Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PETIT BIJOU Peach Touch Allover Spray

Good daaays my lovely readers, I'm popped here to do a quick post, a review of Etude House- eSpoir PINK Petit Bijou Peach Touch All Over Spray. Sorry for the boringness>ㅁ<, I've been super busy lately, overpiled with work and haven't got the time to prepare anything fweeee...~ So here we go!

About the product:

Produt Name: PETIT BIJOU Peach Touch All Over Spray (PEACH TOUCH)
Volume: 150ml / 5.07 fl. oz.
Wonderful scent "Soft Fruity Floral"
Price: USD $ 8.00

"So Lovely Allover Spray is designed to be used as a perfume for your body, your room & fabric, or your shoes & bags."
Designed by eSpoir Pink

I bought this awhile back, you might be aware that I'm a total Petit Bijou maniac! lolz, though, I'm not enormously fond of fragrance. It's not an eau de toilette, so its fragrance is softer, milder, and nose-friendly! It smells like a mix of fruits and florals, sweet, with a touch of freshness.http://blogimgs.naver.net/smarteditor/20110209/emoticon/2_40.gif The nozzle looks like a plant watering spray, which-in my case- it squirts nicely. I've never got any problem with the nozzle though. Also, this is my very first body mist I've ever bought! hahaha... I seriously hate parfumes that stings too much. But Petit Bijou lines is truly different, recenty, I also bought a bottle eau de toilette, just because Etude House is having year end sales event! Mwahahaha~! I'll be reviewing it later ^ㅅ^

★What I like:
- Cheap.
- Multifunctions, can be used as a parfume for shoes, bag, plushie, and even as a room freshener!! etc.
- Light, mild fragrance.
- Cute packaging (as always~♡)

- Perfume not long lasting.

Overall rating: Photobucket

Here's how it smells, in jpeg picture of course, lolz...: Thanks for reading and bye-bye >.< I'll be back with a better post. Nightiiie~~~☆


  1. ah not a huge fan of floral scents but I love the packaging!
    The last photo makes me feel all warm and happy in the inside.

  2. The bottle looks really cute ! ^o^

  3. Wait.. I thought Petit Bijou was a blog D: Hahaha omg this is so cool. Kinda sucks that it doesn't last long, but at least the packaging is kinda cute : D

  4. the packaging is cute. will try to look for it here. thanks for the review lina! :)

  5. I think Petit Bijou packaging soooooo suits you~~

  6. The bottle is so cute! Give a really girly feeling >w<

  7. Asian packaging are so cute haha gotta love pink! :D

  8. the bottle looks so cute and unique!! >w<
    i wish i could smell it D:

  9. Haha the bottle is very cute. xD Does it feel like you are watering yourself? It sounds like it smells very nice. ^^

  10. wonderful post!
    congratulations honey!
    xoxo =D

  11. The pictures I know smell wonderful! xD Too bad it doesn't last long~! Thanks for the review. :)

  12. non lasting is the killer for me. no matter how good it smell... it needs to last! >_<

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  13. I can imagine the smell already! Shame it doesn't last long!


  14. aww it's cute! I thought it was spray for hair when I first saw the bottle ;P

  15. Love the cute packaging! awesome review.

  16. etude house packaging always so cute <3 <3

  17. Such a cute product!! Love the cute pinky peachy packaging ♥ And peach always smells nice, wanna try it now!! Thanks for the review :)

  18. the bottle looks so cute! It kind of reminds me of a fire extinguisher! >< haha I love the pinkness of it (:

  19. What a cute product! I really love the packaging, and the idea of an all over spray. I might give it a try when i comeback home next time!

  20. such super cute packagingggg~~ I really love Etude House's packaging concepts.. always hits a girl's weak spot.

  21. Oooh yes, it's good for you to buy eau de toilettes! They don't last as long and aren't as strong as eau da parfum / parfum ! :D And the packaging is so adorable *_*

  22. looks saaahhhh cute and sweet! want one :3


  23. Even though it's not long lasting, I'd excuse that because it's cheap; you can just spray away. xD Thanks for the review! =D

  24. Hihi :D

    I LOVEEEE your blog^^ It's so pretty and cute :) I have the Petit Bijou Peach Touch Spray too :) Bought it when it was on Sale at Bangkok, I LOVE it! The packaging is cute and I love the scent, it's one of my favorite scents :) It's not that strong that;s why I love it and I love anything with Peach scent :P

    I hope you can visit my blog and I'd like to follow each other :) Let me know at my blog :)


  25. definitely watching you.
    please check out my sale blog too ^^

  26. i love the blue green version of this cologne. smells so baby-like!:)

  27. *high5*
    love the packaging too ^w^ and somehow it's shape like gardener watering can lol!

  28. nice idea. thanks for sharing...