Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: ETUDE HOUSE Dolly Eye Liner Sticker

As you might have seen on my previous post, I was wearing this Etude House Dolly Eyeliner Sticker and I've been getting quite a number of request from girlies on forum to review this fake eyeliner.  Btw, I got this from Eliz Etude House a few weeks ago.

 Etude House Dolly Eye Liner Sticker is quick and easy eye line sticker that creates dramatic dolly eyes!
Color: Black
1 Sheet (2 pairs) + glue
Price: approx USD $6.00

How to use:
1. Clean eye and eyelash area
2. Place the eyeliner sticker on the curve of the eyelid, pressing lightly to ensure perfect adhesion.
3. For optimal hold, apply the glue to the back of the eyeliner sticker. After glue slightly dries up, gently press sticker along lash line with pinset until secure.

 Etude House Eyeliner Sticker Glue *___*

Glue included!!! And stupid me ~ I just found this free mini glue today ^-^;; this mini glue was encased on the bottom part. I didn't know that this thing is even included. LOL.
Actually, the back part of the sticker (well, since it's a sticker) is of course, has an adhesive surface. But you'll definitely need this glue to fix some issues or when you just simply want an optimal hold. See:

The tip part of the eyeliner sticker on my inner eyes tends to detach from my eyelids. I guess it's because the areas are oilier? o: idk. I just fixed it anyway with my eyelid glue and they look good again. I opted to look more natural on the first day I used this eyeliner sticker, so I skipped the eyeshadow and just lined my tearline with eyeglow liner and dolly wink pencil eyeliner on the outer corner. I didn't took a close-up pic because I was in a rush > . < (a bestie picked me up for awesome Saturday hangout!~~~♥)

And today, I tried a smokey look. And I have to say, this is my FIRST TIME blending experience. I swear~! so don't KILL me bcuz I'm still a newb >o<~~~. I never really use an eyeshadow (you might notice). Even if I did, I've always only had one colored subtle swipe on my eyelids, either light brown or pinkish. Never really do the blending things. Forgyff if this looks more like a disaster to you TT^TT

What I used:
Jealousness ultra shimmering sparkling eyeshadow duo in snowy black
LUVIEW tripled baked mascara in lovely gold
Etude House eyeliner sticker (the thin one)
And that's all~ No mascara, no concealer, no primer, just eyeshadow and the sticker! LOL. I forgot to put on eye-primer to make the eyeshadow looks more pigmented swatched, but meh... maybe later.

Velvety texture

More images from PLAY ETUDE:

Other Comments:
Well, although eyeliner sticker has been out there for quite a long time, I wasn't previously aware of its existence until Etude House launched their Dolly Eye Liner Sticker, whack~!  One day I was browsing over Etude House fanpage, I found THIS IMAGE, and I just  had to share it~ because "I think I like it!"

My first thought: "No, it won't suit me!" I think, bcuz my eyes are quite small ;^; and I've never ever tried winged liner style before. So I was super duper hesitate. Maaan I've always been like this every now and then, esp. at times when I just about to try something new. Booo~

The first day I wore it, I met my friend, and they like, "WOW your eyes!" I asked my bestie if I look weird, but she said it looks good. Phewwww~ LOL... I received a few other compliments from girles on forum too~ thxies~

Okay, to the review~! the fabric of the eyeliner is thick and feels so velvety smooth. It's so easy to put on (I didn't use any pincet) and easy to remove. Upon wearing, it may feel a tad bit heavy, but well... I'm not gonna complain on that one :D I only used the glue on the inner tip, and it sits well perfectly in a whole day!
The shape, matched PERFECTLY with my eyes, I didn't even need to cut a one milimeter of it!!! Yay~~♥ I'm not sure if they will match EVERY shape of eyes, but I think the shape might work for the majority of people.

