Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ulzzang Make-up Tips: Natural Style 얼짱화장법

얼짱화장법 / 황혜빈 화장법 / 훈녀화장법

Hey lovelies, I'm back with a make up post. Well, there's a number of request on formspring, someone asked me to make a post about ulzzang. So I decided to post some pic that might inspire you to do the same style.
Credit:혜솜 (thanks for gathering the pictures)

random ulzzang pic


As you might already know, Naturalness is the keypoint in every ulzzang style make-up. You won't need the dramatic falsies, and colorful eye shadow. Basically, it's the very good example of "NO MAKE-UP MAKE-UP", which I like the most. I do contacted a few real ulzzang (those who already entered the ulzzang contest and got into TV program called ulzzang shidae.) But I'm no gonna mention a name (゜◇゜) So, Most of them said they prefer to be as natural as possible. Don't forget to moisturize your face daily to get  a good complexion, prime your face (I usually skip this part) lolz. BB cream or foundation is a staple ^-^ you can add a highligher to make your face more 3D, or shading to contour your face (the smaller the better they think~) and pink or peach blusher for the finishing touch~!


렌즈 ▶ 뷰러▶아이섀도우▶아이스틱▶펜슬아이라이너▶젤아이라이너▶마스카라

Keypoint: Big Dolly Eye Look~!
Put on the circle lens first, and you'll be ready to accentuate your beautiful eyes. If you like to use eyeliner gel/eyeshadow, don't forget to apply an eye primer. This will make your eye make-up stay longer. Most of uljjang have a very huge eyes, so it's a wise idea to make it look bigger by black lining the outer area. Gel type eyeliner is the best choice imo, you can smudge it easily without making it look dirty, and make a puuurfect line.
Color range: black~brown~beige
however, ulzzang pony loves to use colorful eyeshadow. But it's totally your choice!



As for the lips, keep it as natural as possible~! Naturalness is still the keypoint~ Have a little time to 'prepare' your lips before you apply anything on it, like, pampering your lips with a mask, scrubbing/exfoliating, and put on a lip balm. Chapped lips is a big No No(☉`ェ´☉)ジ Let the lip balm sit for a few minutes before you proceed to the next step, a LIP TINT~! hohoho... you can always use a nude colored lipstick though. Use a lip concealer if you have a pigmented lip to even out the color, and swipe off a little clear lip gloss afterwards.

Okaaay, I think it's enough for today's post ^-^
I'll be back with uljjang make-up post. And don't forget to comment here, or on my formspring if you have any request. See ya gurlz~


  1. I really like the ulzzang style. It's so fresh faced and all of them look like natural beauties! :D

  2. Thanks for the post~! Ulzzang style is so young and cute ^_^

  3. awwww soooo cutie!!!!
    >< ulzzang girl power!
    kiss dear

  4. thank you for your comment on my blog dear <3
    i love ulzzang girl, i'm using this style when i go to college. lol lol
    thank for your tips, very helpful <3


  5. I think this is your signature look, Lina! hehe.

  6. i agree! ullzang looks really fresh and youthful and just cute!

  7. Awesome post ^.^ Thank you for sharing ! love ulzzang looks :D

  8. I really love this natural look for daily make up <3 Korean girls always look flawless too :3

  9. yeaah ~ i love the natural style *Q* very very cute =^w^=
    ♥ ♥

  10. Interesting! Love your blog, Lina ;)

  11. Looove it :D
    Thank you for your advice :3
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  12. Ahhhh I love it. It looks so adorable. <3
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  13. It always annoys me a bit when I'm on youtube and I see people putting on these huge lashes with an ulzzang look... that's just not what they're know for! It's all about the circle lenses and skin!

    I wonder if people get fitted to wear circle lenses here. You'll hear horror story about over seas users but never the opposite.

  14. Nice post ^^ Love 얼짱 style ~

  15. so cute.. thanx for sharing this ulzzang look :D

  16. Beautiful and looks so nice and natural!

  17. Thank you for your comment in my blog ^^
    Lets enjoy our hobbies :D I really love your pics!

  18. *___* I love ulzzangsss. They are so cute! And I mistaken those pictures as you! You're as cute as them! Heheh!

  19. such a cute ulzzang..i love this kind of makeup..pretty(^_^)

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  22. I wish I could do the ulzzang look but i have monolid. ><

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  23. thanks for the post, lina!! i totally love the ulzzang look ^_^ i also realized that it's important to choose really dark colored circle lenses :O my next pair is definitely going to be a dark brown one! it's crazy how they can pull of the circlelens-with-almost-no-makeup-look! if i put my lenses in before makeup, i look like a freak XDDD

  24. They look very polished and made up. It's not a natural no makeup look when they load it on with thick eyeliner + circle lenses.

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  28. I have recently started learning Korean and falling more and more in love with Korean makeup styles. This post is very helpful!


  29. OMG thanks for sharing love! I wish I could look natural like them!

  30. Thank you for sharing ulzang look..
    I love it.. They got adorable and flawless skin face...
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  31. Such a cute tutorial~ thanks for posting this! :)

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  36. You are gorgeous! Thank you for the key pointers!
    This style is absolutely adorable and I have not been able to stop myself on trying to read more and more about it for the past days.
    xo xo ali

  37. I Really love how Koreans do their make ups. Simple yet very cute...Youre so pretty! I wnt to be like you..:)
    idol lash