Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Skin Care Regime

I've been asked several times to write a post about my skin care routine, so I decided to tell you what product I use to take care of my skin (daily and occasionally). To be frank,  I'm a type of person that cling on one HG product that suits my skin, usually a natural product which is free from dangerous ingredients (parfume, paraben, coloring agent, etc).

But well, eventhough I said that, my skin care regime might change on monthly/yearly basis, depends on my skin condition. And sometimes, I love to to buy new skincare products (usually one that has been overly hyped =P) and ended up giving them away to my housemaid, like what I did to my newly bought Olay face cream which is too greasy to my liking.

I've been using products from Beautyzen/Beautycode for 5years now. (Beautyzen Soft Cleansing Lotion, Beautyzen Refreshing Toner, and O2xy Face Cream). It contain no artificial color, artificial fragrance, and is free from preservatives.

Basically, this is how I usually take care of my skin:
Cleanser--> Toner--> Moisturizer/Ampouple (on lazy days)
Cleanser--> Toner--> Ampoule/Serum->  Moisturizer-->Eye Cream (on not so lazy days~)
Cleanser--> Exfoliate--> Mask--> Ampoule--> Moisturizer--> Eye Cream (Once a week, usually at weekend)

Daily Skin Care Routine I:
- Ceanse my face with Beautyzen soft cleansing lotion, and rinse it with lukewarm water.
- Tone (beautyzen refreshing toner).
- I usually wait for 1 minutes before proceeding to the next step. --> Moisturize I used to love Kristine Ko-Kool refreshing cream, but it's a bit expensive, so I switched to Mizon All in one-Snail Healing Cream. I'm nearly finished a jar and I think I might go back to Kristine Ko-Kool.

Daily Skin Care Routine II (when I notice dullness on my face)
- Cleanse (beautyzen soft cleansing lotion)
- Tone (BRTC Vitalizer Fluid)
- When I want some radiance to appear on my skin, I usually tap an ample amount of BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule on my face and do the facepalm to help the absorption of Vitamin C.
- Moisturize, I use BRTC Vitalizer Cream.

Weekend Skin Care Routine:
-I love to pamper myself on weekend! I usually use a sleeping mask (LIOELE multi seaweed gel) and put on any random mask like tissue mask, aspirin mask, natural homemade mask, etc on daytime. And the most important thing is to exfoliate my old skin cells! I use Baviphat Peach all in one Peeling Gel.

And this is what I use to combat acne and keep my skin as clear as possible! I do have acne issues OMAAAW~~~(っ╥﹏╥)っ" I'll prolly make a review for FANCL Clear Control AC. It's a consumeable tablet with a lot of vitamins and other nutritious ingredients to keep your skin clear.

For acne spot treatment, I've been using Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Gel for two years, I love how it smells! But it doesn't work well on clearing acne so I think I'll switch to Etude House pink powser spot soon. As for the Clean & Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser, I use it to completely remove BB Cream residue. It works great as a cleanser, but I won't use it too often.

Skincare FAQ (Formspring)

"How to choose the right skin care products?"
Well, I'm not an aesthetic, lolz. But I have a little tips that might help, First you need to know your skin type, your skin condition (is it atopic or not?)~I'm atopic type btw. So it's better for me to stick around with natural and eco products. Second, have a patience, skin care product is not a magic stuff that can clear your skin probs in just one night. It's important to review your skin changes and adjust accordingly with your current prob/condition.

"How long is my daily skincare routine?"
15-20 minutes. The facepalming took me at least 10minutes.

"Any tips to get clear skin?"
NEVER ever touch your face with your 'dirty' finger! Nawww!

So that's all about my current skin care routine~ Thank you for reading~!


  1. Ooh thanks for sharing! I like reading about skincare too so this was nice ^^
    And it takes me about 10-15 minutes too, depending if I want to apply more serum to my face :3

  2. Hi Lina, thanks for sharing your skincare routine... I agree with the mask thing, atleast once a week will revive the skin right? Stay pretty always =)

  3. You have such lovely skin, so thank for sharing with us your routine!

  4. thanks!!!
    the peach lovely! i want!!!
    kiss cutie!

  5. I've been SO damn lazy with my skincare routine -___" Ever since spring came around (along with weird weather changes etc) my skin has just been awful and expect for my Philosophy primer (with salicylic acid in it) I haven't really done much to help it T_T poor my skin~

  6. Yay!!! :D I've been excited to see this post from you cause your skin is so nice haha. <3
    I will definitely check out all of these products! (*w*)/

  7. Oh thankyou for sharing! Your skincare routine is so complicated. xD Everyone who blogs about theirs is actually! Maybe I am just lazy with my skin lol.

  8. Thanks for sharing~~
    Your skin looks awesome ^^

  9. thanks for the routine! Your routine is so thorough no wonder you have great skin, lol I need to start taking care of my skin better >.>

  10. The FANCL supplements look great :D I may have to try those. I have acne now TT__TT

  11. Woah! That's a lot of products!
    No wonder your skin looks so great O:

    I only use 2 products like every few days xD

  12. hi rina!!
    thanks so much for sharing ^_^ it's always interesting to see what kind of skincare products other people use :) i'm totally going to buy the baviphat peeling (just read your review!)
    i hope you're doing great!!!

  13. Skin is skin - it knows no gender and needs to be taken care of!

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