Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Apple Green

Geo princess Mimi Apple Green (Bambi series) is a GEO version of Bambi Apple Green designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka which is distributed by Last month, I was lucky enough to receive a pair of the lens from kawaigankyu.

Pretty Tsubasa Masuwaka and her self-designed Guriin Appuru (Green Apple) Lens~

on the left: the outer side of Geo Mimi apple green, on the right: inside out.

Pattern upclose

 and Geo princess mimi apple green (bambi series), being worn:

 Photo taken under natural window lighting

Color & Design:   photo rat3.png
Never thought I'd be able to pull off a green colored lenses~!! seriously, when I know I'm going to receive a pair of green lens, I seriously hope that somehow I'd be able to wear the lens without looking like a dead fish. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I see the result (on photos), cuz the color turned out nice, emerald-ish, jewel like, and they didn't give me any freaking lizard eyes or whatsoever.  I've seen people with lighter natural eye color wearing this and it looks gorgeous on them~ though, it also blends well with my natural dark colored eyes. The color could be as vibrants and subtle as well, depends on the lighting.

Enlargement: photo rat4.png
It's big, just like what you'd typically expect from 15mm lenses, especially with the black outer edges, I love it, the sizing is just perfect. (I love BIG lenses~♥)

Comfort: photo rat4.png
Not too drying, the lenses are thin and comfortable to wear. I don't have any problem with the comfortness. I used to wear geo princess mimi series for a couple of hours and I even forget I'm wearing them.

Overall:  photo rat2x.png
I like the color~ But still, green isn't something that I'd wear daily. My ultimate comfort zone (as you may know) has always been a 14mm-ish black lens or 15mm-ish brown lens with subtle pattern. So yeah ^-^ Green is definitely falls outside my comfort zone. But I do love to 'see' others wearing green contact lenses, don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate lens other than black or brown, hohoho~ However, you might love the lens if you're looking for a subtle green lenses.

Meh, I look kind of constipated in my smiling photos lately, idk x______x don't hate me and my duckface, bwehehe.

and I do have a looooong list of product that I've yet to review @____@ gawd! Just in case you're wondering (and to remind me as wel), here's the list:
-Liz veil BB Cream in ivory
-Tosowoong clean pore brush
-Jealousness waterproof pen eyeliner
-Jealousness duo eyeshadow in snowy black
-Maybelline cheeky glow blush
-Maybelline clear smooth shine free blush
-Etude house color corset #5
-Mac pearl powder (perfect for dewy finish)
-Etude house eyeliner sticker
-Secret Key snail gel cream
-Lioele magic lip treatment (my current favorite lip cream~♥)
-The face shop face it dual veil concealer (it's my HG concealer!)
-HadaLabo shirojyun line and tamagohada cleanser

(and many more) x___x I'll start to work on them soon, if you have any request on which product you'd want me to review first, just tell me ^-^ (comment section are there~) and just a little reminder for you, don't forget to join WISHTREND BB CREAM GIVEAWAY~ I'll pick three winners that are lucky enough to receive free BB Cream all the way from Korea~♥

See ya girls, love always~


  1. really love your lashes, Lina *salah fokus*
    still think that brown or black lens suit you more ^^

  2. You look so pretty !I love how they look on you, i've always wanted to try the green pair @o@ ♥

  3. That's a really nice shade of green. (I'm not usually a fan of green eyes, coz green is my natural color and I find it boring, but that apple green is really pretty :--D)
    x, Lara

  4. You're so preeeeeetty *o*

  5. cantik ciiii :3
    tapi emang dirimu sangat amat paling cucok pake lens coklat :) hehehehe
    nice nice nice review

  6. I always wanted to have a pair of green circle lenses. You look pretty, by the way. :D

  7. it's really suits you well :D I love color lenses :)
    the faceshop concealer and etude house eyeliner sticker please :3

  8. They look sooo lovely! You do look like a princess with them :D

  9. They look good on you! Especially with this hair color :) (You look good with anything though ^*^)


  10. Uuu the colour is really something, it's not the typical green. I like it and you're not looking constipated!! xD

    Have a nice day,

  11. I feel most comfortable in around 14mm too haha, but these look great on you!

  12. You look nice! I have a green lenses and my eyes are browns and it is amazing!

  13. This lens looks really cute on you. I have the same model and are confortable for me.


  14. Wow I loooove this! They are so pretty and I never get tired of them ^^

  15. I was going to comment about how the colour looks like granny smith apples when I realised the name had 'apple' in it! ~ ^^

    The colour looks gorgeous!
    I want to add this to my non existent circle lens collection~


  16. OMG you look like innocent anime babe! very cute :D I love this lens look on you. I will try this lens too..hehe

  17. You look like a doll!


  18. Your blog is beyond adorable *_*

    L / CocoMiuw

  19. Hey Girl <3 You can find the Panda here :)

    xoxo Shia

  20. You look so cute and I actually think the green looks really cool. ^^

  21. your makeup is gorgeous, you make me want to repurchase these lenses again!

  22. Wow, these must be one of the best suiting lenses for you! At least I think green looks super good on you :3

  23. hi, what brown eyeshadow you are using in this post?

  24. @unknown: I'm not using any brown eyeshadow, just an eyeliner to tightline my upper line and that's all ^^

    @others: replied :)

  25. nice color! it looks good on you :)
    anyway, i answered your question :) read about it here dear: