Friday, October 26, 2012

Review: H&M Duo Nail Polish & Liquid Eyeliner

I've had this items for quite a looong time, H&M Duo Nail polish in 'Vivid Nails' and 'Golden Nails', and also H&M liquid pen eyeliner. I got these along with many other goodies as a giveaway prize from Lippi, hehe... thanks girl~♥ The pen eyeliner could always be found in my make up pouch, but I left this two glorious bottle in a box, nearly forgotten.

I'm glad to have this nail polishes because 'yes!' this is my first HIGH QUALITY (but still affordable~♥) nail polish I've ever had. I used to buy cheap 'pocari' nail polishes >.< , hehe... I rarely wear nail polish though, When I make this post I realize that I've been neglecting my hands and nails way too loong! Zomg!!! I have a bad habit of biting my nails, it makes my nails look ugly.

Aside from that, my fingers looks so 'masculine', you know what I mean.

Motorbiking►Exposed to sun►Uneven skin tone, wrinky fingers (I WILL buy gloves for sure TT^TT)
Biting nails►Short nails (No matter how good the nail polish is, it will look bad on my nails)

I don't even dare to take a fullshoot of my fingers and hand. Bwahaha... So I need to cropped the swatches off, here it goes:

Yeah, messy paints... dry cuticles.... etc etc >.< And Okay, I MUST stop boring you with my finger nails story, hohoho....

Golden Nails: My favorite shade is the gold one, it composed of very fines glitters and it sparkles a lot! It has a silverish undertone, leaning towards cool color. The purple is a very dark purple, almost blackish if you look it afar. I also like the purple because it makes my uneven toned fingers look fairer.
Vivid Nails: I love the pink shade! I often pair it with black cuz pink and black is one of my favortie color combo. The pink, or I'd rather say 'fuschia' looks more intense and vivid in real life, hence the name. This pink is so neon ♥. As for the red, is a carmine tomato orangish red.

The quality is very good! It glides smoothly without any hassle. Good brush, easy to apply on. Dries fast, like 2-3 minutes. And it doesn't leave any ugly yellow stain too. Usually, I need three layers for a perfect opaque color, the pigmentation is still good nonetheless. However, it will start chipping off a bit within a few days, that might be because I didn't wear any top coat and base coat. But well, it's always easy to cover the chips.

That's all for the nails polishes, I love 'em and will start wearing nail polish more regularly now, hope it will stop me from biting my nails. lol...

Now for the eyeliner~~~

Nah... I had a lot of experience with this little pen eyeliner. From bad one to a nice one, heheh... I put this eyeliner in my make-up pouch and bring it together with me, though, t's not like this eyeliner is listed as favorite. I just find it handy and travel-friendly.

However, this eyeliner is not a waterproof type, and by wearing it, I learnt that 'wheather' has a profound effect to make-up. To make it short, this eyeliner is good for those who lives in cool place, or for those without oily eyelids. I wore it during my trip to lembang (which is rather cool) and it was all okay, smudged and a little amount transfered to my undereye area though, but it was only a little. But when I was in Jakarta, I tried to wear it and within an hour, it was already all over my eye area!!! Makes me look like a sick panda zomg.

My lids tends to be more oilier in hot places, so before wearing this eyeliner, I will always apply face powder beforehand. That helps! I used to wear this eyeliner daily when I was still a graphic designer in my previous company, I didn't worry too much about the smudge because the room was so cold.

And yeah, I'm still looking for a good quality non-waterproof liquid eyeliner (prefferably pen) Hehe... if you don't mind to share, please leave a comment ^-^/

Thanks for reading and I'll see you real soon~


  1. the nail polishes are so cute ^^ I love the packaging~ too bad the eyeliner is smudge >_<

  2. I haven't really tried H&M makeup!! I only trust Japanese pen liners I'm afraid.. the polishes look great though!

  3. wow duo nail polish looks so cool ^^

  4. I've been thinking of giving those nail polishes a try as well, thank you for the review~! ^^ And to the best liquid non-waterproof eyeliner question: Dolly Wink is def. worth a try, it's my all time favorite eyeliner, so easy to use and everything! ♥

  5. nice review.. FYI, bisa pake selotip bolak-balik utk bikin 2 warna sekaligus^^

  6. Thank you for the warm welcome! You are very kind. (⌒▽⌒) I'll try to start posting soon!

  7. Aaww~~ the eye-liner looks so good! *^* jur jur!
    Thank you for comment my blog! *O* It make me so happy :D
    And thank you, I'm glad that you like my new header ^O^

  8. H&M's nail polishes are definitely really good! I have bought so many that it's hard to keep track of. The eyeliner though is not very nice~ like you said it's not waterproof and it also doesn't really look so pigmented and is a bit sheer and shines quite a bit...

    - Sally, new follower (;

  9. this is my first time seeing dual nail polish XDDDDDDD
    thanks for the review, now I know I must stick with japanese eyeliner, lol

  10. sadly no :( the wallet contained about 400 bucks :\ but we were still happy that we can spend time together :)

  11. Your blog really is kawaii! Love all the details!
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  12. This is my first time to see a duo nail polish, and I want one now! Haha.

  13. I'm waiting for my email from steam support. I forgot my email oops. D;

    I haven't tried it, but I can? I usually try a lot of mmo's along the year! Let's hope steam sends the support reply quick!

  14. I have yet to try out H&M's nail polishes! I haven't heard much about their quality but I might just give them a try now ^^

  15. Hello :)

    your blog is kawaii !!

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  16. Lovely colors just love the shades and also the idea of two nail polishes attached to one.