Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: StemCello Revitalizing EGF Vitamin C Serum

Hello dollies~ I'm back with another skincare review. If you've been following me for some time you might already know that I'm a sucker for Vit C Ampoule type serum. I personally think that the attached pipette is somewhat cute! Haha... Okay, this time, it's a serum from SkinCure, Inc., StemCello EGF Vitamin C Serum. I've been using this serum for almost a month now~

Product Description:
StemCello Revitalizing EGF Vitamin C is a rich serum developed with the advanced stem cell technology. The serum contains EGF which is well-known as an essential bio-active material to keep skin healthy. EGF works on stem cells of skin to have better elasticity and smooth the wrinkles. The EGF, Novel prized ingredient actualizes the natural stem cell rejuvenation and significantly enhances your skin in moisturizing and energizing.
• Helps combat chronological aging.
• Helps preserve the youthful look and vitality of skin.
• Helps delay the senescence of essential cells in the skin.
• Keeps skin healthy by supplying EGF from outside.
• Accelerates skin cell renewal.
• Returns skin’s natural balance and hydration.

Price: USD $ 99

if you want to know more about the company, SkinCure, Inc., click HERE. I received a lot of other samplers and one booklet, here's how they look:

I spent some time to read the booklet and found a fascinating fact about EGF, or Epidermal Growth Factor. Basically, this EGF is a growth factor that stimulates cell growth, and this EGF also stimulating our Stem Cell to grow even more and replace others broken cell or tissue on our skins. I've found several Korean skincare products with EGF in it, one of them is the ReCell serum that I reviewed earlier.

 No additional coloring agents! Good :)

Active ingredients of EGF Vitamin C Serum, it contains so many beneficial herbs and plant extracts, as well as the Emortal that originated from a pea. ^-^
And this is the appearance of the 30ml glass bottle, quite handy to be taken out for travel because the outer cardboard packaging is sturdy enough to hold it well. The glass itself is dark brown in color to prevent direct hit from sunlight. As you may know as well, sunlight can damage most of skincare product, especially one with Vitamin C in it, since Vit C is very prone to oxidation.

Two layers of cardboard. The inner cardboard is thick and strong enough to hold the bottle.

I'm liking this attached ampoule pipette so much!!! It's very easy to use and very hygienic. The texture itself is very watery, hence the absorption process is super fast. I usually apply 3 or 4 drops to my face and I need to spread the liquid very quickly nor it won't be spreading evenly to my face. It also smells good! Very subtle, mild, and gentle, with a soft aroma of liquidy medicine. I use it twice daily, after toner, but didn't proceed to emulsion/cream. >.< My skin has become more oilier these days, so this serum alone will do. As for the long term results (been using this for a month), I notice that my pigmented acne scars started to fade, from dark brown to light brown. This is good ^-^~ But I didn't notice a significant improvement of the fine lines. I have rather deep 'fine' lines on my undereye area. TT^TT

To be frank, the downside is: this serum might be not moisturizing enough for people with normal skins. (But it fits me very well though, my skintype is oily). But me and my oily skins love this serum a lot, because of the wateryness, and it didn't make my skin anymore oily than it naturally was. I'll honestly rank this serum as a Holy Grail now, replacing the BRTC vitalizer C-10 ampoule that I used to love a lot!

Moisturizing properties:Photobucket
Overall rating:Photobucket

I definitely recommend this for those with dull complexion and oily skin type, because the 'glowy' effect it gives is real, thanks to Vit C! It brighten up my skin just right, not too pale, and gives you a healthy complexion.
And this is me, after using the serum for almost a month! Hehehe.... with a little amount of BB cream on ^-^ Pardon my goofy face, lolz.

If you wanna read more information about the product, please visit their official website HERE. I'll see you real soon on my next post~ ^-^ As for now, I'm eager and excited to know your favorite serum/ampoule, so please share with me~ Thanks for reading!


  1. Ahhh it's expensive, but it sounds really nice and your skin looks good as always. *_* I still want to try the BRTC one that you raved about before!

  2. Ahh pricey! ;__;
    The results seem to be good though~~

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  4. annyeong unnie! kamsahamnida for the review, but it's quite pricey >_< but i think it's because they've put lots of effort into the research phase ^o^

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  9. It looks pretty expensive, but sometimes if the results are good it is worth the investment!

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  11. hi, may I know where did u get this one?

  12. You look so cute!! and looks like an amazing product :)

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  15. Lina!!! How are you doing? Great review as always ♥ the serum sound awesome and your skin is really glowing ^_^ I've never tried any serum before but $100 is quite steep :o btw I mentioned you in my recent blog post! I bought a bunch of Mizon products and I read about the brand on your blog first :D I really love the snail cream hehe!

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  18. ka fei minta rekomendasi vit c serum yang affordable & cukup bagus doong hehe..

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  22. Does it actually have stem cells in it? Because the only place stem cells occur is in utero i.e. in the umbilical cord. So if that serum actually has real stem cells in it they would have had to have been harvested out of the umbilical cord after a woman gives birth and I'm pretty sure it is illegal to have stem cells in beauty products. And there is no such thing as 'skin stem cells' because stem cells are simply cells that occur in babies that can become any type of cell later on. Scientists use stem cells in the study of preventing and curing cancer so I doubt that serum has stem cells in it. Looks like psuedoscience to me...

  23. You are also graphic and art artist, you use illustrator like I do haha~ I started to follow your blog :)!

  24. Ooh, I'd love to try it out! I haven't tried any Vitamin serums before!

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