Monday, November 19, 2012

Silver Key Pendant Necklace

Hey sweethearts~ I'm back again. I think I'll blog more often now to amend myself. I might get busy next month, work plan etc. So I'll just blog as often as I can now, before things get even busier ^-^.
So yeah... I've been wanting to do a photolog about this cute necklace I got from my super kind oppa (he settled in Seoul btw), like loooong time ago, even before I received my favorite J.ESTINA Tiara Necklace.

I think the box is super cute already, all silverish with embossed rose pattern and silver mini ribbon ♥ So lovely~
 Guarantee card
Now now... I got two key shaped pendant necklace. I was suuuuper shocked when I found out that there's actually two of them in the box. Oppa you're just too kind! You're always got a trick to make me a happy girl~~~~

This lovely necklace contain of three major shape, crown and heart as a whole key. I love the design so much! It's so pretty and adorable~! The crown and the noveau swirl (the heart) gives a lil bit of gothic touch to the necklace.

The size is just right too, not too big and not too small. And it doesn't weigh at all. This little angel can be coordinated nicely with almost any party dresses and it goes from glamour to cute when paired with casual girly clothing. I'd wear this everytime I need more feminine touch, hehe...

So yeah, That one quick post for ya ^-^ I'll be back pretty soon with more reviews. I gotta sleep now and wake up early tomorrow~! Thanks for reading and see ya~ Bai Bai!


  1. The necklace is really cute and pretty!

  2. Waaah, this is sooo cute *-* And beautiful! Love it!


  3. wooow it's such a pretty necklace (*_*)

  4. Hello dear, thank you so much for following my blog. I feel so happy I found your blog because so much Korean brand reviews here and makeup tutorials! Love,love,love!Oh,the necklace is so pretty :)Keep posting more>>

  5. aaaa, super pretty necklace! Love love love it..! Is it the key to your heart? *bad pun* ~_~

  6. waaahh the necklace is very cute and pretty! I love it~ *^* ♥

  7. looks adorable ♥
    I really want to have a piece of Jestina since SNSD (my fave girlband) is the brand ambassador.

  8. Really cute your neckacle!


  9. A key pendant can sound not that attractive once you see it. It looks breathtaking and completely seeking the attention of all. Beautiful necklace for almost any outfit!

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