Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Review: Pinkcoco Wig ~ Wavy Black

Hello dollies! First, I want to say MERRY X'MAS. Eventhough I'm not celebrating Christmas, but I'm enjoying the festive holidays! And as promised, I'm back with the awaited Pinkcoco wig review, sponsored by PRINCESS BUTIK (Thank you )

Attempt to look like a Japanese lolita =P
Photo taken today! Heheh...
I edited the pic because I feel like doing it =P At first I just wanna check how the wig goes with lolitaish look. So yea, fake black ribbon and mini top hat, lulz. And OKAY, this wig is LOLIABLE! I'm gonna wear it together with my MAXICIMAM gothic lolita dress

About the wig, I'm super duper HAPPY like gyaaaaaaaa~~~ Actually I've been wanting to get another Pinkcoco wig. And lucky me, the kind owner of PRINCESS BUTIK offered a wig for review purpose, I was like O M G~super~duper~happy~

As a few of you  might already know, I got an issues with my first Pinkcoco wig order (from different shop). I'd rather not talk about it since it's too upsetting. But on a brighter note, the quality of the wig and color (pinkcoco) is still as good as ever. My first Pinkcoco was in brown. You can see me wearing it on my previous Vassen circle lens review.

Both of my Pinkcoco wig are... what should I say? they're simply satisfying and amazing! The owner of Princess Butik kindly let me choose one of the wig, I chose black wavy wig. I like it because the wave looks like a Korean water wave hairstyle! Permanent Mool Gyul waves anyone? :)

So here's how it looks from the back. Kinda scary meh~ hehe.. I don't have a wig stand so I had to use the headless fashion mannequin.

 It comes in this white box ^ Hair net included :)
Comparison of Pinkcoco wig and my Gill bottom synthetic wig. The synthetic one looks so 'ewww...' compared to Pinkcoco.

Comparison of Pinkcoco wig in black and my natural hair! As you can tell, the color is very very close to my natural hair, ryte?

 Closer look at the fake scalp.

 ⇈ before styling

Color: The color of the wig is just slightly darker than my natural hair color, it's a pretty natural black color! On photos, the color comes out differently depends on the lighting. It tends to have this brownish shine under natural daylight. But under indoor lighting, the color will be much darker.

Fibers: The texture and shininess is sooo close to natural hair. Everything are just PERFECT! Pretty and natural shine without being too over the top. However, the fibers are not as sleek, so it tends to get tangled on the wavy part. I had to comb it with my fingers every now and then. Tehcnically, you are not supposed to comb/brush one or two specific wig types (esp. one with curls or waves as it might deform the whole style). So yeah, need extra patience ^-^

Style & Look: Koreany, but also Loliable! It has a perfect Korean mool gyul waves (water waves) style which is popular among uljjang (check Gabalmania for reference). The full bangs can be parted to either side. Another thing is, I look SO YOUNG with this wig on! Mwahaha... yay for the full bangs! As a whole, the wig gives me just a right amount of volume. The wig is also STYLEABLE, means you can re-style it to your own preference. I'm not 100% sure, but the fiber is so similar to japanese kanekalon. Less shiny and yes it's HEAT RESISTANCE. (I will post more about restyling Pinkcoco wig later, since I had to straight-ironing my 'FIRST' CURLY pinkcoco wig, I'm not fond of curly wigs. It's too mainstream and... naah, it's just not my style ;^;) Good thing that I'm having this wavy wavy pinkcoco wig --> one that really fits my style!

Love rating: Photobucket


Now, selca time =P some kind of vanity space, LOOK AWAY! haha...
 *in vain ~lol

Pheww... Hope I didn't bore you with my pinkcoco raving >.< I just loooove the wig so much that I might sound like advertisements. I'm the type that will keep raving about something I really like, forgyff me ;^;. I love it and made a positive review not because I got sponsored, but because I really like the wig ♥ Especially how fluffy it looks on the photos. Hehe...

And if you decided to get the wig, be sure to visit, PRINCESS BUTIK (phone: 0821-2519-0170 BB pin: 25A3F937) and 'LIKE' their facebook page :) The owner is a nice person who will patiently answer your every questions.

