes. In my opinion, the perfect natural falsies should be UNNOTICEABLE ('◇') no? Okay, compared to other brand, maybe this falsies aren't that fake anyway. It was just a lil bit too fine and neat. So as you can see here, it look incredibly long. haha... >.<  there's no way I can trim off the excess length cuz the lashes got a soft ends.

What I like:
:: Reusable~ ^o^ 
:: Really good for the price.
:: Easy application, I have hard time applying falsies! lulz. But this falses has a moldy-friendly bands that can easily be shaped :)

a bit of complaint:
:: Noticeable. I'd like it to be a lil bit shorter =p
:: The bands is sturdy >.< I feel uncomfortable each time I blink. But somehow it felt ok after a awhile.

Overall rating:3.5/5

after being used once
The falsies I chose were a bit light, won't give you a heavy and dramatic look. This lashes is suitable for those who crave for longer eyelashes. By the way, kkcenterhk also offers you their own lash glue, be sure to check it. I'll be back VERY SOON to review my dolly circle lens, see ya (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

UPDATE (16-10-2011)
I'd say that I LOVE this fake eyelashes, it's reusable for 3-4 or even 5 times usage. and it blends naturally with my eye look if I wear a bold eyemake up. here's the pic:

used twice

how issit? now that I'm getting better at putting on falsies, heheh...


  1. these lashes are probably the most natural ones ive seen so far. >< ive never seen ones that are meant to look like actual eyelashes. but that would be so cool xD
    maybe you could modify it a bit by trimming the lashes and applying mascara to them ^^ i know a lot of people who do that~

  2. Thanks for this honest review.

    Two main things I look for in false lashes are good flexible band and length aswell. If the band is stiff, I find it hard for it to stay attached to my eyes.

    The style looks really nice on you ^_^

  3. the lashes looks really long!~ >< but I agree it looks a little too noticable ): It's all long & thin! hahaha~ but it still looks good on you! (:

  4. i think its too long for you :/ cut it maybe?? i think shorter ones will look very good on you ^^

  5. These really do look long. But compared to some of the other lashes other bloggers have reviewed, they definitely look a lot more natural :)

  6. I still think they look great on you although, they are a bit too neatly separated :/ and seem too long :C ! Maybe if you added more make up, it'd look better?

    Either way, awesome review ^___^" <3

  7. They arn't exactly the most 'natural' lashes but they suit you well I think. They look very neat like you said! But definitely shorter would have been nicer. Thanks for the honest review! Looking forward to your lens review :)

  8. Wow, these lashes are long! They do give you a natural look to the point where you don't need to wear eyeliner. ^^

  9. You look so cute :D love the eyelashes on yoU :D

  10. thank you for your visit :)
    this lashes looks good on you :)

  11. Love this review! so cute :)
    maybe if they'd be a little shorter, Id like it even more ^^

  12. I don't really like this style of lashes but this looks really good on you! :D

  13. These lashes look cute ^^~
    They do seem very sparse >_<" you look so cute with them on though! :D

  14. nice! it look great on you :)

  15. nice! it look great on you :)

  16. thanks for the honest review. i think the lashes look good on you and make your eyes pop out! :) pretty fotd~

  17. oh they look very natural on you <3 you look so pretty!

  18. I think they look very natural and cute. They make your eyes look bigger and are very sweet.