Tuesday, December 6, 2011

J.ESTINA Jewelry ~ Tiara Necklace 티아라 목걸이

Hey girls~ I'll be posting a photolog of J.ESTINA jewelry, or jewellery...yeah~ First I have to thank my older brother for giving me this super lovely birthday gift! What a happy (and lucky) dong seang I am...~aye aye~ (≧▽≦)

Okay, I'm not a fan of SNSD, so here's some information about SNSD and J.ESTINA:
SNSD became the newest models for accessories brand, ‘J ESTINA. After revealing numerous ad cuts, the brand has finally released their long-awaited CF. The girls sport different styles of bags from the ‘J ESTINA Choice’ line, including sexy clutches, contemporary totes, and casual backpacks. On September 30th, SNSD appeared in an advertisement as the contemporary princesses in a chic and modern style for jewelry brand, J.ESTINA’s. Together, the 9 beautiful princesses give off an extremely elegant feeling. Previously, J.ESTINA had also appointed Lydia Hurst from the Hurst family as their model.

And two days ago, the fashion brand J.Estina held a fan-signing event with SNSD in Lotte Mart. According to J.Estina representatives, ever since SNSD began endorsing their brand, SNSD-associated products (such as the YoonA backpack and the Seohyun bag) have been selling so well that they had to take reservation orders to supply the demand. The fan-signing was arranged as a way of saying thanks for the overwhelming support that the brand received from its customers.

And this cute necklace I received is a tiara necklace ^-^

티아라 목걸이/J.ESTINA Tiara Necklace
온라인 고객님들을 위해 특별히 제작된 온라인 전용 상품입니다.

들을 위해 특별히 제작된 온라인 전용 상품입니다.

영한 형태의 하트 모티브가 큐트한 느낌의 주얼리로 표현된 세트로
발랄한 이미지를 연출할 수 있습니다.

화사한 스톤 세팅 하트와 메탈 라인의 하트가 링크되어 사랑스러운 느낌을 더해줍니다.

5점     이뻐용~~~사진을 클로즈업해서 찍어서 팬던트가 커보이는데 그렇게 크진않구요 작아요 근데그렇게 막 작진않고.. 글구 작은데 이뻐요^-^ 

I looooove it! It comes with a luxury hard box that strong enough to protect the necklace. The interior of the box is covered with purple velvet, all glammy

 Cute Guarantee 'Mini Book'

The product is under warranty for one year, and this cute lil mini guarantee book is written both in Korean and English.

There's a slight difference between the actual product and the one in catalogue, though, it doesn't botter me much. It's still a pretty and lovely necklace as a whole

Lastly, Thank you oppa! I will treasure it forever~♥♥♥
Ps: Today is my birthday! Omg nooo.... I'm getting older!! I'll be celebrating my B'day with my BF tomorrow, though, I barely had any free time to do anything (got a job already =/ ). So I'll get back and let you guys know how it goes! See ya later


  1. the necklace is so adorable!! It looks so pretty on you.

  2. Happy Bday! That necklace is drop dead GORG! :)

    Jenn imperfection-isbeauty.com

  3. Happy birthday. The necklace your brother got you is beautiful. :]

  4. Happy Birthday!!! The necklace is so lovely!! ^^

  5. Happy birthday =)!! lovely necklace !

  6. Happy Birthday Lina~~!!! :DDDDDD!!!

    The necklace is really pretty. ^_^ So cuuute!

  7. omg, happy Birthday! >___<;; i hope im not too late D:

    I love the necklace~ very pretty and not too girly ^^

    haha, if SNSD promotes anything, it'll definitely sell.

  8. H-Bday!!! the necklace is so pretty! by the way congratulations also for your new work

  9. happy birthday! \^o^/ yay for december person :D (im also december person btw ^_^)
    sooooo envy >_<
    and of snsd in those picture was so pretty. i love snsd :D

  10. happy birthday Lina!!! (* >ω<)
    the necklace is so cute~ (^(I)^)

  11. Happy birthday and congrats on the job! The necklace is adorable! :3

  12. Happy birthday! Hope you have much fun tomorrow with BF!^^
    You're so cute! The necklace looks nice on you, because it is just as cute and delicated as you!

