Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Haul: Sephora, Make-up and Stuff + Samsung Galaxy + Awards

You might have seen these pics if you're a follower on twitter/facebook. It's so rare of me to actually buy a lot of make-up stuff in the same month. I have a new addiction to Western and European make-up brand, not only that, I've been thinking of revamping my traincase and start to build it, slowly but sure!

What I bought: medium sized pink make-up traincase (with sparkle♥), Stila lovely eye talking palette, Stila living the life in laguna, Sephora blockbuster palette, Masami Shouko 10 pcs brush set, Masami Shouko concealer brush and definer brush, Ecotools six piece essential eye set, Dior 5 couleurs eyeshadow in incognito freebies, Christian Dior Crayon eyeliner pencil, Oriflame concealer, and some other stuff~

I really really love Masami Shouko brushes, they're good!!! Ecotools is a great brush too, but MS is still better ^-^ My favorite stuff is Stila eyeshadow, brushes, and stuff from Dior~

Sephora Blockbuster Palette

I'm lucky enough to get a nearly new - preloved Sephora blocbuster palette. Everything is in a great condition and this is also my first big make-up palette, I LOVE it.

   1 large mirror
    4 stands
    96 eyeshadows
    84 lipglosses/lipsticks
    3 blushes
    1 bronzer
    1 mascara
    2 eyeliners (black & brown)
    6 cream eyeliners
    4 applicators

I think I'll do a quick review of this baby, the quality and pigmentation of the eyeshadow is really really good. No falls out, and I find myself wearing the nude shade quite often. There's a lot of brown on the palette, which is good :) the color range is very wearable too. For the lipsticks, many people hate them. But I personally love the lip colors, because they're somewhat sheer and not too pigmented, just exactly how I wanted them to be ^-^. The blusher is great! my favorite is the darkest plum shade, it's a beautiful brownish-rosey color. The other two are pink and orange with a lot of gold shimmers. I love the pencil eyeliner too! Especially the brown one :) It's even better than Dollywink pencil eyeliner, I swear ♥
I haven't tried the mascara and the cream liners yet, so do watch out for my thorough review+swatches later on!

DIOR 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette in 030 incognito

I bought two Dior 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette in incognito because I really really love the shades, it's so nude, so natural, and wearable. Anyhoo, these little baby is a mini size, freebies. Just in case you're wondering why there aren't any aplicator included :)

Christian Dior Crayon Pencil Eyeliner in noir

I tried it briefly today and I think I might love this little angel (eventhough I'm not sure it can actually stands my super oily eyelids, lol). However, the color is easily transfered to lids, applies smoothly and the texture is so creamy.

Stila Lovely Eye the Talking Palette

This little love can speaks and tells us the step by step make-up application in Korean language! LOL, so CUTE! I've always loved Stila! My number one favorite brand, ever! I love their make-up product, especially the eyeshadows, because the texture is so buttery, velvety, no crumbling, no falls out. The color combos in Stila lovely eye palette is a lovely color with beautiful pastel finish. Wait for a full review later ^-^

Aside from make-up stuff, I also got this cute loliable flat ribbon shoes from Pink locomote.

I'm going to pair this up with my gosurori maxicimam dress. Hmmm, come to think of it, this shoes would suits a classic style better, err... I think? Anyhow. I'm loving its simple design~

First package of snacks from Korea, Niichan chose all the snacks and sent it to me, gomawo! I ate half of them already, and my favorite is the Hershey chocolate bar and Ganache.

Samsung Galaxy Android Ace 2

Animob pink leather pouch casing for Samsung Galaxy Android and Hello Kitty charm
And finally! Yesterday, I also got myself a smartphone! (I named her ). I'm so late late LATE! but late is better than never, haha! Mine is a white Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. I won't be using it too much, I'll still be online on my beloved PC (for chatting and stuff). My favorite app is instagram and Camera360. I've been testing the camera and the app, pardon the crappy pictures on this post ;^;.

Do anyone of you know any good app for photo editing and such? I'd like to have one with a lot of filters, maybe like vignette.

Oh, I also bought the casing for my android, it's from ANIMOB, I chose this one bcuz it has a wrist strap. I'm a bit of sloppy person and I often drop things, lmao! So this one is perfect, plus, it's pink!♥ Also, I'm lucky enough to get a limited edition of Hello Kitty Pour Lolita - white edition, by novala takemoto. The kitty is supposed to be wearing a sweet lolita dress from Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

Last, versatile blogger award. Thanks to Sie, for the awards :)

So... I'm supposed to write down another facts about me, which might be boring for you all, hahaha... My life is actually quite boring ~.~ So yeah....

7 Facts About Me:
1. I've been asked several times, is FEI my name? No. and it's not even close to my name. My English name is Lina, and that's the real one. I got the name Fei from my childhood friend when I was in a primary school. Fei refers to FEI LONG from STREET FIGHTER, a fighting game, bcuz I love to fight! I do love martial arts though :). Do I like this name? No - . -

Anyhoo, here's a pic of my name seal, and of course it's real ^^ (the name's real too) My name is in hanja btw.

