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Lovely Gyaru Make-up Tutorial ~ Lioele Korea

Gyaru make-up is something that I've always been eyeing for quite some time now. I like Tsubasa Masuwaka (gyaru) and 青木美沙子 Aoki Misako (actually she's a lolita model with gyaruish make-up), they inspired me alot ♥, I haven't 'really' tried the complete style on myself, by this... I'm talking about hairstyle, make-up, and fashion. Nah, I've yet to try! Cuz the style is a total contrary to my regular plain style. But, I'm still curious and learning how to pull of a decent gyaru look. I know it could be time consuming but I'm willing to learn, slowly but sure~ heheh.

So tonight (oh, it's like 12:19 here now ^^ okay, early morning), I found something on Lioele's official site, a GYARU make-up tutorial! I'm just going to share and translate it a little. I've never ever expected to see something like this on Lioele, boo me I've been always a tardy-non-up-to-date-type person ;^; And this one is a tad bit different than the usual gyaru make-up tutorial that I usually find on Japanese magazine. Idk what makes them looks slightly different, I reckon it's because the way they put falsies? However, this Korean Gyaru style is so interesting. They called it GAAROO, sounds cute to me.

So yea, here's the Korean version of Gyaru (Gaaroo) ^-^ What do you think?

1. Prepare your skin by cleansing your face first, and then apply Lioele Skin Fix make-up base, followed by 3D Skin Fix foundation (on the description, it's recommended to use shade #23 to contour the face, apply it to the edge of your face) and Lioele Dollish Moisture Pact to minimze oil secretion.

2. Fill eyebrows with Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake, choosing the shade that is closest to your hair color, put a little bit concealer or BB cream to your brow to even it out beforehands.

3. Apply Lioele Dollish eyeshadow (a+b) from the inner corner to half of your eyelids.
4. Apply the brown color to the corner of your eyes, blend well.
5. Use the darkest color (c) to accentuate the outer corner of your eyes, apply it to your lower eye area.
6. Apply  Lioele Real color eyeshadow and  Lioele Air Chiffon eyeshadow to your lower eyeline to brighten the whole look.
 (for this part, any tipes of eyeshadow with frosty finish will do)

7. Apply Lioele All in one gel eyeliner as close as possible to your lash line.
8. Use  Lioele Waterproof eyeliner pencil on your lower eyeliner, be sure to make a distance (about 2mm from the lower lash line). This will make your eyes look bigger and dolly.
9. Merge two fake eyelashes together, then put it neatly on your eyes.
10. Put on separate lower fake eyelashes.

(For falsies, you may want to trim it first to match your eyes)

11. Use Lioele Brush Pen Eyeline to fill in the lower eyeline.
12. Apply Lioele Dollish Mascara to eyelashes.

12. For blusher, smile and apply Lioele Crystal Muse Blusher (pink tone) to the temple of your cheek, make a round shape, followed by Lioele Carry me blusher (coral tone) to your cheek bone.
13. Contour your nose naturally by applying shading on the upper side of the nose.

14. It's time for highlighter! Using a non-pearl product, highlight your face on this area: cheek (below the eyes), nose, T-zone, and forehead.
15. Apply Lioele Lip color stick to your lips.

So that's all for the Lovely Gyaru (Gaaroo) Make-up tutorial from Lioele~!♥

I can't say my translations were impeccable, I hope you won't mind ^-^

Lioele Skinfix Makeup Base (30ml)
Lioele 3D SkinFix Foundation (30ml) #21 Pure Ivory
Lioele Dollish Moisture Pact SPF30 PA+++ (12g) #21 Natural Beige


Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake ( #1 Brown/Dark Brown )


Lioele Air Chiffon Shadow (#1 Floral White)
Lioele Real Color Eyeshadow (#6 Pure Ivory)
Lioele Dollish Triple Eyeshadow (#9 Maple Brown)
Lioele All in One Gel Eyeliner ( Black )
Lioele Waterproof Auto Eyeliner Pencil ( #1 Black )
Lioele Real Brush Pen Eyeliner
Lioele Dollish Mascara


Lioele Crystal Muse Blusher
Lioele Carry me blusher
Lioele Lip Color stick ( #3 Strawberry ) 

I'm just mentioning the product that is used by the model as a reference. Of course you don't have to use every product from Lioele. You can use your favorite product instead.
Now I'll leave you with a casual picture of Tsubasa Masuwaka and Aoki Misako in gyaru style!
So yea, I hope you like the post and hope it helps! If you want me to post more about make-up tutorial & translation (I got a lot from Lioele and ulzzang pony ->her old make-up tuto) please do let me know. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon.

