Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: LUVIEW Aqua Essence Whitening BB Cream

I received this BB cream from Mr. Bryan Han quite a while ago, (thanks~) and as I promised, here are my review and swatches for LUVIEW Aqua Essence Whitening BB Cream. ^^~

Product Description:

Enriched aqua gel film provides a no-makeup look and feel, yet covers imperfections with a natural, hydrating touch.

1. Aqua supply system Natural glucose polymer from fermentation and aqua capture polymer supply plentiful moisture and form the protective layer to keep skin damp hour after hour.

2. Aqua essence formula Unlike other BB cream, Aqua formula inside enables to feel light weight, gentle and plentiful moisture.

3. Skin soothing effect Botanical ingredients such as aloe and kava extraction delivers the soothing effect to the skin. Oil, talc, paraben free.

4. Whitening: KFDA certified.

How to use: At the final stage of the skin care, take appropriate volume and apply for light pounding. Makeup base and foundation are not required to use separately.

More information and how to buy visit:

Price: USD $ 13.80
Benefit : Whitening, Pure moisturizing essence
Skin types : Oily, Sensitive, Combination Skin
Formula : Cream
Volume : 40ml

From the very first time I read the description of the product on Luview's catalogue, I had a feeling that I'm going to love this BB Cream! As I've said before, I love everything that has less chemical ingredients in it. The VERY good thing about this BB cream is: it's FREE from PARABEN & TALC! ♥

I've been using this BB Cream for more than a month now, and yea I love it! Especially for everyday use (like, when hanging out with friends or any other informal events). It offers a sheer coverage, very natural one., I think it's due to its consistency, which is 'very' watery and runny, more like a primer than a bb cream, for me at least~ You can check the picture below, I have a few minor bumps on my cheek, it's still there, however, the redness become less visible.
If in your heads, you think that most of Korean BB cream can often cast a grayish tone, or ashy, don't be judgemental yet. Luview's BB cream (I've already tried all of them) leaning towards beige-ish tone. It doesn't make my skin look dull. It evens out my skin really well.

As for the whitening properties, it's KFDA certified, though, I didn't notice any major changes with my skin tone. I can't really tell because I usually use different BB cream each days. 

What I like more about this BB cream is its moisturizing properties! as I've said before, it has a very watery consistency, so I think that's why this BB cream won't accentuate dry areas on your skin. It blends well and sit on your skin nicely.

Oil control:Photobucket
Overall Rating:Photobucket

So yeah, I definitely recommend this BB cream for those who loves to apply BB cream on daily basis. It's free from paraben and talc, so feel free to wear it everyday! Teehee♥♥(o→ܫ←o)♫.

Me, wearing LUVIEW Aqua Essence Whitening BB cream:

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Thanks for reading and happy sunday everyone~TOODLES~!


  1. Why wouldn't anyone like your blog? LOL

  2. I love Luview. Haha I won their giveaway that you posted up long ago and absolutely love their two products that I used!

  3. seems like the bb cream is really nice doing its job :3

    and your looks are really2 uljjang <3
    thanx for the review ^^

  4. Looks very good! I want to try Luview products too, they seem to have quite good quality ^^~

  5. I wanna try the bb cream anytime soon. And congratulations btw for having 1900+ followers and counting. You really deserve it. Cheers!

  6. oh wow ^.^I searched for less chemical bb creams a long time, I thought skinfood and innisfree were the only ones, but great to know :)
    I´ll try this one out for shure ^.^

  7. Congrats on almost 2000 followers >: D WEEE! Giveaway time then? ; D HAHAHA. I kid! Love the packaging of the BB cream. It looks a bit too white for me though.. It'd probably make me look gray on my yellow undertones.. -__-"

  8. this is surely my fave bb cream from their range too, Lina!

  9. I'm guessing this wouldn't match me. Congrats on the followers!

  10. Great review, it really looks natural @_@

    Congratulations on so many followers Lina ^^ your blog is actually the first that I ever followed :)

  11. Wow! it looks amazing! *-* I think that it will work well in summer since its watery texture >< do you recommend it for very light skins? I'm lower than a NC15 in MAC. Thank you! <3
    Please, answer here:

  12. I would buy this but it looks light :o
    What skintone do you recommend this for?
    I'm like Nc20- 25

  13. @xuelin: it's like missha BBC no. 21, I think it suits your skintone nicely.

  14. This looks so pretty on your skin! :0 Sounds great for summer time!
    Congrats on your amount of followers! ^_^

  15. It looks really good on you~ You're so pretty ^^ Have you tried applying this with a brush? Great review and congratulations on 2000 followers!

  16. Thank's for your information. It's really nice and informative.

  17. Thank you very much Rindodo ^^
    I think that it could be a bit dark for me since I have the Missha No.13, but maybe in summer time could match me better :D Thank you for your help!

  18. Great review, looks like a decent BB cream!!
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  19. Oh gosh your skin is amazing. Thankyou for the review, the bb cream seems fantastic. ^^

  20. Wow!!! It looks so well. I can't judge that much upon seeing just a photo BUT i like the fact how natural it looks on you. I am always looking for a good foundation or BB cream that matches my very light skintone but most stuff made me look like a cake...or sometimes even a brownie or something (@_@ )
    Thanks for sharing sweetheart~


  21. I really like that it's not too creamy or too liquid-y. I'm not too into whitening lotions but otherwise I think I'd like this bb cream!

  22. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.

  23. You look so cute! and congrats on the nearly 2000 followers :D

  24. Where can i buy Luview here in Indonesia?

  25. when u posted this Mr Bryan Han, I'm directly guessing is that Son Han Min? But people do have similar names

  26. Thank you for your recommandation ~ I think I'll get it for my mother and we'll see if she likes it.