Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: GEO Flower Series Lotus Gray + ES Natural criss cross falsies

Hee...Lovelies, I'm back <3 with an overdue review!! I received this lenses from mukuCHU, Brisbane based store in Aussie. Thanks mukuCHU~
Don't mind me :P I just love doing this to my pic! hahaha♥♥

Product Name: GEO FLOWER SERIES ~ Lotus Gray/Grey
POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) only
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 15.00mm
Description: The Lotus circle lens focuses on a dark rim to enlarge the eye and create more of a “cartoon” character round eye effect. The floral design within the lenses creates a subtle but noticable sparkle to the eye.

Design/Pattern: PhotobucketI was kinda skeptical when I first saw it. Will it look good on me? cuz by seeing the pattern I know it won't give a natural look, and usually, I look somewhat weird with unnatural pattern, this--->(✪ܫ✪) LOL. But once worn, I'm quite satisfied with the look. And I'm just getting started to love the design when I notice an anime-ish feel on it, lolz. Looking at my first selca, it reminds me to mangaish style irises. Anyhow, the patterns is composed of overlapped lotus petals, anyone noticed it?

Comfort:Photobucket It's actually thinner than other GEO lenses I've tried so far!(*°∀°)=3 believe me or not, but it's comfortable enough to be worn for several hours, and I began to change my opinion of GEO lenses (I had bad experience with GEO ck-107 last year). I'm not gonna give 4 though, it's just better, but not the most comfortable lens :P

Enlargement: Photobucketit does enlarge your eyes for being 15mm circle lens (though, I thougt it was 14.5mm circle lens lolz!) Thanks to its dark rim on the outer edge~!

Color: Photobucketa subtle gray color, and yes I do agree when they say that it adds sparkles to your eyes. Mostly because of the pattern I assume. I'd prefer it to be a little darker though.

p.s: Don't forget to visit Mukuchu facebook, official site, and Twitter!

Next, I'm going to review a pack of fake eyelashes that I received from KKCENTERHK for review purpose, it's a suuuuper delayed review,omg I'm super sorry.
Product Name: ES 10 Pairs Natural Short Cross Black False Eyelashes 

You only need to grab USD $ 8.00 out of your pocket to buy a pack of criss cross falsies from KKcenterHK, which is, very cheap in my opinion. Plus you will get 10 pairs of them. The price is too good to be true, especially for its quantity I say.

Well, compared to other criss cross falsies, this one looks more natural. I love it bcuz the strands are a lil bit messy, thick, and not neatly separated. I love it~! Plus, the elastic band is black and more elastic...if I could compared to my older kkcenterhk falsies. But however, it's still a lil bit too dramatic to me (I'd never go out with falsies that is too visible, unless to attend an event.) I'd classify it as an 'for event' falsies.

So yea, that would be all for today
Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend gurlz~~~! LOVE ya~~(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

Geo Flower series~lotus gray
Dolly wink pencil eyeliner in brown
ES natural criss cross falsies
O2skin Eyeshadow in brown and white
The Skin Food salmon dark circle concealer

Luview Aqua essence BB cream
Luview one touch brush sun powder
The body shop tea tree concealer

Etude House color me nude lip concealer
Etude House fresh cherry tint in peach


  1. i love how the lenses look on you, they don't look fake at all even if it has the pattern.

  2. woow! so beautiful *-* cutie cutiee

  3. dang these lens really show up on you! The design kinda reminds me of snowflakes idk why...

  4. wow! you look like a doll! you're sho pretty! :D

  5. I love these lenses on you~ >u< I don't think I can pull this off.

  6. supeeerrrr cute~ that lens look pretty on you :)

  7. The lenses are such a pretty colour, you look really nice with them!
    I like the lashes too (^^)

  8. I love the lenses. The lashes look great on you!

  9. Gosh, so different from usual! haha.. Unique design. Very pretty n you ^_^

  10. Wow so pretty! I love the design of the lenses as well, there's a cool hint of blue in it >o<!

  11. Those are so icy looking~ Very pretty :3
    But kind of big for my liking T^T

  12. These lenses looks so pretty! : D

  13. You're so so so pretty~ :D
    I really like the pattern of these!! I might want to try them in green hmm~
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. the lenses look beautiful on you!

  15. Hmm this lens is too exaggerated for me. I like something more natural haha. But your cat ears look cute :P

  16. i love the design~~ they look really nice and quite natural on you even when the design is more unique and complex :D keep in touch <3


  17. so cute lens,the design of that lens are so unique..and you wearing it so adorable..^_^V

  18. The pattern looks like diamonds ^^

  19. Aww i need to follow youre blog too! You are so adorable!

  20. aw, you look so fresh and pretty. "as always" :)
    I also have tons of kkcenterhk lashes. haven't made new reviews about it. lol.
    about the gift art, you can do anything you want. it depends on how you see me online :D
    hehehe. I think it will make it more exciting :)

  21. You're so beautiful >w< Wah! Do you work for Missha?

  22. i envy your porcelain skin ~~~

    i love those lenses and the lashes too.
    you look sooooo cute !
    i love the first pic, hilarious in cute way ;D

  23. The lenses are so pretty on you! When I first saw pictures of the lenses, I was pretty skeptical as well but after seeing you wearing them, I think they look great!

    I love the lashes! They look so nice and natural! I think I'm gonna search for a pair like these. =D

    ♡ M.May

  24. these contacts look absolutely lovely in the close up pictures, as well as in your eyes. really great circle lenses.

    <3 rae

  25. U too pretty! >< Ahh I love criss cross lashes~ so natural and cute xx

  26. Lovely lenses, and the lashes are cute too!

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  29. those lenses do gives an animeish look, so sparkly x3 you look great in them x)

  30. you look super cute as a cat ;) Those lenses makes you eyes look very dolly and pretty! I wore some great ones and they look kind of unnatural on me lol, wish I could pull them off as well as you!

  31. hi!
    those lenses make you looked mangaish, but still natural...
    how lovely
    anyway, did you trim your falsies before using it?

  32. I really like the contacts, they're really subtle and doesn't stand out too much.

    Please follow my blog on

    I've followed you already ^^

  33. Ah Geo's lotus design is one of my favourites. It actually was the first ever circle lens I chose to try (but something went wrong in the end and I never got a chance ><).

  34. Cute :3 love the lenses and lashes. <3