Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Angel Gold Lens + Eyemazing Fake Eyelash

Hello everyone! I know I posted a lot of circle lens review lately, but one more review from me woudn't hurt, would it? hehe... I promise I'll put my other circle lens review aside for a while and work on other review soon, yeah... As for now, let's roll the review ♥

I got mine from Tomato Online Shop. Shipping was fast and you'll get free lens case per buy. The owner is reaaally kind too~ She will reply to every single question politely. That's what you'll expect from a good shop owner :) Not just a sweet talk, but my honest opinion ^-^

Eye Candy Angel II Gold/ Poly touch Pearl Angel gold
So yeah, this is the upclose look of EyeCandy Angel II Gold/Onyx Gold. Do you notice that it has this very fine pretty shimmers? 


I'm torn about this lenses ;^; I really like the shimmery transculent gold color it has. Like, seriously, I've never found or tried any lenses as sparkling as this pair before. And just like my previous post which I stated that I started to love the lenses by looking at the color/design, but turn out weird to me/my liking once worn. *heartbroke* I'm sooo torn! The color is super duper pretty, it makes my eyes look dreamy, but the pattern is too obvious and blunt (you know how I like my lens o:). Upclose, I kinda disturbed by the HUGE pupil hole, it feels like my eyes are being BLOTTED irl to the extent to which it's going to explode, LOL. With 16mm diameter, expect it to be very big, it covers like more than a half of my eyes already, haha. But I've always love big lenses (though my eyes are quite small ;^;). The film is super thin too, so despite being big, it's quite comfortable, but might be a little tricky to wear because of the thinness.

Overall, I think this lens would match perfectly with those who haz natural blue/green/violet eyes. It doesn't blend with my eye color AT ALL because of the contrastness (gold x dark brown) TT^TT... Though, I'm still loving the sparkling gold color it has.

If you want to get the lens for yourself, please check this link:
Tomato, www.tomatoonshop.com
facebook : www.facebook.com/tomatoonshop
whatsapp +6285648482021
email / YM: tomato.shop@ymail.com
BB pin:2692AF16

Eye Candy Angel II Gold/ Poly touch Pearl Angel gold
Japanese style eye make-up attempt (which is kinda failed), with AYAMO Eyemazing Type-B false eyelashes.

This is how it looks once worn, photo taken yesterday. Anyshoot, I tried a different eye make-up again =P Idk but it's like my first time doing it at home. I wore AYAMO Eyemazing type-B fake eyelashes for the shoot, and a Japanese branded lower eyelash. Attempted  to try Gyaru-ish EYE make-up (Minus the hairstyle etc lol) but feel too lazy halfway through so I just took photos for the lenses and put out the falsies afterwards. (knowing I could never pull off a gyaru look eitherway), plus I was such in a rush yesterday x__x... planned to watch "Life of pi" (which is also failing TT^TT)

Ayamo X Rock ~ Eyemazing X Zipper falses eyelashes (Type B)
Description: Harajuku-style eye!
Info: produced by Zipper model AYAMO

This falsies are too HUGE for me and my liking!!! I'd prefer something more natural and not too stand out. The band is stiffer compared to Dolly Wink, which gives me hassle because I had to keep glueing it over and over again to let it stay correctly on my eyes >.< (I used dolly wink fake eyelashes glue).

Anywoo, I picked up some items from Maybelinne counter yesterday :3 Haven't bought any blushers in 2012 so yeaaaah....

New blusher from Maybelinne, CHEEKY GLOW in wooden rose, and the Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush in fresh apricot. I'm looooving the fresh apricot already! But I might feel dissappointed with the wooden rose because the color is too subtle ;^; Haven't tried to wear it though. Hopefully the wooden rose won't disappoint me :) I'll review the blushers later~ need time to have fun with it first ♥

By the way, my birthday is two days away (6th dec) ouch... I'm not ready for it x__x and haven't prepared anything, fuuuh~
I'll see you soon, perhaps with BB cream or brushes review ^-^ Loves~


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  2. @frozen blossoms: Hi, I replied on your blog :)

  3. Hi Lina! You look great! Btw, i'd like to ask your blog photo sizes? I receive an error from blogger the last time due to used up storage limit. Now, I reduce my photos causing a very poor pic qualities and resolution. Thanks. (edited gosh im gettin old) so sorry bout the first!!! im so embarassed, been repeatin' this mistake with other "net acquaintances" my apologies again Lina

  4. @frozen blossoms: ahah it's ok ^-^ I commented on your newest blog post, be sure to check :) thanks~~

  5. beautiful :D you look like a doll :D

  6. are you kidding me? you look gorgeous and dolly in this lenses! The Eyemazing falsies are awesome too!

  7. I really like these lenses, they look amazing!
    By the way, I'm having a circle lenses giveaway sponsored by PinkyParadise on my blog.. maybe it interests you :)

    Le Petit Faon

  8. I love the lens design, it looks really pretty and the shimmer makes the eye more glowy :D
    looks really nice

  9. Aww the lashes are so pretty! <3 too bad I can't find something like those here at the Philippines! Thanks for the review! I love your hair!

  10. Wow this lenses look so cool!
    Do u know wether i can similar ones at loveshoppingholics.com ?
    I'm ordering together with a friend since I don't have paypal

  11. Lina! :D You may say that they look unnatural, but they still look good on you! cantik sekali ^^ thanks for the review!! ^^

  12. I love those lashes! and the lenses are similar to ones I have but more subtle and natural, I like~

  13. Wow! These lenses look quite good. I think your reviews will help me in the choice of lenses. Thanks for the wonderful review^^

  14. I love those lens! It's so bright and natural *___*

  15. wuaaah! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・* You look so much like a super cute anime character! The lashes are amazing! And your hair is so perfect~

  16. I like the design of your lenses. You are beautiful no matter what they say...

  17. You have amazing collection..
    I likethe color of lenses..
    kawaii..\{◕ ◡ ◕}/