Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review: NIVEA Pinkish Boost

It's been a while since I posted a lip care review, and today, as requested, I'll be posting an overdue review of NIVEA Pinkish Boost. I've been continuously using it for the past one year! woot~ if you're my old follower, you'll already know that I'm addicted to any lip product with the capability of enlightening dark/ discolored lip. And that's the only reason that made me buy the pinkish boost from Nivea. And oh, if you haven't, check my CherryPink lip cream review too, you might like it.

 I bought another tube just because I think I like it so much (at first)
Nivea Pinkish boost ingredients. The main ingredients is panax ginseng root extract.

- Restores natural lip color.
- Reduce lip dullness.
- Protect lips with SPF 15.

"An innovative formula with Pinkish Vitamin Complex and ginseng that restores the natural pinkish color for healthy-looking lips. Provides long lasting moisturization while reducing lip dullness. With SPF 15 to protect lips from further darkening."

I bought it at CENTURY/GUARDIAN at USD $ 3.60~$ 4.0

Here's the swatches of Nivea Pinkish boost ^. a very subtle pink color that is barely visible once worn. And my today's lips wearing Nivea Pinkish boost. You can see that after a prolonged use, the discolored and dark area on my lips are slighly lightened.
lip swatch

It's too bad that I don't have a photo of my lips before I start using CherryPink. But I swear, my lips were rather dark on the outer edges, and my upper lip color is very dull too! I hate it cuz it makes me look like I'm a smoker (while I'm NOT) o_____o Idk but I think that's genetic, since I have a healthy diet.

So in the late 2010, I started using CherryPink continuously (I bought 2 tubes of CherryPink, and only managed to use 1 tube since it lasted for more than a year). I kept using it til 2012. Whoaa hahaha... and miraculously, the natural pinkyness on my lips has finally restored~~ I stopped using CherryPink and switched to Nivea Pinkish Boost after reading so many good stuff about it on the forum.

My verdict:
Nothing special about the packaging, technically a very standard packaging for a lip care product. The plastic isn't that sturdy, cuz after a while in my make-up pouch, the neck part of the tube cracked a bit and I can't squeeze it properly now.

The cream itself, is a subtle light pink color, and no it won't gives you any tinted effect. So if you're looking for lip cream with lightening properties + tint, I suggest you to go for Cherrypink or Dodora lip cream instead.

Upon application, my lips will become smoother and moisturized. I'd say the moisturizing properties is VERY good~ thanks to castor oil and glycerin. However, there are two things that make me feel uncomfortable. The greasiness and the perfume! I've never ever wear and found any lip cream as greasy as this one ~___~ and it smells so much like a perfume too, so disturbing that I feel like I'm EATING a perfume everytime I put it on. Bweeehh....tastes like a combination of overwhelming perfume + PLASTIC. x___x

As for the lightening properties, it's hard to observe because previously I've been using the CherryPink for more than a year. So my lips color has been restored to its natural pinkish color. But I'd say Nivea Pinkish Boost keeps the 'restored' natural color of my lips, which is, great~

What I like: SPF 15, maintain the natural color of my lips, restores dull lips.
What I don't like: too perfumey, too greasy, tastes like plastic.

Overall Rating: photo rat3x.png

If you ask me, I'd choose CherryPink Bioglo over Nivea pinkish boost. But just recently, I started to use LIOELE magic lip treatment on my daily basis. It has the same effect of enlightening and restoring the natural pink lip color. My first impression about the lioele magic lip treatment is: I LOVE the cream so much, but I HATE the packaging! > . <~~ The lioele is already on my review list, and I hope to get a better result, fingercrossed. I'll let you know.

p.s: it's not about the permanent-ness of the 'pink-tint'. It's about reducing the dullness/pigmented areas on lips and make it naturally pink. So baby pink lips anyone?

Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon :)


  1. Your lips have such a pretty color :D I will try this out!


  2. Nivea is definitely one of my favourite drugstore brands but it's hard to dismiss that they are also one of the biggest animal testing companies (Procter and Gamble). I'm so sad and I wish that they'll stop!

    Anyways, this product is not even out in Australia yet. And you've been trying this product for a year?! The Australian beauty industry is so slow~


  3. I'll look for this next time i go to watsons :) looks promising!

  4. i love nivea products esp my mom. Shes a big fan of it. Great review.. i love the fact that it has SPF in it.

  5. Super cute lips you have! *_* but i wish you had a pic of your bare lips for comparison :c ah well cute review!

  6. @floralbb: the color of my bare lips look exactly like that. I mentioned on my post that the color is barely visible once worn. so yeah ^^ would be the same, before or after.

  7. Wow I didnt know things like these exist! xD They don't sell this in Germany. My natural lip color is already quite pink, and I'm not interested in enlightening them... but interesting review! *.*

  8. Your lips looks so healthy. I am dying to have that kind of lip color. Maybe its time for me to try this nivea product soon.

    The Sun Kissed Girl

  9. Pretty nice review! I'll look for this lipbalm. xx

  10. I've never seen this in my drugstores before. :O Your lips have a really cute color though! ^_^

  11. Oh sweetie really nice and cute review thanks for share.


  12. Super cute pink color! Your lips are super cute too *~* I sound creepy nyahahahaa~

  13. I was just about to buy this product but I think I will cancel it, I don't like smelly lip product, make me dizzy :( .thank u for your review :)


  14. What a great review! I have this and love it. xo

  15. In answer to your quetions in my Blog the wig is from: http://en.pinkage.co.kr/



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  17. Thank you so much for your lovely comment <3

  18. Hahaha. We should get big stickers so everyone would see! hahaha

    I love how pale your lips are in this post. I wish mine weren't pigmented..

  19. The color looks so so cute and dolly!!! Like it a lot!!
    Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I did a Valentine’s Day Heart Nails TUTORIAL!!
    Check it out and let me know if you like it!!
    love, FRANCESCA

  20. it looks super cute ^^ i don't think it would make my lips look that light though XD

  21. I generally dislike very greasy lips either from lip balm, lip gloss... and even food. The product started out sounding pretty great but ultimately had too many negatives for me.

  22. Awh the color is just perfectt <3 super cute!! thanks for the great review as always :) you really seem to put a lot of effort every time!

  23. @_@ not gonna say much about this since I'm a guy (lol), but it definitely looks very cute and inspiring! hehe

  24. nice post.


    follow me please :)

  25. My desk mate uses a lot of lip-gloss and the one she's using now is Nivea, sadly it's not this one xD But I like their effect, I should recommend her to buy it!

    Have a nice weekend,

  26. thanks for the comment on my blog dear!! :) <3

    i love the pinkish glow, it's really cute!
    and great review ;D

  27. Wahh~ I'm definitely keeping my eye out for this! My lips have been so dry lately, and nothing I try works. *A*

  28. Very good ..i love it natural pink color very nice. I am big fan of Nivea product will try this soon.

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  29. You have really nice pics! How to take a close up picture of eyes and lips like that? My pics are always blurry and overall not nice lah, got wrong angle or something like that, I dunno what's wrong :/

  30. this blog cleared my mind. thanks :)