Sunday, December 23, 2012

KoreaHallyu Cute Korean Smartphone Cases & Covers

I was supposed to make a wig review today, but I can't stop the urge to show you the wide collection of cute and funny korean smartphone cases & covers from! So here's some items that is favorited by me ♥

They provide unique, cute, cool, funny, adorable and lovely Korean Smartphone Case for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, and LG Optimus.

Compatible model: iPhone 4/4S / iPhone 5 / Galaxy S /  Galaxy S2 / Galaxy S3 / Galaxy Nexus
Size: 13.5 x 8cm 

Ardium Leather Cute Smartphone Pouch
Compatible model: iPhone 4/4S / iPhone 5 / Galaxy S /  Galaxy S2 / Galaxy S3 / Galaxy Nexus
Size: 13.5 x 7.8cm

My number one favorite is the Ardium Smartphone pouch! Simple, cute, verstile, stylish, fashionable, modern, adorable, what else? With this, we won't need another separate bulky wallet!

Galaxy S3 Superar Alice Luxury Leather Case
Compatible model:Galaxy S3
Case’s unique design allows easy access to Phone dock connector, lock button volume button and camera.

The ALICE LUXURY leather case is very very stylish and fashionable! Reminds me a lot to CHANEL though :)

iPhone 5 Cat’s Eye Diary Cute Leather Case

Compatible model: iPhone 5
Case’s unique design allows easy access to Phone dock connector, lock button volume button and camera
Durable, Light, weight, Beautiful outlook
Cute Korean Style

This Cat's eye diary cute leather case is also very cute, so Koreany~

Compatible model: iPhone 5
Case’s unique design allows easy access to Phone dock connector, lock button volume button and camera
8 different designs
Several interlayers enables you to keep cards, receipts and cashes

The design!!! Vintage, oldish, simple, but cute! I TOTALLY love the Shinzi Katoh Diary line. Love the illustration, the wam pastel color, and everything! ♥♥

Compatible model: iPhone 5 
Material: Synthetic leather
4 different colors: Mint / Black / Baby Pink / Hot Pink 

Compatible model: iPhone 5
Available in 6 different color (baby pink, hot pink, purple, mint lemon). I'm liking the pink and blue one so much! The angel wing is super cute, isn't it?

Compatible model: iPhone 4/4S
Original Guardian Angel Design
smartphone case protects your iPhone from scratch and dirt with easy access to all controls and ports
case’s smooth and washable design ensures comfort and cleanliness

Compatible model: Galaxy S3
Original Rabbit Ribonne Design
Made in Korea
7 different color (black, pink, hot pink, yellow, sky, lime, mint)

I love this Rabbit ribonne design because of the USAMIMI~rabbit ear! I used to love usamimi headband a lot, heheh, with polkadot pattern ofc and this one also got a cute polkadot pattern. I personally think this ribonne design is loliable and gyaruable. So Japanese
Compatible model: Optimus Vu 2 
Material: Silicone
6 different colors: White / Purple / Black / Mint / Hot Pink / Baby Pink /

Zomg this one is really cool! I want the black one! hehe... too bad it's only compatible for LG Optimus Vu 2 >.<

If you're interested to get yourself one or two cute smartphone case, check ♥ They still have tons of cute and adorable cases for you to choose. (They got rilakkuma, pucca, and hello kitty cases too~).

So yeah, I know that this is just a random wishlist :D I'll come back with a much better post and expect it to be VERY soon~ ^-^


  1. They are so cute! I recently purchased a Galaxy s3 and now I am hunting down the cutest case covers. This post definitely helped me. ;) The Galaxy S3 Rabbit Ribbon Cute Jelly Smartphone Case is my favorite!


  3. Q_Q so cute, but its for iphone.....really?

  4. Oh i love cute phone covers<3 I bought some in korea :D

  5. I have two of the angel wings (white wings) one in pink and blue (same as the pics), and they are my faves! They do take up a lot of space tho, so I stopped using them since i started using smaller bags, haha~

  6. I knew Korea is full with cute things and their smartphone cases don't disappoint neither!

    Merry Christmas,

  7. OMG! These are sooo cute! I love the phone cases with wings the most! :D

  8. I love them all!! They´re so cute

  9. i love those with angel wings one the most!! but i saw them online and they were pretty expensive so i didn't buy in the end :(

  10. these are very pretty ones! *Q* hurry and get a new smartphone (galaxy!) hehehe :xxx
    ♥ ♥

  11. I love the cases with wings! I think I'm going to buy wings to stick on my phone :o

    very lovely blog!

  12. omg phone case overload, i cannot get over how cute they all are!!

  13. they're so cute! I want to get some for my Galaxy s2 :)


    only, I don't own an Iphone. Or an S3. <//3
    life is so unfair. hahaha :)

  15. I'm so pleased my text had the effect I wanted! I also love that sentence. It's just so much truth in there..

    Happy Christmas Eve,

  16. this is amazing. thank you so much for sharing!!!

  17. This is so cute!! Thanks for sharing it... In love with that cute pouch... can be using as wallet too hah

  18. Hello, pretty! your blog is sooo cute!
    Wold you like to follow each other? Just let me know!

    Merry xmas!!

  19. Wow they are way overpriced on the website! I bought the Ribbonne one on the streets of Korea and they were like $12! You can also find those covers on eBay for a lot cheaper =o

  20. Hello Lina! Just dropping by to say hello and a Merry Christmas to you!
    These cases are just uber cute and adorable! I have the HappyMori case which I bought from Ebay from a Korean seller, so I know it's the real deal. I really like the quality as well. I wanted to get the case with the angel wings before, but the price I came across was too expensive :-( Anywho, managed to buy one the other day as they were on sale! hehe. I seriously don't know why most phone cases in the UK are just darn ugly LOL.

    Lovely post!

    xx Donah (

  21. Ahh! I really lust after the angel wing phone cover!
    Hehe, I saw it in a drama and wanted it on the spot!!! >w<

  22. absolute love the iPhone 5 Angela Cute Korean Cell Phone Case!
    Great and original artikel!

    x Laura ( )

  23. Ahhhh all of these phone cases are too cute!

  24. I really like the phone case with the little cat drawn on it. But unfortunately I have an old phone(well not that old but old compared to the new ones... I don't know what I'm trying to say. Nevermind. >.<)

  25. The cases are soo sweet! I want one for my Smartphone xD

  26. Hi, in this case I'm replying to what you've comment to my blog ^^
    I'm so sorry, I'm new to your blog >_< so I just randomly clicking to some links that interesting me..
    I like your blog, since I found your boyish look, it reminds me of my past, when I was junior and senior high school :D
    And I was a gamer too.
    Say that, you're interesting. I've found somebody who has same persona :D

  27. ROTFL xD
    It's weird, they must have known your name, and they still confessed to you???
    But I'd never had experience like that...
    Some people just asked my mom whether I was a boy or girl, but they knew I was a girl, just asking because of my weird style -.-
    I think your face is so suitable for boyish look.
    But being a girl is our nature, right? :D

  28. omg these are so adorable! i've seen the angel wings here. there's a korean smart phone case shop here hehe but so expensive D: