Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: LIOELE Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist + Multi Seaweed Gel

Hi Everyone! Today I'm going to review LIOELE Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist, plus a mini review for LIOELE Multi Seaweed Gel. This product was sent to me for review purposes by LILIESSHOP, thank you so much for letting me try the product♥(o→ܫ←o).

So this is a new product from Seaweed range from Lioele Korea, LIOELE Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist, which can be used as face/facial mist or body mist.

Price: USD $ 16.85 (5% discount with coupon code: SPARKLE)
Where to buy: LILIESSHOP~Lioele Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist

Like original sea bathing therapy, Lioele Seaweed 90 Trouble Care Mist contains a 90% of seaweed water for soothing troubles, and giving relaxation to skin. The more you apply this mist, the more moist and soothing effect penetrate into your skin. Excellent extracts penetrate deeply to hydrate, nourish your skin such as witch hazel water, Portulaca oleracea extract, and Citrus extract.

FACE MIST, WHY?: I've been obsessing over face mist recently. Why? Because of JennyHouse! lolz. a makeup and hair salon that is so popular with stars. Apparently it has been a staple in JennyHouse's skincare routine. So face mist (JennyHouse use one from clinique) is used before and after applying  make-up. And the result is AMAZING. They used a LOT of moisturizer before applying make-up and they will make your face incredibly oily to prep your skin, it helps the foundation go on smoother. I will talk about how I love the result later! And not only that, this holy gracious bottle can do many things! it can be used to soothe your skin from dryness, eliminate excessive oil during days, or simply just to refresh your face!

HOW TO USE: Typical non-atomizer spray bottle. It WILL spray nicely if you do it the right way. Since the dispensing is powered by the user's efforts, put enough pressure and speed when pushing it.
 Hold 20~30cm from the face, and gently spray over the face with your eyes closed. Tap the face with palms lightly for better absorption. (if you use it after make up, fan it dry).

The production date is printed on the bottom part of the bottle, which is good. We will know when to throw away (usually an expiration date for skincare product is 1-2 years from a manufactured date)

GOOD POINT: This product is FREE from 7 HARMFUL IRRITANTS! Excludes some of the most harmful irritants such as Alcohol, Synthetic fragrance, Artificial color, Paraben, Benzophenon, Mineral Oil, Animal ingredients. Totally put me at ease because EVERYDAY, every morning, every night, when I naturally 'forced' to apply face cream. I know that I'm also applying parabens, propylene glycol, and other harmful things to my skin. but OH... I 'think' it would be OK (for now). But it gives me a little guilty feeling. Once I've finished my face cream, I will stick to this product!

I made this animated gif for you (it might took a while to load), just in case you are wondering how watery it would be. The fluid is very watery, and non scented (of course).  Though it does give a slight oily cast. But it's ok, it doesn't breaks me out whatsoever. So for those with oily skin, I recommend you to do this:

FUN WITH THE FACE MIST: Put the bottle in fridge, take three cotton pads and spray it until it get wet. Then put the wet cotton pads on your cheeks and forehead. I tried this and I looooove how it gives me a direct cooling sensation. It also works well to reduce the appearance of large pores. On the pic above, it is said that we can use it to fix make up, for baby, in dry office, travelling, etc.

Skin~not photoshopped
I tend to use the spray whenever my face feels dry, and also before/after make-up. I usually squirt three spray, left cheek, right cheek, and center.

- It gives me a glow and dewy finish and yes it does set my BB cream and powder.
- Takes away the powdery look to my makeup and gives me a nice subtle glow.
- Help make-up last longer.
- Eliminate excessive oil during days.
- Reduce appearance of large pores.
- It's free from harmful irritants, and contain pure seaweed exract to keep your skin healthy.
- HOLY GRAIL. I WILL repurchase!

Overall rating: Photobucket
Now for the multi seaweed gel:

"This Multi Seaweed Gel has great sooting effect on sensitive skin with more than 90% of seaweed extract. And also by including intensive amount of Coenzyme Q10, it presents elasticity on skin."

I don't have much to say about this product since I only test the samplers. Anyhow this is a multi-function gel type face cream which can be used as body lotion, and a sleeping pack. So last night I used is as a sleeping pack (my very first experience with sleeping pack! lolz) And as soon as I woke up, I rushed to a mirror and I was like "OH WAW!" my skin is less oilier than usual and it's also reducing the appearance of my darkcircle and the size of my pore around nose area (bcuz I have large pores right between the space of my nose and eye) FOR REAL! I'm going to buy the full size!!! I WILL!

So that would be all for the review, big thanks to LILIESSHOP for the product, And if you like this face mist, and are planning to buy, visit and get 5% discount  by entering coupon code: SPARKLE. Thanks for reading, and see you later :3

Korean fashion & beauty online store. Get 5% discount by entering coupon code: SPARKLE


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