Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Relian Mascara Black Volume + Comparison & Cross Natural Lash False EyeLashes

Okay, I'll  be reviewing the last series from relian mascara, Relian mascara BLACK VOLUME. For more information about the product, visit or there facebook fan page^^ Check my review for other type of relian mascara:

Hard card box ~ perfect as gift

fiber and transplating gel

Relian Mascara Novel Concept Volume
Relian Mascara Black box series can immediate increase your eyelashes to 300%! This also can create unexpected curls! You will like what you see with the results!

Safe to Use
Soft and Gentle on your lashes
100% natural
No coloring
No irritation to eyes
Ggood quality to extent your eyelash.
2PCS/SET in a gift box, it can be sent as elegant gift to your friend.
2 of them have different function.
Comes in a hard card box. Box is good to give protection to mascara sticks.

First off, the packaging. It's a black, hard covered, and sturdy case. This would be perfect as a gift, just attach a cute ribbon and done :D. The interior part is also super glam, covered with shiny satin fabric~♥ As for the product itself, it's still the same with the other two that I've reviewed. You'll receive two tubes, the transplating gel and the fiber.

Loves:  it doesn't clump,  it won't fall off to your cheek! dramatic result, goes a long way, easy removal.
Not so loves:  all the description on the box is written in chinese O_O...hur..I don't understand.

Ease of use:Photobucket

In case you are wondering which relian mascara types would suit you best, I took this comparison pic for you :3 The three of them have a same translucent black tone. Comes with two tubes, and I love the idea that they separated the fiber and the transpating gel (unlike fiberwig mascara) It gives you chance to apply the fiber properly without clumping the eyelashes. The more you apply the fiber, the more volume you will achieve.

Also, what I love most from relian mascara is the ease of removal. Forget about all mascara remover things, it can be easily removed with warm water (Although the pink one is waterproof). But yeah it's waterproof, I mean if you're happen to be crying when wearing this mascara, it wouldn't wear off and creates a black tear drop! (✪ܫ✪).

Smudgeproofness & Waterproofness: The best is Relian mascara PINK series.

Now, I also want to do a review for false eyelashes I received from KKcenterHK quite a while back >.< I wore this after putting on relian black volume and the result is all glam, love it :3 so this is ES 10 Pairs Short Cross Natural Lash False EyeLashes.

This is a pair cross natural eyelashes from KKCENTERHK. totally looks like Etude house 'secret' eyelashes DUPE!
First I want to tell you that this falsies reminds me so much to ETUDE HOUSE's SECRET false eyelashes! also comes with black band, and the design is all the same. I believe the quality is also COMPARABLE, but this criss cross falsies, from KKcenterHK, is a cheaper version ^^ USD $ 7.00 for lots of 10 pairs *gasp* and you can get it cheaper than $ 7.00 by entering the coupon code:

coupon code : BLGB143KI10
Coupon Amount : 10% Off
Validity: 28 Feb 2012

I like that it comes with a black band. So when I closed my eyes, it won't be too obvious. I lined my eyeline with MAC fluidline in blacktrack on the pic ( ゚▽゚)/ I think this falsies is a best substitude for those who want to try etude house's false eyelshes in secret. Before first time use, I suggest you to bend it several times to make it more flexible. I LOVE this falsies, result is natural, not over-dramatic, and they're cheap. This falsies can also be used several times, just be sure you peel off the lashes slowly after use and keep them in case ^^.

Okay, That's for the review, I'll be back very soon to announce the winner of circle lens giveaway and sharing the new giveaway for you girls, I'm pretty sure you'll be excited because the prize is a set of make up product! Do check my GIVEAWAY page for peek a boo ^^


  1. love the lashes! looks very natural!! and cheappp! XDD

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    what lens are you wearing in your photo btw?? ^^

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    I've been putting off buying lashes from KK but man I really love the look of these.

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  23. hi cutie♥
    thanks for your comment on my last entry!
    I was really happy!

    YOu really should travel to Japan someday,
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