Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream + Updates

As promised, I'm back with a review of Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream ~^^ It's going to be a long review + random update at the end

"Jewelry ingredients melted into the botanical tea that turned into a BB cream. Soothing and natural-looking coverage for all skin imperfection, including Surgical and acne scars, birthmarks, sun spots and varicose veins with triple function of wrinkle improvement, whitening and SPF 30"

1. Natural and flawless, full coverage This BB cream provides customized coverage, from sheer to moderate with a matte finish.

2. Radiant and soothing effect he jewelry ingredients keeps skin velvety, radiant and translucent while 11 botanical tea ingredients provide soothing effect.

3. Cell rejuvenation Swiss almond, centella, aloe etc. helps cell rejuvenation with moisture supply

4. Wrinkle improvement Whitening and UV protection : KFDA certified  

Benefit : Natural coverage, Whitening, Wrinkle improvement,UV protection, Mineral enriched
Formula : Cream
Color Types : 1L-Light beige, 2N-Natural beige
Volume: 40g
Price: USD $ 25.20

 Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream in No.1 Natural Beige

Swatches of Luview Crystal Cover BB Cream:
p.s: I used Sigma F80 Kabuki brush to blend. I'm gonna review the brush too later on ^-^

BB Cream Swatch: roughly blended (using Sigma F80)

 on face, without powder. semi-dewy finish.

I've been using this BB cream for nearly a year! or maybe more, I can't remember >.< I gotta finish it before it expires. I rarely use BB cream irl (cuz I rarely leave the house too lately). So yeaaah, there's still a lot of unused BB Cream in my stash now, been thinking of giving them away to my mother or Ester, my best best bestie.

Compared to the other luview's BB cream, this is mysecond favorite~ ( my favie BB cream from Luview is Luview aqua essence whitening BB cream). Luview Crystal Cover has a greaaaaat coverage, and has thicker consistency compared to other Luview BB Cream, hence the name Crystal Cover. :3 Might felt a bit heavy on face because of the consistency, I guess? But again, eventhough I raved about its awesome coverage, sometime I still need to use separate concealer for blemishes (if I have one or two that day). 

One pump of this BB is enough to cover the entire face, I need to put extra attention upon application because it might end up giving a white cast on face. So yeah, I usually spread one dob to my face and blend it with my finger or stippling brush. Blending is easy because it doesn't dries up fast. The undertone is leaning towards pink. It soften the yellowish tone on my face, I'm not the pink type person huhuhu... My skintone is NW15~20.

The pump, I tell ya, it's really a GOOD thing! unlike any pump type foundie or BBC which usually gives you a LARGE gob of product, the Crystal Cover pump is very sensitive that it will response nicely according to your pressure. It's easy to get a tiny gob by pressing it lightly.
(p.s: I tried REVLON mousse foundation yesterday, been thinking of buying one in shell, but I decided not to buy it because the pump feel like a disaster for me TT^TT)
To the downside, it doesn't have a cap, but ok I can live with it because I won't bring this huge and sturdy 40g bottle anywhere, cuz they got a travel size ^-^ + crystal mineral compact powder. Other thing are the oil control, I still have to blot two or three time in a day.

Oil control:Photobucket

And some selcas of me, wearing BB Cream + Crystal mineral pact.

 And one last retarded fez, hahaha...

That would be all for the review! Hope you like it, and don't forget to check Luview Shoppingmall, they ship worlwide


And now... random updates!!

tic toc..tic..toc. and yeah it's 12.00AM now! 6th Dec~

Today BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Duuuuuuh I'm not ready to be old yet, noooooooo! I'm still a child at heart like forever ;^; I don't have any plan on my b'day, not in my best performa this week either =/ Most of it was caused by this damn menorrhagia, and part of it was because I played too much DANCE FREAK in a game center two days ago, LMAO. I'm killin myself. Plus, it's been raining like mad lately, I got home through the rain on my motorbike. Tiredness+anemia+wringing wet=expect a cold. Hohoho... luckily no, I didn't catch the cold (or I should said that I barely catch any cold/flu or whatever it is). But I feel unwell because of my low HB density. Anywoooo.... I feel kinda gloomy too cuz I still don't have any plan for today ;^; too sick/lazy to go out either *sob

But well, my BF will be here in less than an hour or so, I think I'll just spend my day cuddling, hoho...

And -yet again- I changed my layout. a BIG tweak this time cuz I've been wanting to get rid the overload pinkiness on the background on my previous layout. So the new one is much more simpler and cleaner, and this time with a better page navigation on the top ^-^  I'm still using the same header though, I won't change it anytime soon cuz I really like the bouncing cotton candy ♥♥♥  Hope you like it. (unless stated otherwise, the coding, etc are made by me).

That's being said ^-^ Thank you all for reading and I wish you a happy and blissful day! Love always~


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