Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vogue / Bobbi Brown Make-up Tutorial

Hi everyone! how ya' doin? Hope everyone is doing good :) Firstly, I want to say "Happy lunar new year"~~

So upon browsing about make-up stuff on youtube, I found these fabulous Bobbi Brown Make-up tutorial posted by thevoguerussia. And I fell in love with the look the first minute I saw it. Worth to share I believe ^-^
Part of Bobbi brown pink make-up tutorial

VOGUE / Pink make-up by Bobbi Brown (Pink lips)

This is my all time favorite make-up tutorial from thevoguerussia! Oh boy~ The model look super pretty, somehow she escaped darkcircles, even without concealer >.< you agree? The pinkyness on the eyes is subtle, letting the vivid lips become the vocal point. Sweet and romantic, the make-up would be perfect for valentine's day~ Simple yet so stunning.

pictures of pink make-up by Bobbi Brown:

yulia krashevskaya is super pretty!!
This video makes me want to buy Bobbi brown cream blush/pot rouge. She used her finger to blend the color in, and the color looked so subtle and pretty, giving her a healthy flush~ Totally love this look!

VOGUE / Silver make-up by Bobbi Brown

I love how silver eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown makes her eyes popped out and looks even more stands out! It's all about shimmer and metallic shade~♥ Very pretty and sparky!

And some pictures from silver make-up by Bobbi Brown:

The final result, I love how the MUA used her finger to blend in the eyeshadow cream (yet again) hahaha~ finger is the most expensive and versatile Make-up 'tool' I reckon.  The undereye concealer is super thick too, but it doesn't seem to look cakey on the vid. The eyeliner is barely visible, so somehow she still looks natural imo.

VOGUE / Bobbi Brown New Year make-up (in blue colors)

Some photo of the process:

The name of the model is Yulia Krashevskaya. I love her bolder eye make-up on the new year's make-up video! She looks undeniably gorgeous and amazing. Loving the nude lips and the soft cheek color too, the vocal point is on the eye. I LOVE the MUA! Can anyone (maybe those who live in Russia) mention the name of the MUA? I'd be so grateful~!

Which one is your favorite? Mine is the pink make-up. It'd be perfect for the special valentine's day! :3


  1. omg thank you for sharing Rin la~
    loving the Bobbi Brown make up tutorials, especially the first one! so subtle&&.sweet looking! ah I want2give that look a try! I also want2buy the Bobbi Brown cream blush/pot rouge!! <3


  2. the last one looks great on her! the rouge pot looks great too c:

  3. The pink makeup is definitely my favourite look too. I love natural more than any other makeup looks. Does anyone know what the name of the model is? She's gorgeous!

  4. gyaaaa cc modelnya cantik banget,suka yang paling terakhir.
    thanks for sharing this tutorial ^^

  5. Thanks for sharing! I envy her, she's so gorgeous! The first Bobbi Brown tutorial is my favourite - it looks so natural!


  6. Thank you for sharing.
    The model is beautiful!

  7. She is absolutely stunning! She rocked the New Year look the best, I think the other two videos didn't do her much justice as the last.
    Anyhow, thank you for sharing. :)

  8. That model is soooooooo beautiful. T^T

  9. Both looks good :3 the model is really beautiful!

  10. The model is so so pretty :X. I love the makeup !
    XOXO Charlotte

  11. The model is gorgeous! With and without makeup <3 Thanks for sharing (:

  12. Oh really cute makeup! Many thanks for share~~

  13. i love the pink make up! too bad that pink eyeshadow doesnt always look that great on asian skin, it seems like one had swollen eyes quite easily :( but it just looks super gorgeous on that model!

  14. i'm so happy i discovered your blog because it's so cute and we have so much in common! :)) so you've just earned yourself a follower :) anyway, i hope you can visit my blog too and follow if you like! let's keep in touch ;D

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  15. She is soooo pretty!!! I love the last look the best :) But probably the most classic/boring look as well!

    Much love,