Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Shopping at PIXICS

Hello dollies, how have you been? happy and healthy I hope ^^
I popped here to share my favorite online shopping store~ PIXICS. I stumbled across their online store and it doesn't take long for me to love the online store! Their concept can be described in four words: Indie, Vintage, Retro, and Geek. PIXICS offers wide variety of mens/womens clothing and fashion apparel including dresses, jewelry, scarves, and you can also find a lot of cute things on their GIFT section.

You can also find PIXICS on Facebook and Twitter

More About PIXICS:
Pixics was founded by the husband and wife team John and Jenny Kim in 2011. John Kim received a degree in computer science from CSULB. Afterwards he worked 4 years as a web developer, 3 of those years for Michael Stars which specializes in womens fitted tees. Seeing the success he brought to the companies e-commerce operations, John made the insane decision to start up his own online retail store. Whether this Krazy Korean can succeed in this harsh retail environment, only time can tell. But in the end both John and Jen just wants to share the products they love to the world, and hopefully pay the rent while their at it.

Proclaimed themselves as Krazy Korean~ awee...I like them already and I will support a lot what they do.

What I like about PIXICS?
They offer high quality -and CUTE- product in AFFORDABLE price. Plus, free shipping on all orders over $ 85.

Here's some items I LOVE from Pixics:
Price: $ 12.00

Price: $ 6.00

omg. These are really adorable! I want them so much. Here's some screenshoot of the shops, Just look at the PRICE~~ awee! nice deal, no?

Next, scarves that I'd die for! I want to get Frayed Springtime Scarf for myself! awe awe!
Pink Polkadot Scarf ~ $ 9.00

Frayed Springtime Scarf ~ $ 10.00
GUESS the price for these items~!!! I was frogging shocked myself. Lolz...
 Chantilly Lace Tank for $ 1.00 !!! Σ(゜д゜lll)  I want this!

And this cute FLOWER BABY DOLL DRESS for only $ 7.49 !!! OMG Can you believe it~~??♥♥♥ Here's some other dress and shirt I love: The heart Ribbon T-shirt is very cute and simple, and the price? Nice Deal <3
Heart Ribbon T-Shirt $ 5.24

Casual Apple T-Shirt $ 8.99

Floral Dress with Belt $19.13

Not only that, they offer a super cute outerwear too. check out this one, and check the price on the screenshoot pics xD so affordable! They also sell cute bags and wallets. I love the Totoro Sling Bag

What do you think of the hoodie? super super super adorable, no? (≧▽≦) Here's a cute little description of the product: Isn't it great feeling when you find something that puts a smile on your face? Expect to fall head over heals for this So Beary Nice Coat. Features a Hood with bear ears, soft woolen fur, and furry balls at the end of a hood string.

I'm pretty sure there's still a lot of list of my favorite product! don't forget to visit PIXICS and find your favorite items (・∀・)

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  1. Man thanks for the link *o* I loveeee cheap onlinestores haha!
    That DOMO-kun bag is cuuuute!


  2. wogh pink polkadot scarf really cute >_<

  3. I love the Pucca tote bag ^^ so cuteeee

  4. so many cuuutee itemss there :D
    I'll check it out, thanks for sharing :D

  5. The BEAR EAR HOODIE COAT is so adorable and inexpensive too! Thanks so much for sharing, gonna check Pixics out right away!

  6. Wow! I love it, that Totoro bag is mine!! ^^

  7. Thanks for sharing. All of the items are so cute :]

  8. hello!
    oh!! all products are so beautiful!, the shop is a very good option!
    thanks for the information!

    *I love the pink polkadot scarf

  9. going back to school shopping soon! Thanks for informing me on this :)

  10. I love online shopping as much as I love doing actual shopping lol This shop has a great collection of cute clothing, will definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing!



  11. Wonderful! Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing, Lina! You make my day!

  12. wow they sell at wholesale prices~ =o
    so cool~

  13. cute scarves!! don't mind getting it :)

  14. Ahhh the necklaces are so cute ! AND SO IS THAT HOODIE! <3 I want one nowww! Except I really need to be saving money xP ahha

  15. I really like these scarves. They looks so cute :)

  16. Thanks for comment!*o*
    Omg, I want all of this > < So cuteee~~~~ *O*
    The necklaces are so cute (imgonnadie *¬*)
    Bye~~ ^^

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    Love the blog!
    thanks! xxx

  18. Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I will def upload OOTD pics of the pants soon ;]

    and pixics.. I've never heard of them. I'll have to check it out~ :)

  19. Oh these are such cute items, thanks for linking the store. I love the hoodie. :)

    If the oil is breaking you out, then I think you should stop using it. Or if it's not breaking you out, then maybe give it a few more days.

  20. ARRGGHHH these are so cute!!! grrr i'm on an online shopping ban but it's sooo hard to resist buying these things :( all your fault D;

  21. Waaaa everything IS super cute!! *__* But I need to save up for my next G-Market order, I'm too obsessed XD But that Casual Apple shirt is AWESOME!! >w<;;

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! :D I wish you the best of luck <33

    Ohh it's for PS3 and XBOX 360 :3 I'm playing the PS3 version at my boyfriend's house, but I might buy it on XBOX 360 at my house so my sisters can play it too. It's SOOOOOO fun and the story just makes you want to sit there and keep playing to find out what's going to happen next! >3<;; You should get it, it's totally worth every penny!! <333

  22. cutteee thingss! especially for the hoodie <3<3

    Dreamy Princess

  23. I love the little bear hoodie! I remember seeing it on an asian website last year and was debating on getting it. Lol, although I love the hoodie, IDK if I'll really be able to rock it on a daily basis since it's totally not something I'd normally wear :) Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and awesome BB cream giveaway!

  24. Cute and lovely apparel ;)

    Nces ♥

  25. Wow thanks for sharing this site! The stuff on there is amazing! Thanks so much for inviting me to join your giveaway btw but I have really bad luck with this sort of stuff but I will gladly watch from the side! =D That's really sweet of you!

    The totoro bag is sooo cute!

  26. thanks for sharing ^^


  27. awww, everything looks so cute <3 <3
    pengen liat lina pakai yang hoodie itu deh, hehehe.. i fall in love with the floral dress. gonna check it soon! :))

  28. waahh..the totoro slim bag and bear ear hoody coat is so nice and cuteeeee!!I want them! XD

  29. sooo cute clothes♥
    thanks for sharing cutie~
    if you want please look at my blog^^
    i made a new post♥

    hope you make a new post soon too!
    i stay tuned♥

  30. So cute! Check out the wallet I'm giving away!

  31. I absolutely love the first scarf! I've been meaning to buy more but haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for sharing the store with us! :)

  32. Hello new favorite blog. You post wonderful things. And you're beautiful.

    Following now xx

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  33. Wow this shop is absolutely cute all the way :) Thx for sharing.

    thx for commenting on my post, really appreciate it! Do follow too if u haven't already, it'll mean so much to me :) thx!


  34. Hello~ <333
    Thank you for your nice comment.
    I was so happy about that. :3
    awwwww~ your blog is very cute. *-* ♥
    I'm your new reader ♥ :3

  35. wow... hoodienya sama kayak hodie aq... cuma yang aq ma warna coklat lebih tua... wkwkwkwkwk..~