Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sponsored Review: NEO COSMO Lucky Clover 4 Tone Brown

I received a pair of NEO COSMO Lucky Clover 4 Tone Brown two weeks ago from EYECANDYLENS, an online circle lens store based in Hongkong. It comes with a cute little pouch

Adorable pouch <3

4 tone brown-zoom up

Brand: Neo Vision~Neo Cosmo Series
Procut Name: NEO COSMO Lucky Clover 4 Tone Brown
Price: $ 29.40
B.C(mm) 8.6
Diameter : 14.2
Power :0.00~±10.00
Materials :2-HEMA
Water contents : 45%
Color : Blue, Green, Brown, Gray
Manufacturing techniques : Semi Casting mold, Casting Mold

no flash-outdor light
with flash~eeek!
Natural light

I was froggin' surprised when I opened the vial and noticed how YELLOW they looked! I thought I accidentally received a wrong pair of lenses *hahaha* actually I was like "eerrh what's this!" when I put these on for the first time. (been a sucker for black/deep brown circle lenses). But once worn, it turned out darker and it naturally lighten my iris.

Love the design and its four tone color concept. Mixing and blending the four colors together boost up the naturalness. It won't give you a fake pixelated  look.

They don't enlarge at all. 14.2mm in diameter and without a solid black outerpart they are not particularly meant for enlargement.

These lenses are thick! Just like other NEO lenses. I won't give high rating for NEO in term of comfortness cuz I can constantly feel them in my eyes. Also with my 20/20 normal vision, my eyes get blurry everytime I put a plano NEO on me. (´;ω;`)

With the four tone concept, these lenses looks quite natural on me, no? I mean it appeared more natural on the pictures, even with the light yellowish brown color, I'd gave 4.5 rating. The pattern is less pixelated than many other light colored circle lenses. Just perfect for you who are looking after a pair of lenses that gives off a light brownish shade.

My comment:
However, I've always considered light colored circle lenses too unnatural on me. So eventhough I said that I love how natural it would be, I've never put these on and going public up till now. I'm to afraid to be 'seen' with light colored circle lens on me. Wuahaha.... ......((((*。_。)
OKAY lah, I will wear these on---sometimes---maybe? So please do comment and tell me how do I look with this light colored circle lenses on me \(> o <)/ sorry no full face selcas on this post cuz I recently feel like I'm being ugly due to PMS

Ok, don't forget to visit EYECANDYLENS and choose your favorite lenses from them!
That's all and see ya, have a nice day ('◇')ゞ


  1. They look really natural on you! I've never heard of NEO lenses in my LIFE tho... are they more expensive or cheaper than GEO?

  2. These look gorgeous on you :)

    Love Christine ♥

  3. they look good, i love their size, but i'm not really into their colour

  4. they look nice on you :D


  5. Ahhh, great review!~ I've always wanted to try Neo lenses ahahhaa but I don't like it when you can feel them on all the time >_<

  6. These look so pretty! And natural!


  7. they look so pretty and natural~ ^^
    i know some asians with naturally light coloured eyes like this!

  8. Wow these look so pretty on you, thanks for reviewing these! I've been curious about trying Neo lenses

  9. I love the pattern! The color is a bit yellow-ish for my taste, but they look gorgeous on you! Too bad about the lack of comfort : (

  10. Wow! They look so lovely on, I don't think I would have even considered them because they look so light on the website, thanks for the review ^-^

  11. You look great with these lenses! They look like a lighter brown so they're still pretty natural on you. :)

  12. You're right, they do look very yellow-ish, but I think once worn, they look quite ok. I think without flash, they definitely look pretty natural :)

  13. Wow those look a lot better than I thought they would! I like the yellow tint to them, kind of cat-eyed.

  14. Hi Lina!
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!
    The lenses look really cute on you! Too bad that they're so uncomfortable :( I was thinking about ordering these (on eyecandylens too, their packagings are so cute haha) because I'm looking for some light brown colored lenses right now! But I don't think I might buy them now :/ To me it's really important that the lenses are comfy!
    So thanks for the review!!
    Also thanks for entering my giveaway and for also putting it up on your giveaway page!

    Hope you're having a great week ^__^

  15. Ah! I am loving the color of these lenses! these look very natural! xoxo

  16. these look amazing on you~~~ really natural with a twist =]
    you should wear them out!!!

  17. The lenses look lovely! You have really pretty eyes. :)

  18. it looks really natural on you :)
    but i dont think i will purchase this one coz you said that it was uncomfortable, and also i love bigger lenses :D thanks for the review

  19. Lovely ^^ thanks for the review ;) Following you now.

    Nces ♥

  20. LOvely! i always like your review!

  21. cute lensed :D

    p.s; really? what kind of photoshoot? hahaha :p

  22. This look so natural and pretty :D I love lenses but I am scared to use them. ;)



  23. The brown looks so pretty on your eyes. It's looks nice and natural too! Thanks for the review!