Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Catalina Geo Auto Eyebrow Pencil

I guess most of you haven't heard about the brand yet, Catalina Geo. I would like to introduce a little bit about the company to you. Catalina Geo is a Korean cosmetic brand, developed by Lamy Cosmetics. Lamy cosmetics itself is a big beauty company in Korea, established in 1976 and has been continuously developing beauty product. Their first brand is Lafine, and Catalina Geo is their second brand. They've been continuously expanding their company by exporting to Malaysia, Hongkong, Indonesia, Australia, Iran, Vietnam, Canada, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Switzerland.

To know more about LAMY COSMETICS and CATALINA GEO, visit heir official site HERE.

And today, I'm going to review two products from Catalina Geo, Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Grey Black and Brown Black.

Unlike any other korean product, it has a description written in French! This is what I like about the brand, I personally like the idea, Korean beauty product in French style.

Product Description:

The triangular pencil creates clean and beautiful eye brows. It minimises simulation with smooth touches and subtle colors and has outstanding temperature resistance to maintain adequate hardness to apply smoothly yet resist breaking. The balance of pigments and base creates natural and sophisticated expression. The pencil is durable and will not break easily.

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Price: $24 (AUD)

What I say:
The packaging looks sophisticated in glassy gold color, and the pencil itself is made from a delicate plastic, but seems strong enough to be taken out for travel. One pack comes together with one extra refill in the same shade~! Back to the pencil, it's basically a dual sided retractable pencil, or 'crayon'. Some people prefer to address it as a crayon though, especially most of my friend in the U.S. It has a versatile spoolie brush on the other side, to maintain the neatness of your brows and also to clean up the excess color on your brows. make it looks more natural!

It comes in two shades, grey brown and black brown.  In my opinion, the grey brown tends to be more brown than grey. It's just a lighter shade of the black brown one. And I do like the grey brown better because it gives me more natural look.

As you can see on the swatches above, the black brown has a darker shade, but still in the same undertone as the grey one. Once brushed, the color blends together and become softer.

Other thing that I like about the product is the staying power, a little goes a long way! Didn't smudge or whatsoever. The color stays on my brows nicely without fading and manage to stand the oiliness on my skin, lolz. And despite being $ 24.00, it comes with one extra refill, no worries~ :D

Anyhow, the shade didn't match my brows really well. It took me a while to make the color blends in naturally with my natural eyebrows color. That's because my eyebrows shape are just too broad so it will look weird if I were not to apply it carefully!

Staying Power:Photobucket
Color: Photobucket

The black brown is just slightly darker than the grey brown. However, I think the color would match better to those who have thinner and tapered eyebrows. And forgive me for not trimming my eyebrows before taking the swatches >.< lulz... But all in all, I'm liking the product! :)

That would be all, thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!


  1. Thanks for the review~! Can I steal your eyebrows? haha ^^ ♥

  2. very natural colorr >.<

    want this, is there any giveaway for this, soon? :p

  3. I think the grey brown suits you best :) it looks the most natural.
    Do you have on any eye makeup in the picture? If not, you have a very pretty eye shape naturally!

  4. @wen: you can! hehe...
    @creatiaa: I'm currently hosting a giveaway for bloggers in Indonesia. I'll be giving away two catalina geo eyebrow pencil, for review purpose of course :D
    @pear: no, I don't have any eye make-up on, hehe, thank you ^^

  5. oh it seems nice! I always have a hard time finding dark brown brow pencils with cool undertones.

  6. Thank you for the review! I've never heard of Catalina Geo before! ^3^
    It's cool that the writing is in French! >w<

  7. Thankyou for the review. :D I really like the grey brown colour it's very subtle. ^^ And I quite like their packaging, it's very sleek and shiny haha.

  8. Wow it looks like a very high quality product! :)
    I absolutely adore the two colours

  9. dear, i'm tagging you here :D

  10. Wah, it's a little more expensive than what I would probably spend but I do like how you filled in your eyes at the end! I quite like the gold packaging too, even though it's flashy!

    I know you said you don't think the colours match that well but I think it looks good!

  11. Wow, they look really expensive but of high quality ^_^
    But I think I'd stick to my Etude House liner ^_^
    Thanks for the review!! ~ ♥

  12. waw nice product :O I live in Indonesia but I haven't heard about this product and just known from your blog. Nice review btw!

    i'm following you, you can follow my blog if you like :)

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  14. alismu bagus yaaaa *salah fokus*