Get IDR 20.000 off discount by mentioning "SPARKLE APPLE" or "LINA KIM"

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That's it, thanks for reading and I'd really appreaciate your thoughts/feedback, so don't forget to fill the comment form below. Hehe... Thank you so much~ Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon


  1. I have expected before that u used a wig for those photos lin xD but i should admit that the wig looks so natural! <3
    Nice post ;)


  2. What a beautiful wig~ *-* it looks so natural! kkk, you look like a princess!♥ ^w^

  3. cute!!! I love the wig it looks so natural and adorable on you.

  4. woahh u look really cute with that wig.. seems like ur own hair..

  5. My gosh this must be the prettiest picture of yours that even made me a silent-reader speak LOLOL.

    No, seriously, rin. Cantik bangeeeett aaaa. Jadi inget K-ON :DDDDDD

    Pake terus ya pas review? *ditabok*

    Aaaaaaa, so pretty, iiiii <3 <3 <3

  6. merry Xmas Lina!! you look very pretty and doll-like!

  7. You look so pretty!!! Love love love it

  8. You look like a freakin' doll! :3
    So pretty. :)

  9. you are so adorable! You look like forever 16 teen :D I agree the wig looks natural and doll-like.

  10. This wig looks so pretty and so much like your natural hair already! XD

  11. wow Lina you really look so young with the wig >.<
    and i think the quality is so nice, i can't even tell that's a wig if you don't say it hahaha..
    some say that pinkcoco wig is not that good and i become uncertain whether want to buy it or not, but now after reading your review, i'm getting confused again >.< should i buy it or not? ;_;

  12. nice wig!!
    makes me wanna try it also despite
    I had a bad experience with wig before.. lol

    anw, I followed you :)
    I'm a new blogger in blogspot (used to blog in different sites) hehehe
    happy to know you! hope can be friends~!

  13. I've never worn a wig ... but I would like to use some day!

  14. aww you look like a doll! The wig looks amazingly real...I've never been one for wigs but my hair length is really awkward right now so maybe now would be the time to sample a wig ;) ehehe

  15. it looks really natural on you! and you look beautiful like a doll~ <3

  16. As usual you look so pretty. Love your eyes ^w^

  17. Cute so much ...
    I have this wig too ... Comfortably ^^sometime I wearing this wig just for event / party

  18. wah you look so cute and kawaii!~~ <3
    the wig is looks like real hair and natural


  19. you look super pretty! i want the wig as well now that my hair is so short, it will be great for selca time xD

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  21. looks so natural and really good ^.^
    wonderful wig

  22. Wow the quality looks really good!! *_* You literally look so young. I can't believe you're older than me XD

  23. It looks like real hair it's amazing !

  24. Love the look of the wig! You look so gorgeous wearing it but you are simply pretty and the wig just added to your look making it stunning. Great review!

  25. kawaii banget ><
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    bagus banget hasilnya >///<

  27. Really super cute and adorable wig!
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  28. Ok deh..! Wanna try one wig later.. :D

  29. This wig really suits you :) It looks lovely x

  30. It's almost scary how natural
    the wig looks like! I'm glad
    this one suits you well than
    the previous one c:
    Haha 'my virgin hair' :P You
    are so cute!


  31. Thank you for your lovely comment! :3

    The wig looks really natural and suits you well in my opinion. :) Also, you remind me a bit of Winona Ryder, haha. Don't ask me why. xD

  32. I am amazed at how natural it looks, I doubt that anyone would suspect that it's a wig. And you are such a doll, especially with the wavy wig on. :)

  33. oh the wig looks awesome! I love the length and the curly of it!

  34. oOoO~ looks so pretty & real!

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  35. i am always so impressed at how well made asian wigs are, even those that are not that expensive. i love the attention to detail at the tops of them, where it really looks so realistic and like the top of the scalp. it looks great on you my dear and i love the water waves.

    xx rae

  36. you look so beautiful!

    X Jenny

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  39. The wig looks pretty real :) I think it suits you very well. Cute look. Keep in touch <3

    Joyce @carouselstreet.com

  40. The wig is really pretty!!!!! The color is so nice ;o;


  41. I never would have guessed you were wearing a wig if it hadn't been for the post title xD You look like such a doll~~ ^__^ kawaii!

  42. wow, the wig looks really natural and it looks great on you :D Thank you for the review, I would love to try this brand out some day, too! This is really helpful. I hope I can find one that matches my hair color ^^

    nyuu } lolitium.net

  43. oh my gosh, you are so pretty! *_* you give off an 'IU' vibe! ^^

  44. You really looks cute here, but to be honest, sad to know that you've been deceived and bought a fake pinkcoco one ^^;