  13. Happy Birthday! This necklace looks very pretty!

  14. Aww that's a lovely necklace. Happy birthday! ^_^

  15. Wow awesome necklace . Happy birthday and congratulation as well.

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  16. Very cute necklace~ & Happy B-Day! *_*

  17. Wow I LOVE the necklace!! It's so feminine and pretty!! I'm gonna check out the brand right now. ^.^

    ♡ M.May

  18. happy birthday dear! the necklace looks super pretty on you. :)

  19. happy birthday!
    the necklace is super sweet.. and suits you..

  20. 생일 축하해요!!
    What a nice oppa hehe that necklace is soooo cute.
    Anyway i see a lot pf K

  21. ㅜㅜ sorry accidentally clicked on post~

    what i was saying was i see a lot of koreans wearing backpacks with the same styles (not really the same one as whats in the pics) but the styles are similar so I guess backpacks must be a thing in Korea right now?

  22. aaa i love J.Estina!!! >.<
    what a lovely cute blog you got here <3


  23. hope its not too late, but happy birthday :) the necklace is so pretty and that is so sweet of your brother!


  24. OMG! That's a cute necklace! :D I specifically love their packaging too! <3

    happy birthday dear and have a great one! :)

  25. This necklace is so pretty! Happy Birthday!!!! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  26. Happy Birthday Hun!! the necklace is soooo pretttyyy! I love it on you! so princesse!

  27. Happy birthday! My bf is in love with Girl's Generation. haha

  28. Happy Belated birthday!! Sorry it's a little late >_< Hope you had a great day!!

    That necklace is adorable!

  29. hi cutie<3
    thank you so so much for your comment!
    i was absolutly happy about it(><)
    and tahnks for the cute compliments by such a cute girl like you!!
    thanks~<3 i think gyaru style really suits you<3
    oh!!? really?! i would do a tutorial if you want (><) i dont think my make up is good but you will see it then haha
    if you want please check out my new post!
    i would be sooo happy <3

    ps: love the necklace! i wish i had one like thiiiiiiis (;_;) so elegant and also cute

  30. hihi~~

    ty your lovely note<333^^ you've such cute photos and page!i'm actually quite newbie to photography, lols, i think mine is canon rebel t3~~~ good for beginner, hehe :3

    btw, i follow your cute blog ^____^



  31. UGH the necklace is super cute! : D Happy (very much) belated birthday T_T ugh, sorryy~

    I look bi? O_Ô bi-what? biracial?

  32. haha*-* I love KERA too*-*
    It´s my favorite mag ever <3

    Cute necklace;.;
    Actually I like SNSD <3

    kiss kiss

  33. Omg such a cute necklace! Happy belated birthday sweetie! I hope you had a wonderful day! <3

  34. Oh now it's a little too late but still HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) just found your blog, it's damn lovely :) ahhh I'd like to have a necklace like this.
    xoxo and greetings from germanyy

  35. Aww.. your oppa is so sweet to buy you such a beautiful gift! I've never heard of J.Estina before but they look like a very professional company. I didn't even know SNSD was endorsing their brand! ^0^ I'm gonna have to keep an eye for it when I got to Seoul next Februry ~

  36. Happy belated birthday..the necklace is beautiful! hehe you have a fabulous brother!

  37. Happy birthday Lina!!!it's so nice to meet someone like you!!! mwah

  38. happy birthday!!! hope you and your bf have a great time. I'm not a huge fan of snsd either but the necklace is really pretty! and pricey :O

  39. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog and love reading your posts, will be following your blog from now on ! :)

    Salam kenal,

  40. Thanks for your comment :) sticker photos are really fun because i havent done them in awhile!
    This necklace looks so cute

  41. you have the PRETTIEST neckline :O j.estina! snsd <3

  42. I'm a big fan of SNSD :D The necklace is super pretty :D Your oppa is so sweet :) This must've been pricey :O I wish I had one! This must've been the best bday present :P


  43. Its so cute!!!! I want one! Personally I like some of SNSD songs.

  44. the necklace is so pretty >.<

  45. wow who wouldn't love this necklace?
    love your blog..following you now..=)