2. My motorbike name is Madonna. HAHAHA, I bet she doesn't like this name either.
3. I can eat a LOT of food.
 Not much, I can eat a lot more than this ^
if I'm VERY hungry I can eat 6 bowls of rice + meats and vegetables.

4. My cellphone name is Byul (star). It has a concept, samsung galaxy, and there's a star in a galaxy. So yeah, Byul ★ ☆~ what a simple minded of me, lol.
5. I have 5 cats, it's actually 6 but the Mama cat ran away last month and couldn't be found again, she never came back either TT^TT 
6. I was a short story writer, you can find my short story being published in an old local magazines ^-^
7. My favorite game idol is Beniya Rin, from Tenchu Kurenai. She's so cool! and my favorite actress is Milla jovovich! ♥

As for the tagging part, I think I'll just tag all of you my dear readers~ *don't slap me just bcuz I'm such a slacker~~~ nooo... > . <

Ugh, so I think that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading ~ girls, à bientôt :)


  1. I love everything that you got! Especially the shoes...they're so simple yet effortlessly gorgeous :)

  2. Line camera is my favourite photo editing app, there are filters, frames, stamps(cute icons you can add) and there's a pen tool so you can write on your photos! I like the stila make up, you got, I look forward to the review!

  3. Love everything <3 ^^

  4. Oh really lovely and big haul!
    I love it the palette from Stila!
    I love the pastel colors!


  5. I use to have a Dior eyeshadow palette, really pigmented! And I love Stilla <3 The one you have is beautiful!

  6. aaa iri sama c Lina yang makannya bisa banyak tapi ga gampang gemuk >.<
    sephora blockbusternya bikin ngiler
    love your post ^^

    with love,

  7. Lovely haul ^^
    congratulations on your new phone!! ^___^

    how about connects straightaway to cyworld~

  8. Awww... I so love that Blockbuster and Lovely Eye palette! :3
    LOL, I like naming my stuff too! X3 I wish I could read your stories dear! :3

    Pastel Kisses,
    Sie Cajilig

  9. Wow! That's a lot of new stuff! I so love the dior palette! :D Congrats on your new smartphone! :D

  10. Nice make up haul!! UR TRAINCASE IS SO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! :D And I love the hellokitty charm :)

  11. <3 I need new brushes! Will check out masami shouko :)

  12. Whoaaa big haul! Can't wait to see your changing style! ;D

  13. girl camera purikura sama meitu xiuxiu yg bagus buat editan c lin...
    tapi ada juga app2 lain yg bisa editan tp aku paling suka sama yg dua ini...

  14. i love Stila :3! Your shoes are really adorable.. and I can eat loads of food too :>

  15. Wow, big haul. You got awesome stuffs. The flats looks lovely and the name seal is really cool. :)

  16. I'm definitely in love with your blog... *_*

  17. OMG.. badan cc sekurus itu bs makan sebanyak itu..
    temen gw banyak sih yg bisa makan porsi naga tp ceking..

  18. Wow! The Sephora Blockbuster Palette is simply beautiful ♥ Use it wisely ^.~
    I just followed you on facebook and twitter, I only now realized I didn't until now ^^'

    Have a nice day,

  19. You can try meitu, picsplay, & LINE camera. I usually use meitu though :) btw, that is an amazing amount of food on your plate already!!! I can only eat about 1/4 of that.... how are you still so skinny?! I'm jealous T^T

  20. Camera 360 juga jadi fav aku buat foto2. hehehe. Diantara semuanya kok aku malah suka sama leather case buat hapenya ya? Since i am a pink and cat lovers. Hehe. Selain itu emang lagi nyari case hape, tapi susah nemu yg lucu >.<
    Btw, salam kenal ya :)

  21. never know that you can eat that much, Lina.. I'm shocked xD

  22. great massive haul :D
    i love that ribbon shoes

  23. Holy moly gurl!! That's some haul for sure! Wow!! I would love to see some reviews of those ;3

  24. love your haul!!
    btw, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!~

  25. i love everything especially the shoes! :))

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  26. apps I use the most: camera360, mei tu xiu xiu, beauty camera and cymera ^^

  27. OMG that blockbuster palette! that looks amazing!!! every color imaginable :O
    i love sephora so much, wish i could buy everything in that store :)


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  29. The traincase is so cute.... where did u buy it?


  30. Wow! Fantastic stuff! A like these items so much! : )

  31. Ooh! Cute haul! Love new make-ups! ^^

  32. Whaa, so much makeup stuff!!
    You give everything a name xD haha, that's funny but also cute!
    Milla is a favorite actress of mine too! :3

  33. Happy easter, darling!
    I love your train case!

  34. great haul!

    Hope you have time to visit my blog and maybe enter my giveaway! Thanks!
    Just Tututiny

    So many different stuff and I love the colours ^^

  36. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  37. hello!

    I’m following your blog, on GFC and facebook.

    Would you like to follow each other?

    I hope you’ll visit my blog too.


  38. that is an awesome haul! lov the huge makeup kit!
    Follow me back?
    -Jenna <3

  39. You have a really nice blog! I love the sephora palette! when you have time, come check out my blog! it's not as nice as yours though >< but it'll be a good place to look at for reviews of products! =)