Love always~


  1. wow i love this! thanks for sharing ^_^ x

  2. Such pretty makeup, I really like it. Thanks for the translation ^^


  3. I want to try this so bad but I know it wont look good on me because my eyes are almond-shaped, I can't get the "long and straight" eye effect QAQ

  4. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I think this is good for a natural Gyaru look :)

  5. This is a really natural looking tutorial which I love!! <3

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  7. Ah it bothers me so much that her eyebrows are so much darker than her hair >.<
    I love gyaru make-up though. ♥ Gaaroo sounds adorable T T

  8. I can never deal with individual lashes.. But this is a cute natural take on gal makeup!

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  11. Whaaa they don't do it as dramatic as Japanese one ya! Still very pretty 'tho. Thx for sharing! <3

  12. not look too gyaru-ish as japanese one but the tutorial is easy to understand..
    thanx for sharing, Lina :3

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  15. Model is so pretty! Guess the eyes are more elongated and falsies are more natural

  16. tutorialnya jelas bgt..thanks~
    i love tsu-chan too. she's really pretty like a doll ><

  17. omg please do translations of ulzzang pony! i love her make up tutorials but i don't understand any of it ;__; i think the gaaroo style is really interesting and cute ^_^ gyaru is so pretty but i feel like it would look a bit much on me since it's not really my style, but gaaroo is a nice compromise between gyaru and ulzzang. ulzzang makeup and style is still my favorite though hehe c:

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  21. Wow, the girl looks so different, her eyes are so much bigger! Thanks for posting this! I will try it one day!

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  23. hi dear, thanks for your comment❤ oh, I like tsubasa's style as well. the translated make up tutorial is very nice- thanks for sharing ^0^/

  24. That's a great tutorial!!~
    I'm sure the ladies will love it! :)
    Happy new year to you! ^.^

  25. I like it !
    Please do more translations !

  26. I used to "study" gyaru makeup so much before I came across the ulzzang look. My favorite japanese model (not sure if she does gyaru too) is Lena Fujii! Anyway, the MAJOR differences between this gaaroo style, as compared to gyaru, that I can see are:
    - eyebrows; gyaru often have thin and slightly arched brows that are the same color as their hair
    - deeper crease; gyaru will often use double-lid tape/glue to make their crease appear deeper/bigger
    - fake lashes; much more apparent & dramatic than the natural lashes this model is wearing.
    .....and I'm not liking this makeup look on the model haha, doesn't suit her at all :/

  27. love this tutorial i love tsubasa she's so cute!!!

  28. Hello!
    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog! how did you find my unpopular blog by the way? XD
    Whoa you somehow interested in the exact same stuff as me thats somehow cool!
    I really love the make up tutorial here especially because I LOVE gyaru!

    Is this make up brand "Lioele" from korea or Indonesia? I don't know it but I just loved that three eyeshadow box and I want to buy it :33

  29. This is my first time seeing a Korean version of gyaru! How interesting! I love gyaru style fashion and makeup, hope you could try it out one day :3

  30. It's my first time too seeing a Korean version of gyaru! And I think it's really cute (GAAROO, haha) :3

  31. thanks for sharing! :) sebelumnya ga pernah liat gyaru versi Korea gini :|
    gatau kenapa masih berasa aja kalau ini versi Korea hahaha keliatan bedanya ketika lihat foto pertama di atas.
    dan aku secara pribadi lebih suka versi gyaru Jepangnya, tanpa bilang kalau gaaroo Korea ini kurang bagus hehehe :)

  32. Thank you very much for share this makeup tutorial from Lioele!(^ω^)
    I am surprised to see this kind of tutorials from Lioele although I would be surprised to see it too from another Korean cosmetics brand. It is quite interesting and seems like a mix of gyaru and ulzzang (in my view), maybe I would have liked a little more striking lashes but still look pretty. Again thank you very much for sharing and for the translation!(^v^)ノ

  33. thank you for sharing this great tutorial :)
    it looks natural gyaru style

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    Love Emi x

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