Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review: Kao LIESE Bubble Hair Dye in Ash Brown

I got this from TrendySweet Shop a while back. The original Japanese version is Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Dye in 'Natural Ash'. This would be my first ever experience in dyeing my hair, so I am super excited to try and share the result :)

The packaging of Liese bubble hair dye is just a tad bit different with the original Japanese packaging and there's a very reliable color guide on the back of the packaging.

What's in the box: bottle of color solution, bottle solution container, 1 pair of gloves, 1 sachet of hair treatment pack, foam pump, a VERY big instruction sheet in english, and skin allergic test pad.

 ^ bottle 1. It's said "natural ash"

 The mix of solution 1 and solution 2.

 The soft foamy bubble~♥

Liese buble hair color and the fun process!

About Kao LIESE Bubble Hair Dye:
KAO Liese Bubble Hair Dye is a new type of permanent hair color. Just apply foam on hair and massage. No more troublesome sectioning of hair! Foam reaches all over the head easily and you can achieve beautiful, evenly colored hair easily!

KAO Liese Bubble Hair Dye's New Foam Boost Up is 4x creamier*, wrapping around each strand of hair better, even on long hair! This results in more evenly colored and beautiful hair.

New caring technology leaves hair smoother when you rinse your hair after coloring!
With 17 shades available, choose your favorite colors from the different series.

Price: $ 19.95
Now, since photo doesn't do justice, I'm gonna Spam you with before and after pic, enjoy :)

So it's me, and my virgin hair, hehe...
My natural hair color is a dark type, natural black, or dark brown. And still a virgin ^-^ so yeah... it's more difficult to dye and make the color showed up. I never ever dyed my hair before because I really LOVE my natural hair color >.< It's not a jet black type. and I look better with dark hair (my friend irl told me so at least). Anyhoo, I also LOVE the new ash brown color of my hair now~

 ^The yellow hint are reflected from my gordyn.
 idk where the reddish hint came from x___x
This is how it looks under natural window light. The ash brown showed up really well. 

Under strong daylight! Mwaaah, the color showed up a little bit too well and over exposured! hahaha, but I like how it looks on the pic.

  ^The one and only outdoor pic of liese ash brown I haz TT_TT sorry of the crappy cellphone quality.

More pictures of Liese Bubble hair dye (ash brown) ~ after

 ^ the CLOSEST liese ash brown shade to the real color in real life I swear! It looks 100% like this irl. (indoor)

My Verdict:
The process was so much fun! The foamy bubble is really easy to deal with and spreads easily to my whole hair. It's user friendly, even for a first timer like me :) The instruction is very easy to follow and there's also a skin allergic pad to let you know whether your skin would tolerate the solution. The solution isn't smelly too. No amoniac smell comes out from the bubble, and it doesn't sting my scalp ^-^ Perfect!

I let the foam sit on my hair for  60 minutes, LOL, not recommended. But I was aiming for a lighter shade since my natural hair color is dark. I used the hair treatment afterwards, and my hair felt soft and was all okay, no dryness and there's not even a single minor damage.

About the color, I LOVE it! as soon as I blow dry my hair, I aweee myself on the mirror, hahaha.... The color isn't too noticeable in real life (bcuz my real hair color isn't a jet black type), no drastic difference indoor. So most people and even my brother didn't even realize it. But the color showed up well under daylight, and I love the ashy shade it gives :) geee...never thought I'd like the change. hahaha.. good~

Color lightness:  photo rat2x.png
Color ashyness:  photo rat3x.png
Application:  photo rat4.png

So that's it for tonight, I hope you enjoyed the post~ ^-^ I'd like to know your experience and your thought about hair coloring things. Like, what's your favorite hair dye brand and your bad/good experience perhaps? Thank you for reading and I'll see you on my next post~

Love always~


  1. Your new color of hair is really pretty. I´m thinking in try with Kao Liese.


  2. The reddish hint prolly comes coz black haired peeps often have red underpigment in the hair and it shows up when you lighten the hair :)
    Anyways the dark brown result look good on you :)
    x, Lara

  3. it looks really good! i don't think it would turn out as well for really dark haired girls cause your natural hair is brownish c:

  4. Nice hair color! I wanna try this one too!

  5. I tried this and I got the bubble all over the place. I just don't know how to dye my own hair.....but I love the color on you. You got the color so even! good job!
    I think you look great both in the ash brown and in your natural hair color.

  6. it looks really nice! :) It seems like it works pretty well to lighten your hair, I've tried colors before that didn't work when my hair was dark.

  7. that color looks so great on you <3 :)


  8. Wow, your hair colour is really pretty Rin! ^o^
    It suits you very well and you look even more ulzzang like now! :D

    Celyx Lim

  9. the color shows up really nice on you, Lina..
    Much more uljjang now ^^

  10. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! really love your hair <333


  11. You look super cute, like always. I am so glad that you made a review on this! I love Kao Liese hair dyes. For weeks now I have been wondering which shade to dye my hair next. Maybe this will help me in making my choice. :)

  12. Whoa, the result is lighter than I think...
    I want to try the pink ones, but maybe 2-4 years later, haha :D
    I ever dyed my hair twice. First, when I was JHS, I dyed my hair to purple with Loreal. But it turns to wine red -_-
    And second, when I graduated from my SHS, I highlighted my hair to yellow with cheap hair dye, but the result was... brown :| even the brown didn't show well on indoor light.

  13. why do you blur out parts of your face! your are really pretty; so jels of your side profile~~
    love the color turnout :) ive used this before :D

    xo; L&M

  14. The colour's really nice, I might even think about it when I'm going to dye my hair. And the application way is interesting as well.

    Have a nice day,

  15. new hair color suits you so well!
    I'm thinking about to dye my hair back to brown again since blaq is simply too dark for my skin :/

  16. I think it turned nicely ! The colour is great !

  17. From my experience ash haircolor will not show as much and will have a reddish tint unless you bleach it first which sucks since bleach is very damaging to hair over time :(

  18. very pretty
    i love your new hair <3

  19. i love it .. it looks pretty in the lighting

  20. You look good with this color! It looks very natural!
    Your side profile is so beautiful~

  21. Wow, the color is amazing! I love it *-* I also love your hair! they look so healthy and beautiful~ T-T

  22. WOW this is a great color, so pretty and cute!

  23. Is there any way I can get this product from the UK?

  24. It turned out really good! I thought this is a Korean hair dye.

    ~Pauline @Kallony

  25. Okay put this hairdye on my hairdye list~ :3

  26. oh this is so pretty!! you look so lovely !! and the colour came out great on your hair!

  27. love the colour so much :)