Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: LUVIEW Glam Full Long Lash Mascara

Hullo (*’-^)-☆ dollies.
I get this mascara along with Luview BB cream and pact from Korea Cosmetic quite awhile agoFirst, I'd like to do a short introduction of this newly established (2010) cosmetic brand, LUVIEW.

To find the clue for this question, LUVIEW has made an interviews
with the famous dermatologists, doctors of oriental medicine and makeup
arties in Asia for several years. the answer LUVIEW found through the lots of questions is healthy & clean skin care and effective expression of healthy skin

LUVIEW, the oriental color makeup, is the healthy and natural skin care
cosmetics created by highly optimized oriental formula of natural ingredients
from all of very clean area in Asia and the most advanced dermatology. as the most effective prevention way from photo-aging in any types of skin, as the most natural expression way of the beautiful skin,as the most safe and high quality brand at reasonable price, LUVIEW is already being loved by many of Asian celebrities

Price: USD $ 14.40, Neto: 14gr
Order here: Luview Korea

Onto the product, the packaging is so classy, glam, elegant, or should I say, lady like? hehe... I LIKE the packaging♥  even the cardboard-box packing is also lavishly designed.

About the product:
as for the product itself, this is a fiber mascara with natural polymers. Err...a fiber mascara, remember Relian Mascara, or fiberwig? Nah, this one resembles it. But minus the base coat. Actually, when I first tried this out, I didn't know that this mascara is a fibery one, but on application, I noticed that it has a fiber characteristic which incredibly lenghten my eyelashes. So I browsed a little and found out that..omg! this one is really a FIBER mascara (two in one) that I've been craving for! I'm pretty sure that I can jot down more things that I love about it.

The brush is particularly large in size with a fine bristles. It does a great job at pulling the eyelashes up, but... with this size, it makes me harder to reach the lashes on the corner of my eye.

and, with a lot of pros and cons, this is a non-waterproof mascara which relieve me in some ways. Honestly, I'm being contra with waterproof mascara (because they're super difficult to be removed) and sometimes, I'm just too lazy to buy a mascara remover. So YAY~ for non-waterproof mascara!\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ふあ
but heey, no worries, if you're a scared folk, and afraid of non-waterproof mascara, it's time to change your mind. This mascara doesn't smudge, flake, or smear! REALLY... I LOVE IT, I've been wearing it for 9 hours already. and no complaints!

Overall rating:Photobucket

Plus points:  smudgeproof, flakeproof, no smear, non-waterproof, long-lasting, lengthen by 300%!, lavish design, fiber formula, no-clump.
Not so loves: Fat brush applicator, but it's not really a big deal though :) focused to lengthen the eyelashes, so don't expect too much in terms of volumizing.

unfortunately, today, eek...I forgot to take my natural and barely-there eyelashes without the mascara on. So sorry \(> o <)/, I'm going to show you the pic from, the before-after pics are just too good to be real♥

Obviously in love with the mascara   I have to say that this is nearly perfect IMO~
You're going to love this product if you've been looking for all in one fiber mascara, and those who feel too lazy to put the fiber base coat.

Okay, that's all for the review. If you want to order Luview Glam full long lash mascara, please contact Korea Cosmetic or visit Luview site for more info. I'll be back very soon with another review, see ya soon and stay pretty!~ (・ω・)/


  1. Hi Lina!!! I missed you so much!! I hope you are doing well! and gosh talk about miracle mascara! O.O the girl barely even had lashes now they are super long!! what a great product!

  2. Ah, I always look forward to your reviews!
    Your lashes are so long! -Jealous- I really need to go pick myself up some !

  3. The before and after picture is really convincing! :DDD This looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for this review!! Seems like it's a great mascara to try~ I haven't tried a non-waterproof one...but I may in the near future. ^^

  5. Never heard of this brand but the fiber on the wand looks amazing! thanks for sharing.. need to get my hands on some =)

  6. Thanks for the review!It looks prooful I don't like the faux fur on fibre mascaras when I apply too much haha..

  7. The result is look like my Opera Japan Mascara,lol 8D
    thanks for this review :D

  8. gr8 review~this mascara is good^^

  9. WOAH! *_* looks like an amazing mascara! I wish I had long, Asian lashes tho >_<"

  10. looks like a promising product! thanks for the review. :)

  11. Thanks for this great review! I've been looking for good mascaras, especially Asian brands because they tend to be more smudgeproof than the ones I'm currently using. However, I'm a bit hesitant because I wear contact lenses and I'm afraid the fibers would irritate my eyes...

  12. This is truly beautiful cream. There are also protective products that, when used early enough, can prevent the aging process.

    Tummy Tuck

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