Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kkcenterhk GillBottom Wavy Wig

Hello! Today I'll post the overdue review of synthetic wig from kkcenterhk that I received last year. As you may already now, I got addicted to wigs lately~! Well, I'll start with the photo of me without wearing the wig.

I know, I look pale and sick and many told me I look sad, forgyff ;^; But yeah, my hair is actually a very thin type, unvolumized, super straight, and boring . This is pretty much my daily hair-look. I love to have my hair clipped on the back cuz it makes me look less haggard, hahahah...

Product Name: Gill Stunning Long Full Bang Fringe Wavy Hair
Price: USD $ 25.21

The fake scalp is barely visible, you may notice that the wig is pretty thick. (Photo under natural window lighting)

Indoor, the wig will turn out shiny. The shinyness is a bit over the top. This is the one and the ony drawback of this wig because people might notice that you're wearing a wig.

Left: window lighting | Right: indoor lighting

Finally, a decent shot of the wig, somehow the wig look more natural under soft window lighting. It doesn't look as shiny ^-^

Fibers: chinese synthetic fibers, non-heat resistant. Just like my previous GillBottom wig, I'd categorize it as a medium-end fibers. Under direct sunlight, and indoor with strong lighting, the wig will look like a clump of super shiny hair, lol. NG. But under dim indoor lighting and soft window lighting, the wig turned out to be more decent and natural. I let my bestie tried the wig to a wedding party and to my surprise, the wig looks kinda natural on her.

Compared to pinkcoco wig, this wig feels more plasticy, and it does smell like a plastic-barbie-hair. But on the brighter note, the detangling process is a whole lot easier! Even without wig essence, it will brush well without the frizzy ends.

Shape & Style: It supposed to be a wavy wig, but somehow it feels more like a curl than a wave. But I think that's just because the messyness. The wig itself is very volumized and thick.

Color: Originally a dark brown color lean toward auburn with reddish undertone. Under natural lighting, the color turns out to be much more lighter.

Wearability: Not something that I'd wear daily, preferably for special event =P

So yeah, that's it for today!
I'm going to post more about wig care later x_x as promised. Will be posting circle lens review too, pretty soon ^^ I got GEO Mimi Cafe Cappuccino, GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green, and Miomi E.T ray gray on the list, so stay tuned~


  1. very pretty wig! I have very thin hair too ;w;

  2. Yeah the shininess is the problem but the wig is lovelyy!

  3. i love the circle lenses you're wearing here ^_^ i don't get how it looks so natural under window lighting but so synthetic indoors :c the hair style looks great on you though!

  4. Pretty! I like the curls on this one! I would totally go for more wigs but I am so afraid of not knowing how the shine and synthetic level of it will be >.<

  5. Very lovely lina ^_^ I like how natural looking it is :)

  6. pretty cce ><
    you look korea girl :b

  7. kenapa di blur mukanya lin? >.< anyway pnjang bgt yah wignya.. sayang shiny bgt..

  8. Why was you face censored? It could have been better if the image was not altered so that we can really see if it looks good on you. Nevertheless, since you are still young, make good use of your natural hair and take good care of it. :)

  9. Looks cute on you :3 I would love to own a wig or a few to for an instant hairstyle change sometimes, but haven't bought any so far.
    x, Lara

  10. I have an assortment of wigs and hair pieces at home but I'm still too scared to wear them outside much. It always gets so itchy! They all look really natural on you though!

  11. Lovely wig, but I don't think your naturel hair is boring at all! Asian hair, after all, is known to be the most beautiful in the world! ~

  12. OMG! You have an amazing blog.Honestly, I love it. The hair looks so fantastic!! Like it so much!! :) If you have a minute, please visit my blog too.
    Maybe follow??



  13. Wah, that's a pretty wig!! >w<
    I really love how the wig looks when it's in natural lighting! It's a super pretty colour! ^^
    And your hair still looks gorgeous even without the wig! Sometimes, I wish that my hair just stayed perfectly straight!! -.-

  14. Whaa, that's a pretty wig! *w* I want it too!

  15. bgus jatohnya :D natural bgt <3

    btw i've followed your blog yaa :) nice 2 meet you

  16. you're so pretty!! thank you for leaving comments on my blog, its appreciated :)

  17. Thanks for sharing! Your wigs are beautiful. I have been trying hollywood remy hair and I love it so far. These pictures are awesome!