I need the eyeshadow to balance out the overall look of my eyes, so I decided to go all smokey today, taking bunch of eye pictures which I'll use for my next circle lens review and eyeshadow review (from Jealousness, Taiwanese brand^-^)

Well, result is a dramatic and bold looking eyes, kind of heavy, and occassionally wearable (you won't go all dramatic everyday, ryte?). I love LOVE the concept! Imagine a fab looking eyes minus the panda eyes and smuding on the end of the day!? Now that's EPIC! ^-^ I wish it comes in a thinner version since I prefer a more natural look :3

What I LOVE:
♥ Easy to apply
♥ Reuseable
♥ Stay all day without smudging, no panda-eyes, no worries! as of course :)
♥ Glue included

Not so loves:
- The inner tips tends to detach from my eyelids every few hours, but it can be fixed easily.
- Not so good for everyday look.

I Rate This: photo rat4x.png
Reuseable? Yes, several times. Be sure to take it off slowly and carefuly.

And now, a vanity space, hehehe~

And one crappy cellphone selca as a bonus!

Finally!!! Me with rather natural smile~! c; Look better in blurry 1mega pixel camera. LOL

I insisted to go all natural on the day the pic was taken, so I skipped the eyeshadow. Meh... By the waaay, because of Nesia, my little possum from a childhood time (hoho~) I just started a new addiction to eyeshadow!!! I've been eyeing uljjang/ulzzang Do Hwe Ji and Yeon Ji Hee make-up style, they have a different style though, I like Ji Hee's full blown dramatic eyes make-up! So now, you'll find me sitting in front of my PC, browsing youtube and learning how to blend eyeshadow, properly! 

I think that's all for now! Sorry for the long post xD~~ Idk if you prefer a long post anyway, though~! Thanks for reading and BAIII~ *kiss on the cheek for my darling girlies~


  1. Dari jauh agak looks fake yah ci ? :o

  2. @Bunny: guess it bcuz my natural facial feature, and bcuz I skipped the e/s, ahaha..idk. might be just that.

  3. they look really practical for a quick fix, since you can mess up while putting on eyeliner, but this is quite safe :D
    I think it would fit me nice, since I use eyeliner almost everyday, thanks for the review I didn't even know stuff like this existed :D

  4. It looks really great on you but I think I won't use it on myself. It makes a too harsh line for me.

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    I had seen it before, but i never tried *^*

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  11. It looks great! I can never get those to work on my eyes. They are hard to apply and don't last too long...

  12. It looks great on you, but it wouldn't suit me. I look horrid with heavy eyeliner :D
    xo, L

  13. I thought this was a cool idea when I first saw it! Plus these make your eyes HUGE!!

  14. Eye liner sticker? That's a first I have heard of lol! But based on the evolution of stickers nowadays, I guess this shouldn't have come off as a surprise, yet it did. The winged eyeliner sticker shape looks really nice on you, but then again I think you would suit anything since you have such a dolly face. :)! <3

  15. This is crazy! I didn't knew this exists.. and I didn't expect it to look good. MAGIC! xD You look great ;) And the smokey eye shadows as well, thumbs up. Every time I try to blend it looks fine for an hour but than it.. disappears? -.-''

    Have a nice day,

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    you look absolutely adorable ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

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    awww, I really want to try this eyeliner sticker but I'm afraid it won't fit on my hooded eyelids >.<
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    anw, i do love etude eyeliner sticker..but i bought one from sephora brand and it is so big!i dont like it!huhuhu...=(
    i think the Etude ones is much better!

  37. >.< i have the same problem when sticking that also..i need to use eyeliner touch up the empty space between lashes..

  38. Wow I had no idea that this existed o_0. That's really interesting.. I thought it would be hard to apply and maybe normal eyeliner is easier but you made it sound really practical.. they look really good on you!

    -Mei Hearts

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  44. Thank you so much for the review, Kim!!o(^∇^o)
    I have been eyeing this eye liner stickers since I see them in a tutorial video of Etude House ♥. I think they are perfect for people who like me, complicates to put eyeliner, but I worry about that may not be suitable for my eyes :,<. I also didn´t know that has glue heheh xDU
    Thank you again and I hope you have a really nice day!!(n__n)