Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: GEO Color Nine DEEP RED Circle Lens

Hey girls, first I want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! a late one I know, but yeah... hope you find some fun ways to make the most of your weekend thanksgiving time, heheh. Hurrah for Black friday~♥
And now, here's my review of GEO Color Nine in deep red sent by mukuCHU. (thank you ^-^)

Yeah it's a red lens! I initially think on giving up on the lenses because of its color. I've never been a fan of unnatural colored lens before. You know how I like my circle lens, naturalness is the first thing I look. Once, I tried to wear pink lenses and it turned out weird on me.

But, this very lenses changed my mind!!! I didn't even expect myself to fall in love with this baby. I was like, "dang it's red!" but once I put it on, the first thing that comes up to my mind was, "OMG the color is so vivid and beautiful!" Kinda anime-ish imo, reminds me a lot to Enma ai from Jigoku Shoujo (back then I have her hime hair cut too) Mwahaha... nevertheless, this lens is superb!

 I got this hippo lens case from another shop, cute isn't it? ^-^

GEO color nine ~ Deep Red pattern
POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) to -8.00
AN-A41, 3, 7 and 9 are plano ONLY.
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.20mm


So yeah, just like I said, I've fallen head over heels with this red circle lens! Though, the only downside I can think of is I can't wear it for daily occasion. Ok...I actually can, but c'mon man it's a red lenses! hahaha, you know what I mean. But other than that, I truly LOOOOOVE this pair of lenses! The red is so opaque and vivid, so opaque that the color will stay flashy even on dark eyes. I have dark brown eyes btw, and the red is showed up well. There's nothing special with the pattern, simple but I like it. It haz this sparsed limbal ring on the edge that re-defines the iris. The pupil is big and kinda blunt, don't you think? Yet it blends naturally with my dark iris. Doesn't enlarge much (14.2 mm), but this is the right size to my liking (I don't want a RED alienish look, lol). For the comfort, despite being a GEO, I have nothing to complain about. I was actually quite astonished by its comfortness. Never think that GEO would be all comfy like this. The old GEO was super drying on me, idk =/ But I love the way GEO upgrade their lenses, eventhough the water content is 38%. All in all, good lenses, particularly for cosplay purpose.

UPDATE: Now that you guys mention it, it does look like Bella's eye from Breaking Down. I'm not a big fan of twilight series, but yeah... The red looks pretty natural, not-too-fake. Now I'm totally in love with this baby! Red lens FTW!♥♥♥

Now for the half face shoot, a bit eerie one for ya!

GEO Color Nine series available in nine different color. Deep blue, Violet, Kiwi green, Choco brown, Moon grey, Pure hazel, Light red, Aqua blue, and Deep red. So girls, if you're interested to buy the lenses, please visit mukuCHU (Australian based OS). They're having a promo and you might not want to miss it~

That's for the review, now I'm going to finish my late dinner and curl myself on bed >.<
I'll be seeing you on my next post pretty soon. Thanks for reading and bye~bye!


  1. pretty color, kaya mata vampire gitu lin..

  2. looks good, you can wear red lenses on halloween.
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  3. Oh, I have these in brown and they're my everyday favorite! Those lens really suit you <3 gorgeous!

  4. oh my God!! u look like Bella XD XD the eyes!! pretty XD

  5. Super! You really are these lenses ^v^

  6. the shade of red is really nice, it suits you very nicely :)

  7. Wow, these are A LOT more vibrant than I thought since other reviews (of other colors) did not show the color at all, I'd like to try these out :3

  8. Omg, that's just some sexy sensual stuff right there! Dayum!! That color is so fineeee <3 Looks great on you tho' you wouldn't wear it daily, be different, do it once! xD

  9. Wow the color looks really intense and you not look fake! Really lovely lens!


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  10. Wooooow, looks fantastic! I love red lenses :D

  11. wow it looks great but also a little creepy, i guess this color isn't for the everyday look ^_^"
    ♥ ♥

  12. These are so pretty! I'd actually think about wearing red lenses after seeing these!

  13. These look really cool. I can't wear contacts, because they feel so drying and irritating >_<

  14. FUCKME those lenses are so bad-ass! BRB GONNA GO BUY 10 PAIRS >: D

  15. You're right! It actually doesn't look too bad even tho it's red. I think it looks AMAZING on you and actually makes me wanna go get them as well!!!

  16. cantik ^^
    cocok banget padahal warnanya merah gitu, hehe. udah siap ikut jadi salah satu pemain film breaking dawn berikutnya nih :p
    always love ur posts :D

    좋은 하루 보내세용~

  17. Wow! The color is really vibrant! I love it!

  18. Kawaiii <3 You look like a Vampire ^^

  19. red reminds me of vampire :D A cool one lol ;)

  20. so vibrant! loove it :D u look so sexy XD

  21. Hey I'm new to your blog, and I really like that red color lens. They are unique and I have dark eyes as well. Knowing that there are vivid lenses such as these is a great relief. In my future I plan on cosplaying, just don't know when just yet. I'm a big fan of Jigoku Shoujo.